Raw is War

Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
October 23, 2000

Yokozuna was found dead earlier today, and Raw is War opened up with a tribute to him.

Rikishi comes down to the ring, and says that Stone Cold is not going to be here tonight, because he is trying to make bail. He was there to support the Rock, and even though "we" lost the battle last night, Rikishi will continue to support Rock in regaining his title. He then asks for Rock to come out, so they can talk. Rock's music hits, and the belt-less Champ comes out. 

Rikishi says that from the bottom of his heart, he is sorry. Rock looks at Rikishi, and from behind the sunglasses, says that he has known Rikishi for years, and hearing that, he must say that from the bottom of his heart, to the top of his lungs, to the bottom of Rikishi's balls, that he wants nothing to do with Rikishi or his appology. Rikishi says he knows Rock is upset, but he needs to understand where he's coming from and that they will work this out. Rock says this isn't about "we", and that they have nothing to do with each other. He says he needs no help to regain the Title, but Rikishi insists that Rock is upset and is starting to hurt Rikishi's feelings. 

Rock says he finally understands where he's coming from. He says the Rock has to do what the Rock has to do, whether Rikishi likes it or not. With this the Rock applies the Rock Bottom on Rikishi and walks up the ramp, leaving his relative laying in the ring. 

Trish Stratus and Lita are with Mick Foley in his Office, saying they want a Bra and Panties match, NEXT!

Lita vs. Trish Stratus (Women's Title - Bra and Panties Match)
Lita comes out first. Then Trish, who is already wearing considerably less than Lita. Lita starts with a take down and then some punches and a kick to the gut. Trish gets a boot up and the two roll around in the ring. Trish continues control, and she takes off Lita's shirt to reveal a gold bra. 

Lita, however, goes back in control, hitting a hurricanrana, and taking Trish's shirt off. It appears that Trish started in panties, but this match continues anyway. Back body drop by Lita, who goes up top and hits a hurricanrana, taking Trish's outer panties off to reveal a floss thong. 

Winner - Lita (STILL Women's Champion!)

After the match, the RTC comes out and talks some garbage, then, they introduce Ivory as the newest member. She says she "saw the light."

In the back, Michael Cole interviews Los Conquistadors, asking how they will defend against Edge and Christian, when those very wrestlers come out and point out that they can't be the same people if they are standing here next to each other. They force Michael Cole to leave, and plug the upcoming tag title match. 

Chris Benoit vs. The Road Dogg
Road Dogg, who goes right at Benoit, but gets taken out by the Crippler, who pounds Dogg in the corner. Dogg hits a side Russian leg sweep, then a headlock takeover. Benoit battles out and slams Dogg's head in the turnbuckle. Backbreaker by Benoit 1-2-kickout. Belly-back suplex by Benoit, who goes up top. Benoit leaps, but misses the diving headbutt. Dogg shakes the knees and fights back, Shaking, Rattling, but not Rolling, because Dean Malenko comes out and distracts Dogg long enough for Benoit to take him down and strap in the Crippler Crossface. Dogg taps out and afterwards the former Radicals embrace. 

Winner - Chris Benoit

In the back, Michael Cole asks Rikishi why he is still here, since no one wants him around. Rikishi says this is a family business and a family matter and he'll be here all night, whether we like it or not.

Triple H is being interviewed in the back by Coach. He goes as far as saying Benoit is the best Technical Wrestler in the WWF, but he proved him wrong, after say "The game was over." He rants on Benoit and little more, and eventually finishes.

JR and King narrate still shots of the Stone Cold vs. Rikishi match and arrest. 

In the back, Crash is in an aPa shirt, talking to the Acolytes on the phone saying that everything is taken care off. Test and Albert come in and yell at Crash for trying to smoke a cigar. T&A throw Crash out and take over the office. 

In the back, Chris Jericho is plugging his, or Moongoose McQueen's, first album with the band Fozzy. Jericho turns with his coffee, knocking into Kane. Jericho makes the obvious burn joke, and Kane knocks Jericho through the nearby table. 

Too Cool vs. Tazz and Raven
In the back, Chyna finds Eddie's room and bursts in, finding Mandy and Victoria, with no Eddie. They try to explain, but Chyna says they did her a favor. Chyna says she should thank them properly, and she shuts the door. We hear crashes and screams and when Chyna emerges, the room is torn apart and Mandy and Victoria along with it. 

The two former ECWers come down and Raven starts against Scotty. Big boot by STH, who hits a reverse thrust kick and tags GrandMaster, who hits a missle dropkick. Raven tags Tazz, but GrandMaster tries to take on both, hitting a powerslam on Tazz for a one count. GrandMaster gets whipped into the ropes, knocking Raven off the apron. 

Tazz regains control and tags Raven, and they double team on GrandMaster. Raven takes it to GM 1-2-kickout. Tag to Tazz. Clothesline by Tazz, who tags Raven back in. Tag to Tazz, who keeps GM from tagging, but he hits an enziguri and tags. STH takes it to Raven while GM works on Tazz. Scotty hits a bulldog on Raven, but Tazz hits him before the Worm. Tazz inadvertantly hits Raven, who revieves a Hip Hop Drop. Tazz runs in and gets taken down by Scotty W-O-R-Evenflow DDT by Raven. Tazz rolls on top and Raven holds GrandMaster back 1-2-3! 

Winners - Tazz and Raven

In the back, Edge finds that his boots say his name, but Christian has a problem picking out his glasses for tonight. Pete Gas comes in, saying Foley wants to see them. Christian asks Edge to go, because he needs to pick the right glasses. Edge goes off, and Christian calls Pete a "barfoid". 

Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis
Edge comes out, to see Christian put through a table. Christian says the Dudleys did it, and his shoulder is hurt too bad for them to fight tonight. Edge then says he'll bring home the gold all by himself. 

Match begins, Back elbow by Val, but a powerslam by Billy 1-2-shoulder up. Elbow drop by Val, then a knee drop 1-2-shoulder up. Sunset flip by Gunn 1-2-kickout. 

Gunn hooks in a sleeper, but Val hits a powerbomb 1-2-shoulder up. Both men hit clotheslines and both go down. Back body drop by Gunn, followed by a splash in the corner. Jackhammer by Billy Gunn, who calls for the FameAssEr, but Steven Richards holds Billy's ankle. Val comes back and Steven comes in. Double cothesline by Billy Gunn, who throws the RTC members into each other and hits the FameAssEr on Val 1-2-3! Eddie walks off, mad, as the former DXers raise hands. 

Winner - Billy Gunn

In the back, Steph is justifying being with Kurt in tonight's match, but she says that if Triple H just says the word, she'll be in his corner. Triple H says that professionally he does not want her in his corner and walks off. 

Edge vs. Los Conquistadors
Edge starts out with Uno in a side headlock. Shoulder block by Edge. Drop toe hold by Uno, who already looks hurt. Edge goes for a scoop slam, but Uno pulls an inside cradle. Edge pushes him, yelling "What they hell are you doing?" Edge pins 1-2-shoulder up. Edge again yells. Tag to Dos, and the Conquistadores hit Poetry in Motion, followed by the Twist of Fate, and the Swanton Bomb 1-2-3! Los Conquistadores retain the titles. Christian hobbles out. On stage, the Conquistadores take off their masks and reveal the Hardys. 

Winners - The Hardy Boys (NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS?)

Foley comes out and asks what the hell is going on? How could the Hardys beat themselves last night. He wonders if there has been a lapse in the space-time continueum. Foley says that when Edge and Christian told Michael Cole to leave earlier, they left their cameras on and he got the tape. 

The tape is played and Edge and Christian say they looked better in the suits last night, and that after tonight the Conquistadores could go back to Jersey. "Holy Bustapalooza!", yells Foley. 

Foley says he got the Hardys into the suits tonight. He says that since Edge and Christian pulled one over the Commish, Edge and Christian's victory last night will stand, but so will tonight's victory by the new WWF Tag Champs, Los ConquistaHardys! 

Kurt Angle vs. The Rock vs. Triple H (WWF World Title)
They quickly turn and double team on Angle, punching him back and forth. Double back elbow, and Angle clotheslines Trips, but Rock clotheslines Angle. Trips takes it to Angle. Falling neckbreaker by Trips 1-2-shoulder up. Angle hits a belly-back suplex on Trips. Rock trips Angle and pulls him outside, knocking him onto the apron. Rock slams Angle's head onto the announce table, and Trips does the same, then Rock, then Trips, then Rock, then Triple H punches Angle across the table. Rock pounds Angle's head onto the bell table. Steph talks smack to the Rock, who goes after her, but Trips steps between. Rock knocks over Trips and goes after Angle, who takes the ring bell. Angle swings the bell, but hits Triple H. 

Angle and Rock go at it in the ring, while Hebner and Steph check on him outside. Rock hits a DDT but there's no ref. Hebner calls for EMTs. In the ring, Angle hits a suplex as Triple H gets put on a stretcher. Angle chokes Rock in all this confusion. Rock regains composure, but recieves an Olympic Slam but there is no ref. Hebner finally comes in 1-2-shoulder up. Steph accompanies her husband up the ramp on the stretcher. Trips rolls off the stretcher and comes back to the ring. Angle pounds on Rock until Triple H takes to him. High knee by Trips, who clotheslines Rock over the ropes. Triple H hits the Pedigree on Angle 1-2-broken by Rock, who clotheslines Trips on the outside. Rock comes in and Rock Bottoms Angle 1-2-broken by Triple H! 

Rock pulls Trips in the ring. Swinging neck breaker by Rock, while Angle rests. Knee to the face by Triple H, who sets Rock for a Pedigree. Angle rusn in and hits Triple H with the WWF belt, and then hits Rock. Rikishi runs down and takes it to Angle, while the bell rings. Angle escapes, but the glass breaks! 

Winner - Kurt Angle (STILL WWF CHAMPION!)

Austin is here and he runs in and takes it to the Angry Samoan. Angle comes from behind and takes out Austin, only to get a Stunner on his behalf. Rikishi escapes as Austin celebrates.