Raw is War

The MCI Center, Washington, DC
October 2, 2000

RAW exploded live from the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., where The Rock was a marked man and Mick Foley had flown in the person he believed hit Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Great One came out and told his fans that there are certain things bring on natural instinct, like swatting away a fly. One thing that brought out Rock's instinct was seeing Kurt Angle's smiling face - it made the Great One want to smack him with a chair! He tried to do it last week, but Stephanie McMahon-Angle, er, Helmsley, got in his way. Rock then belittled Kurt Angle for his sobbing when he won his gold medals four years ago. Then, he told Angle to come out and celebrate with him, because the Brahma Bull was giving him a shot at the World Wrestling Federation Title!

Angle came out and told The Rock that he had no place making fun of his Olympic celebration. Angle said he would never let people down like Michael Jordan has in his poor job of running the Wizards of the NBA. Angle then told The Rock he could beat him any time he wanted to, and in the process of beating him, he would teach children everywhere how to "be like Kurt"!

Commissioner Mick Foley had heard enough, and came out to address the two superstars! Mick told Kurt that he had never seen anything as horrible as the mental image of a nation full off little Kurts! Foley then asked The Rock to let Angle slide for the night, because Foley knew of someone else who wanted to beat Angle even more!

Immediately, Triple H, accompanied by his loving wife Stephanie, came out to the ring! The Game told The Rock to never make fun of Kurt's Olympic victory, because that was Triple H's job! Hunter told Kurt that the whole situation had to end, now. He told him that Stephanie was not his friend -- she was Hunter's wife. The Game said he's been wasting his time with Angle, and that he should be concentrating on the Federation Title! Then, Triple H asked Mick Foley to let him beat Kurt Angle, so he could put his focus on The Rock!

Quickly, Foley had a solution to the three men's demands. He said that Triple H and Kurt Angle would face off to become the No. 1 contender!

Chris Benoit had a different opinion, and came out and told Foley that he was demanding a title match later on RAW! Suddenly, Kane entered the arena, telling everyone that the Title would somehow find a way around his waist! Then, Rikishi came down to the ring! The Phat Man let Kane in on a secret - that he wasn't going to get a chance at The Rock, because Rikishi was going to back his ass up on the Big Red Machine!

The Commish then intervened in all the chaos. He said that Benoit and Kane would team up later to battle Rikishi and The Rock!

Hardy Boyz put their Tag team Titles on the line against Too Cool. Jeff Hardy attempted to get in the good graces of Grand Master Sexay by doing a little dance of his own, but that only made the Grand Master mad.

Eventually, Scotty 2 Hotty hit Matt Hardy with the Worm, but on the two-count, Matt got his foot on the rope. Then, Edge and Christian ran out to the ring! Edge, going for Matt Hardy, accidentally speared Sexay, allowing Jeff to hit the Swanton Bomb and get the pin!

In their locker room, Stephanie asked Triple H why he was being so quiet. Hunter just told he had a bad feeling - something was not right.

Mick Foley took Edge and Christian aside and told them he would give them a shot at gold. Not Tag Team gold, but Steve Blackman's Hardcore Gold!

Tazz and Raven joined up with X-Pac to take on Chris Jericho and the Dudley Boyz. The match started fast, with all six men in the ring. The action never stopped, and the Dudley Boys took out Raven with a 3D. While he was down, Y2J hit him with a Lionsault to get the pin and the win.

As Mick Foley enjoyed looking at Playboy Magazine, the Right to Censor approached him. Mr. Buchanan appealed to the Commish to get rid of Stone Cold Steve Austin, a man who could be blamed for the downfall of the Federation. Then, Mr. Venis accused Mick of being afraid of Austin! Foley angrily said that he'd consider his options in dealing with the Rattlesnake.

As Michael Cole interviewed Lita on her upcoming match with her Women's Title on the line, Jackie attacked her! Both women fought brutally, with the battle leading up to Lita throwing Jackie off an 18-wheeler!As Lita went for a moonsault off the truck, Jackie got up and knocked the Women's Champ out before officials could pull her away.

In tag team action, The Rock and Rikishi went up against Kane and Chris Benoit. The men fought each other brutally, and Benoit and Kane had The Rock beaten until the Great One tagged out to Rikishi. The Phat Man threw punch upon punch and the head of the Big Red Machine. Eventually, Kane got knocked out of the ring, where Benoit hit him with a chair! As Kane lay prone in the ring, Rikishi sat on him to get the pin. After the match, Kane stalked Benoit to the back.

Mick Foley came to the ring to address one of his biggest problems - the punishing investigation that Stone Cold Steve Austin has been conducting. Foley said he wanted the brutality to stop, so he called Austin out so he could explain himself. Mick told Austin that he isn't his enemy; he isn't Vince McMahon. But Foley wanted one thing - Austin not to interfere in any more matches.

Austin responded by telling Foley that the Commish's investigation was failing. Austin said Foley had no idea who had hit him with the car. But Foley said he did know who did it! Then he brought out Bad Ass Billy Gunn! Foley said he'd leave the ring, so Austin could serve justice Stone Cold style!

Mr. Ass and Austin stared at each other until Billy spoke. He said he may have not been accounted for the night Austin was hit, but that was because his flight was delayed.

But he had some information. The night Austin was hit, Billy Gunn was pulling into the arena, with the Brooklyn Brawler, and a car sped past him - the same car that hit Austin! Mr. Ass said he caught a glimpse of the person in the car, and that person had blonde hair! Shockingly, Austin said he believed him! But, he said he never liked Mr. Ass anyway, so the Rattlesnake stunned him and walked away!

In a Triple-Threat Hardcore Match, Edge and Christian got in the ring with Hardcore Champ Steve Blackman. Edge and Christian double-teamed Blackman until he was weakened on the ring floor. While the duo argued about who should make the cover, Blackman got up and knocked both of them out! He covered Christian to retain his title.

In the parking lot, the Right to Censor burned copies of the Playboy Magazine that features Chyna on its cover!

Stone Cold confronted a nervous Brooklyn Brawler about what happened the night he was hit. Brawler just said he didn't see anything.

In a tag match, Chyna and Eddie Guerrero took on Mr. Val Venis and Mr. Steven Richards of the Right to Censor. Chyna and Eddie really took it to both Richards and Venis, until Mr. Buchanan and the Goodfather interfered! Then, Stone Cold ran out and stunned the entire Right to Censor, and then he stunned Eddie Guerrero! Chyna walked away before Austin could get to her.

As Austin celebrated with a few Steve-weisers, Mick Foley, who has seen things go out of his control recently, came out and told Austin he needed to be punished. As Foley went to relay his punishment, Austin stunned the Commissioner!

Austin immediately left the building, and when Foley got to his office, he went berserk! He started throwing things around and screaming Austin's name!

As triple H readied for his match, Stephanie asked him if he was feeling any better. Hunter said he still had a bad feeling, and he asked her to stay in the back, so nothing would happen to her. He left her and as she walked away, she ran into Chris Benoit, who asked her how her head was feeling after that head-butt he gave her last week! Stephanie slapped Benoit as hard as she could!

To determine the No. 1 contender, Triple H battled Kurt Angle. Triple H beat Angle ferociously, even taking off the bandage over his ribs to choke him! Kurt reversed his fortunes, taking the offensive outside the ring. As the action moved back inside the squared circle, Angle scored several near pinfalls. Then, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came to ringside, against her husband's wishes! She rooted her husband on as he tried to put the Pedigree on Angle, but Kurt just reversed it into another near-fall. The Game finally recovered and put Angle through the announce table! Angle then went to punch Hunter, but hit the referee instead!

As Triple H went for the cover, Chris Benoit came to ringside and grabbed Stephanie! Triple H went to save his wife and started throwing Benoit around the outside of the ring. With the referee still down, Angle threw Hunter back in the ring and tried to hit him with a chair, but Stephanie grabbed it from him! Then, Benoit grabbed the chair and hit Triple H with it, allowing Angle to get the win and the No. 1 contender spot!

After the match, Triple H berated Stephanie for coming to ringside, and then he walked away, leaving Stephanie alone in the center of the ring as RAW went off the air!