Raw is War

Houston, Texas
November 6, 2000

Vince McMahon returned as RAW kicked off live from the Compaq Center in Houston, TX!

The genetic jackhammer had a few things he wanted to address. He wanted to make sure that every World Wrestling Federation fan was going to vote on election day. He said that the reason politicians don't care about the youth vote is because the youth doesn't vote. Vince said that idea was wrong - the country needs Federation fans to vote. Vince said even if people think politicians lie and decieve people, everyone should excersize their right to vote. He urged everyone to vote for the politician that fans thought lied the least. 

When Vince finished talking, Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hit and the Rattlesnake came out to the ring! Vince tried to shake Austin's hand to welcome him back. Austin just looked at him and said that Austin said it was fine and dandy to talk about voting, but Stone Cold wanted to talk about The Rock. Austin said that he didn't care what The Rock did - he would always go by the motto of DTA: Don't Trust Anyone.

Then Stone Cold started to ask Vince who the genius was behind trying to get Austin out of the Federation. Austin went through a list of different occasions in the past that suggested Vince could be behind the whole plan once again!

Just as Austin was about to accuse Vince, Kurt Angle and his business partner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came to the ring. Angle told Austin that he should never talk to his business partner's father in a nasty tone of voice. Kurt went on to say that Austin might feel at home in Texas, but Angle felt like the state was full of beer-guzzling losers. To a loud ovation, Angle renounced all of his ties to the state of Texas!

Then Stephanie got right in Austin's face! She said Austin would not touch either her father or her partner Kurt Angle! The Rattlesnake told her she'd better back off, and just as Vince pulled her away, Kurt Angle attacked from behind! Austin turned around just in time to give Angle a Stunner! Vince and Stephanie high-tailed it to the back as Austin celebrated with the crowd.

In the back, Vince said he had a strange, bad feeling about the rest of the night, so he was taking Stephanie home. As they drove away, Kurt said it would be a momenetous night - especailly for Triple H!

In a fierce one-on-one match, the Undertaker took on Val Venis. It seemed as if Val was really taking it to the Dead Man at first, but Taker kept recovering and beating him down. Once, Taker threw Val into the turnbuckle so hard that the ring moved! Val struggled through much of the match after that, and Undertaker took the win after giving Val his Last Ride.

At Commissioner Foley's office, Triple H and Mick laughed about the booger Kurt Angle had in his nose when he won the title last month. The Triple H said it was time to get down to buisness and he told Foley he wanted to face all foour Radicalz later! Foley said he'd give him the match, but only if he could find three other people to make it a four on four match. Triple H smiled and said he knew of three people who would be more than happy to take on the Radicalz! Then, Stone Cold came up and questioned Foley about The Rock. Foley said the match was just made to smooth things over, because he didn't think The Rock was the accomplice. Then Austin told Foley if The Rock screwed with him, Foley would have hell to pay as well!

Kane explained why he has been attacking Chris Jericho. He said it was because the world can't accept someone different like Kane. People wanted to see Jericho, and the more people want to see Y2J, the more Kane wanted to end Y2J. Kane said the reason he challenged Steve Blackman was so he could win the Hardcore Title and then challenge Jericho, so the beating he would give him would be totally legal.

In his quest for some help later, Triple H recruited the Road Dogg, who said he'd be happy to back him up. Then they went looking for Billy Gunn, who was talking to Chyna. At first Billy wasn't happy to see the Dogg and the Game, but after he heard about the match, he happily accepted, as did Chyna!

In tag team action, T&A faced Too Cool. Test and Albert used their brute strength to take it to Grand Master and Scotty. Too Cool battled back, however, and used their quckness to wear down their opponents. After Scotty hit the Worm and Grand Master hit the Hip-Hop Drop, Trish distracted the referee, allowing Test to recover and get the pin. After the match, Crash ran out accompanied by a stunning blonde woman wearing tights that match what Crash was wearing. The woman started beating on Trish as Crash took out T&A! After all the carnage, Crash, the blonde woman and Too Cool celebrated together.

Entering the arena to their old D-Generation X music, Triple H, the Road Dogg, Billy G. and Chyna took on the Radicalz - Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. The two groups used everything they had against each other. Finally, Triple H got in the ring and nailed Dean Malenko with the Pedigree to get the win. As DX celebrated the win, Kurt Angle ran down to the ring and attacked Triple H! As Angle attacked the Game, the rest of the Radicalz attacked the members of DX.

In a Tag Team Title matchup, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather took on the Hardy Boyz. New Women's Champion Ivory joined her partners at ringside, as did Lita. Before the match began in the ring, Lita attacked Ivory, which forced the referee to make Ivory return to the back. The match began with the Goodfather and Bull handing it to the Hardyz. Jeff Hardy recovered and took down Bull for the pin, but the referee had been knocked out of the ring. Edge and Christian then ran out to the ring and knocked out Matt and Jeff, allowing Bull to get the cover and win the Tag Team Title!

Backstage, Kurt Angle sought out The Rock. Eventually, someone directed Angle to The Great One's locker room, where the Champion attacked the Brahma Bull!

Also backstage, Edge and Christian celebrated the Hardyz loss earlier, which meant that they once again could get a shot at the Tag Titles. As they sang Chris Benoit's music, Mick Foley walked up and said they shouldn't have interfered earlier, and as punishment, they would have to face the Dudleyz later!

In a Hardcore Title match, champion Steve Blackman took on challenger Kane. After hammering the Big Red Machine with a variety of foreign objects, Blackman decided it was time to get out his sticks. Blackman's quickness proved difficult for Kane to over come, but when Steve went to find some more tools, Kane recovered and had Blackman stuck in the corner. Just as Kane was about to nail Blackman with the steel steps, Chris Jericho ran out and knocked him down! The steps fell back on Kane allowing Blackman to get the pin!

In his search for Kurt Angle, The Rock stumbled across Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock said that if he had a problem with Austin, he'd come straight to him. Stone Cold said he didn't care because whoever has been helping Rikishi has a serious ass-whuppin' coming! The Rock looked at Austin and told him, once again, that he had nothing to do with it.

Jerry "The King" Lawler faced off against Raven. During the match, Tazz joined J.R. at the announce table. Just as it seemed The King was going to win, Tazz jumped in the ring and joined Raven at beating him down. Then Al Snow ran down to save Lawler.

As a punishment for interfering in the Hardyz match earlier, Edge and Christian battled the Dudley Boyz in a table match! The match began furiously, with both teams taking it to each other as hard as they could. As the Dudleyz were about to get the table, Edge and Christian teamed up to take them down. The Dudleyz got back up and nearly put Edge through the table, but Edge and Christian came back and almost put Buh Buh through a table, but the Hardyz and Lita ran out and moved the table, which allowed the Dudleyz to put Christian through a table! Then, in a bit of revenge from earlier, Jeff Hardy put Edge through a table!

In Rikishi's locker room, Jonathan Coachman questioned Rikishi, who was wearing facegear that is used to protect broken noses. Rikishi said the truth would all come out later about how The Rock knew all along!

As The Rock was walking to the ring for his match, someone shoved a huge cart of metal pipes at his, knocking him out on the floor! As medics attended to The Rock, who was obviously in considerable pain, Mick Foley took The Rock out of the main event.

In what ended up being a handicap match, Stone Cold Steve Austin took on Rikishi and Kurt Angle. Austin began the match like a house on fire, but the two men proved to be too much for Austin before long. Rikishi and Angle took turns stomping on Austin, but the Rattlesnake came back and started taking it to both men. While the referee's back was turned, Rikishi reached under the ring and grabbed a sledge-hammer! Just as it seemed Austin was going down, Triple H ran out and sent Rikishi and Angle running! Then the Game nailed Stone Cold with the sledge hammer! Triple H proceeded to hammer on Austin as Rikishi helped!

After pummeling Austin, Triple H grabbed a microphone and told him his search for Rikishi's accomplice was over!