Raw is War

State College, Pennsylvania
September 25, 2000

The World Wrestling Federation invaded Penn State as RAW kicked off live for the first time ever on TNN!
Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to the ring and the roof nearly popped off the arena! The Rattlesnake was still trying to accomplish his mission - find out who hit him with a car at last years' Survivor Series. Austin said since he'd left, a lot has happened. For one, Vince had gone home to "make babies." The other development was Triple H and Stephanie marriage - in short, the worst marriage ever. Another thing that's changed is now Mideon runs around naked! Only thing that hasn't changed was the fact that Austin was going to drink beer and do what he wanted when he wanted. Austin said he still hadn't found out who ran him down, but until he did, he was going to go to every single superstar and get his payback!

Then, Commissioner Foley came out. Mick told him that he last thing he ever expected was to be in same ring as Austin again. Foley said Stone Cold left out one big change in his list - the fact that Foley was now Commissioner! Foley said that as an authority figure, he objected to Austin taking it out on someone's ass. Foley said he'd do the investigation for Austin so no one would get hurt. Stone Cold said he didn't give a damn, and that Foley's investigation wasn't making any progress! Austin added that Foley could be the culprit and that he didn't trust anyone!

Chris Benoit entered and introduced himself to Austin as the greatest technical wrestler in the world. Then Benoit said he had come out to address another injustice - the fact that, once again, he was stripped of the title. Benoit said that if anyone deserved payback, it was him. Benoit demanded a title match on RAW later! Foley thought about the request and said that Benoit could face The Rock of the title - in that very ring!

As Benoit smiled, Kurt Angle's music hit and he came out. Angle said that the truth was that Benoit got royally screwed. But Kurt maintained that he had a worse night, almost as bad as Penn State's football season! He said that at Unforiven, he almost lost his friend Stephanie after she kicked him in the genitals. Almost, because friendship includes forgiveness. But Kurt said he was angry because Triple H forced himself on Stephanie, and that Triple H wasn't a man. Then Kurt demanded a re-match later on RAW! Foley thought over the request for about a half second and denied it!

Kurt said he could live with the decision, but said he had one more problem. Then, Angle turned to Austin! Angle told Stone Cold that he had offered him his friendship and a gold medal, and Austin just responded by attacking him! Then, Angle demanded an apology from Austin! Austin told Angle he appreciated his gesture of friendship, but he wouldn't apologize. Then, Austin gave both Benoit and Angle a stunner!

In a battle of two of the Federation's biggest men, Kane battled Rikishi. As the match started, both giants started walloping each other with a chair! The referee called for the bell, but Kane and Rikishi kept on hitting each other as hard as they could, until more officials came out to brake up the melee.

Stone Cold walked in to Undertaker's locker room. Taker just looked at the Rattlesnake and told him not to even look at him. He wasn't there and he was taking time off, Taker said. But, the dead man said that if he had info he'd give it to him, because the person who ran Austin down would probably do it to him too. Then Taker looked at Austin and said it's a shame that someday they'd be gone. Austin just looked at him and said, "It is?" Then Taker said that, now that he thought about it, maybe it wasn't so bad.

In the Commissioner's office, Edge and Christian complained that it was ridiculous that they had to fight their re-match against the Hardyz in a ladder match! Foley just told the duo that he needed his top two stars in the kind of match they made famous. Then he added that if Edge and Christian didn't win, it would be their last tile shots even.

Buh Buh Dudley came out for his match against Tazz accompanied by his brother D-Von. When Tazzz came out, he told Buh Buh he was a wuss to have his brother there, so D-Von went to the back. After battling back and forth, Tazz climbed out of the ring and squirted water into The King's eyes! When The King got up to go after Tazz, Raven came out and knocked him out! While the ref's back was turned, Raven took out Buh Buh, allowing Tazz to get the pin!

In their locker room, Triple H and Stephanie talked about Unforgiven. Hunter asked Steph what was wrong, and she said she couldn't believe he didn't know. She said that at least Kurt sang her "Happy Birthday", but Hunter did nothing. The Game told her that her present was at home waiting for her. Then Stephanie asked Hunter about the kiss at Unforgiven. She said it was rough, not loving. Triple H said the kiss was to prove to Angle that she was his, and that he had kicked Angle's ass for her as well!

In a Ladder Match to determine the Tag Team Champions, the Hardy Boyz were challenged by Edge and Christian. With the tag titles hanging above the ring, the two teams were set to brutalize each other. As the match started, Edge got nailed in the face and chest with a ladder. Then, Edge and Christian sandwiched Jeff and slammed him onto the turnbuckle! With the Hardyz down, Edge and Christian set up ladders to get the titles. But as they climbed, the Hardyz nailed them both with another ladder!

Then, Jeff Hardy climbed a ladder and was even swinging from the rope that the titles were hanging from! As he tried to unhook them, Edge speared him and both men fell fifteen feet to the ring below! Christian began climbing to the titles, but Matt caught him and suplexed him off the ladder, nearly snapping both their necks when they hit the ring! With three ladders set up, Edge and Christian set up Matt for a con-chair-to! As they went to hit him with the double chair-shot, Lita and Jeff knocked over their ladders, allowing Matt to grab the title for the victory!

In the back, Stone Cold grilled Brisco and Patterson. The two stooges kept blaming each other. Austin said he knew they didn't do it but that they were both there, and if they knew who did it, he'd hunt them down as well!

Chyna came out to address the Playboy magazine she currently graces the cover of. She said she has been ridiculed in the past for her body, and now she was featured in the premiere men's magazine on the planet. She cried as she proudly proved everyone who had ever made fun of her wrong.

Then, Steven Richards and his Right to Censor came out and said they wished they could support her. The four men said what she did was immoral; they said Playboy was filth. As Mr. Venis implored the crowd to not buy the magazine, Eddie Guerrero came out! Guerrero said Chyna was the hottest Mamacita on the planet, and if they insulted Chyna, they insulted Eddie. Then Guerrero put his Intercontinental Title on the line and challenged any member of the Right to Censor, a challenge that Venis eagerly accepted!

In Kurt Angle's locker room, Trish Stratus approached the American Hero. Trish asked Angle about Chyna but he shrugged her off, saying he had never read Playboy. Then Trish said what Austin did to him at Unforgiven was wrong, and that she'd the medal forever. Trish asked him if he had it and if she could try it on. When she did, the medal hung down in her cleavage. When Angle saw that, he told her that the medal fit her very well!

In a first blood match, Chris Jericho battled X-Pac. The battle began under the Titantron, where Y2J attacked X-Pac. X-Pac got Jericho to bleed after nailing him on the head. As X-Pac went to hit Jericho with some nunchucks, Y2J hit X-Pac in the groin and then put him in the walls of Jericho on the Spanish announce table!

Stone Cold walked into Stephanie and Triple H's locker room. Austin said that Triple H was a big-time suspect, since he led him into that parking lot. The Game said if he wanted to take him out, he'd do it face to face. Austin told Hunter he was either a liar, crazy or else he was telling the truth.

In an Intercontinental Title match, Eddie Guerrero faced Mr. Venis of Right to Censor. Eddie quickly took advantage of Venis' tie that he was wearing, dragging him all over the ring. Outside the ring, Chyna pulled the pants right off Steven Richards, exposing Richards' white socks and blue briefs! While that happened, Eddie rolled up Mr. Venis for the pin and the win!

Steven William Regal came out to the ring and told the Penn State crowd he was happy to be in such a grand institute of learning. Regal wanted to teach the students some more, so he decided to read Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in its entirety. As Regal started reading, Stone Cold came out and stunned the Englishman!

In the first-ever World Wrestling Federation main event on TNN, The Rock had his Federation Title on the line against Chris Benoit, who was accompanied to the ring by Shane McMahon! As Shane distracted the Great One by running around the outside of the ring, Benoit took advantage and started punishing The Rock, even scoring two near-falls! While Benoit distracted the referee, Shane interfered liberally, hitting The Rock whenever possible.The Brahma Bull attempted to battle back, but Benoit countered everything he tried. While Rock had Benoit pinned, Shane pulled referee Earl Hebner out of the ring. Hebner immediately went after Shane, and ended up getting slammed on the floor himself! While he was out, The Rock knocked out Shane and Benoit knocked out Rock. When Benoit went to hit Rock with a chair, he accidentally hit Shane. Immediately, Stephanie McMahon ran to the ring to check on her brother. Triple H followed and ended up getting hit by Benoit himself! Then, The Game threw Benoit to The Rock, who nailed the Rock Bottom as Hebner got up to count the pin! As Triple H and Rock stared each other down, Kurt Angle ran out and assaulted Hunter. The Rock tried to help the game, but ended up getting beat up by Benoit! After Benoit and Angle beat both down, Stephanie slapped Kurt Angle! Then Benoit came over and head-butted Stephanie! Benoit calmly walked away as RAW went off the air!