Raw is War

The Cajun Dome, Lafayette, Louisiana
August 21, 2000

Announcer Jim Ross kicked off RAW live from the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, LA without Jerry "The King" Lawler by his side! Even though The King hadn't arrived yet, the show had to go on, and The Rock came to the ring to greet his fans.

With SummerSlam less than a week away, the Great One told Kurt Angle and Triple H that he wanted to take his boot and put it in some very uncomfortable places for them! The Rock went on to say that he wasn't thinking about SummerSlam, he was thinking about revenge, right there and then!

Commissioner Mick Foley came out to address the revenge and hatred situation with The Rock and attempted to cool down the champion. Foley told Rock that he didn't want anything getting out of hand, so instead of letting tempers flare, Foley gave The Rock the night off! Before the Commish could continue, he was interrupted by Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon. Angle said that he knew why Foley was pitting him against Triple H recently - to test his integrity. But Angle said he proved his integrity by bashing The Rock with a steel chair on SmackDown! He said that he chose loyalty over selfishness and in the process, gained a friend -- Triple H!

Then Triple H came out with his wife Stephanie and said that nothing made someone his friend faster than when they nailed The Rock with a chair!

Hunter said that now with his family problems behind him, he could get back to what was really important - beating The Rock! The Game challenged The Rock to a title match, but Foley reminded him that he had just given Rock the night off. But, the Commish said, Triple H and Angle could build their friendship in a match against the Acolytes! Foley also reminded Shane about his Hardcore match against Champion Steve Blackman. The Commish also reminded Stephanie that she was defending her Women's Title against Lita! Foley said he could tell by Stephanie's eyes that the match would be a brawl, so it needed a special referee - The Rock!

Tazz arrived in the arena and as he was walking to his locker room, several boxes fell on top of him! Then, The King came out from behind and attacked Tazz! Federation officials had to separate the two. Then The King went to the ring to join J.R at the announce table, where J.R. told him that Foley had insisted that Tazz leave the arena.

In a prelude to the TLC match at SummerSlam, the Hardy Boyz faced the Dudley Boyz. Viewers were treated to a special treat as Edge and Christian joined on guest commentary. After discussing how well J.R. knew Edge, the Tag Champs offered some observations, saying that the Dudleys ruled in "stinktitude" and that Edge and Christian were masters of the "con-chair-to".

In the ring, Jeff Hardy missed a Swanton Bomb on D-Von, but then Christian and Edge interfered, nailing Buh Buh with a chair and allowing Jeff to get the pin
In their locker room, Shane, Stephanie, Triple H and Kurt Angle talked about staying together. Then, each person went on to say that their match was more important than the others!

In mixed Tag action, Val Venis and Trish Stratus faced Crash and Ivory, as Chyna and Eddie Guerrero watch from the back. The match was tough, and Trish pinned Ivory after Val powerbombed Ivory. As Trish and Val celebrated, Chyna ran out and nearly pedigreed Trish! But Val made the save, nailing Chyna! Eddie ran out to save his Mamacita. Latino Heat then ran back to Mick Foley and demanded revenge immediately. But, Foley had cooler heads prevail and made the mixed Tag match at SummerSlam an Intercontinental match as well! If either Chyna or Eddie pin Trish or Val, that person will be the Intercontinental Champion!

Kane, continuing his monstrous attitude, took it to Rikishi. The Phat man tried his hardest to battle back, but Kane used any means necessary to beat him, and nailed him with a chair! As Too Cool came out to save Rikishi, Right to Censor came out and held off the party men! After Kane got in a few chair shots on Scotty Too Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay, Right to Censor shut down Too Cool and left then lying in the ring.

In Tag action, Triple H and Kurt Angle brawled with the Acolytes. Bradshaw and Faarooq both took it to the two No. 1 contenders, and both Triple H and Angle seemed to not want to be anywhere near the action. After isolating Faarooq, Triple H nailed him with a pedigree to get the win. Afterwards, Angle celebrated just a little too long and the Acolytes advantage and left him lying in the ring as Triple H watched on from the stage! After Kurt recovered, he went to the back to ask Hunter where the "hay" he was. Triple H said it was over and that it was time to focus on Stephanie's match. Angle reluctantly agreed.

Right to Censor came to the ring to address their attack earlier on Too Cool and Rikishi. Steven said that Rikishi was setting a bad example with his thong and his Stink Face! Commissioner Foley came out to censor the group, but told then that Right to Censor makes the Federation a little less fun. So, Foley told Bull Buchanan, the Goodfather and Steven would take on Rikishi and Too Cool at SummerSlam!

In the hallway, Shane McMahon talked Pete Gas and Rodney into getting Steve Blackman before Sane had to face him. The two tried to attack the Hardcore champ, but he fought them off and went after Shane!

Kurt Angle was heading home when Stephanie caught up to him. Kurt said he knew when he wasn't wanted, and that he was leaving. Stephanie said she needed him to be there, so he said he'd stay, for her.

Perry Saturn, without Terri, put his European Title on the line against Chris Jericho. Y2J gave his all in attempting to obtain the gold, and nearly got the win. But Chris Benoit ran out and nailed Jeicho! Officials had to separate the two men.

Before his match with Steve Blackman, Shane told Trish he needed to ask her something in private!

As Triple H and Kurt Angle tried to give Steph some pointers, Angle told the Game he was doing a move wrong. Stephanie asked Hunter to let Kurt show her the moves!

As Blackman came to the ring to take on Shane, Test attacked him from behind! The two battled throughout the crowd and nailed each other with anything they could find. Then, Albert ran out and beat on the Lethal Weapon! The assault continued when Edge and Christian came out and nailed Blackman! Finally, Shane ran out for the match and hit Blackman with a kendo stick. Shane pinned him to become the new Hardcore Champion! Backstage, Mick Foley told Shane that he would face Blackman again at SummerSlam! Foley also told Edge and Christian they would be taking on DX later on RAW!

In Times Square, The Kat was at WWF New York. As she talked to the crowd, Terri attacked her and gave her a Stink Face!

Kurt Angle continued teaching Stephanie some submission moves in the locker room. The two seemed to be having a pretty good time, when Triple H walked in and told Angle to back off!

Edge and Christian reluctantly entered the ring with DX in a Tag Team title match.The action was high-paced, and it seemed Road Dogg and X-Pac would steal a win, but the "friendly rivalry" between the two went too far and they distracted each other. Then the Dudleys ran to the ring with a table and scared off Edge and Christian! After the match X-Pac accidentally knocked Road Dogg through the table, so Commissioner Foley put Road Dogg and X-Pac in a match against each other at SummerSlam!

In a battle for the Women's Championship, Stephanie faced Lita, with The Rock as special guest referee! Stephanie was accompanied to the ring by both Triple H and Kurt Angle, but The Rock told them both to get out of the ring. Lita immediately took it to Women's Champ Stephanie! Then, the Hardy Boyz came out to support Lita (and keep Angle and Triple H away). Stephanie impressively showcased several moves she must have recently learned and brought it right back to Lita! Both women got several near-falls. As Lita went for a moonsault, Angle knocked her off the turnbuckle! Angle then went to hand Steph the title to hit Lita with, but The Rock pulled him in the ring. Angle went to hit Rock, but knocked out Triple H instead! Then, the Great One hit Angle and Stephanie with a Rock Bottom! He told Lita to get Stephanie, so she nailed her with a moonsault and got the pin to become the new Women's Champion!