Raw is War

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
July 31, 2000

Triple H arrived in a limousine without his wife as RAW kicked off live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Ga.!

In a Hardcore Tag Team match to start off RAW, D-Generation X took on Steve Blackman and Al Snow. Before the match, Blackman made it well known that he did not want any partner, let alone Al Snow! But the team worked very well together to open the match, pummeling Road Dogg and X-Pac with chains, garbage cans and street signs. DX battled back, and the match became a brutal assault that saw all four men take some unbelievable shots. Al Snow even nailed Road Dogg in the groin with a bowling ball! X-Pac recovered, but while he was swinging a stick around trying to show off like Blackman, the stick went flying out of his hands! Blackman took advantage and smacked X-Pac, but DX took the win after Road Dogg nailed Blackman with a chair and X-Pac covered him.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was shown arriving in a limo. Immediately, Triple H entered the ring with flowers in his hands. He said that he makes very few mistakes but acknowledged that his pride tends to prevent him from admitting them. The Game said that he made a mistake, and he apologized to Stephanie, saying she was his true love. Hunter asked her to come out to accept his apology.

Stephanie then entered, but she did not look happy. She didn't even look at Triple H right away! She told him he had no idea how he made her feel. The image of him and Trish makes her sick to her stomach. Stephanie said Hunter has ignored her in his obsession with Chris Jericho, but he has paid plenty of attention to Trish. The Game said that there has never been anything between him and Trish; he told her that of everything he's been through, nothing compared to the thought of Stephanie leaving him. Finally, Stephanie accepted his apology and the two embraced in the ring, only to be cut off by a sobbing Mick Foley!

Of course he wasn't really crying, and he said that everything he just saw was a huge load of horse crap! Then he showed the happy couple the footage of Triple H and Trish from SmackDown! Foley said he was sick of this marital spat becoming part of Foley's business, and that it was time to Triple H to pay the price, so he fined him $5000! But that was only a warning -- if Hunter ever walked out of a match again, Foley would fire him! Then the Commish booked the first-ever Husband-Wife Tag Team match with the Helmsleys against Lita and The Rock!

Some scantily clad women were spotted outside of the Georgia Dome, yelling, "Save the Hos!" in protest of the fact that they were being censored!

The Tag Team Title was on the line as Edge and Christian went up against the Hardy Boyz. But first, the golden boys had a few things to say to their fans. First, they said that it was very rad to be in the home city of the Atlanta Braves, losers of several World Series! The match began with the Hardys taking the quick advantage, scoring several near-falls. As the Hardys were about to score the win, Christian pulled the referee out of the ring and then both Edge and Christian nailed Jeff Hardy with chairs to earn the disqualification!

Out back, Big Show, Shane McMahon, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle discussed the intensity that Edge and Christian had when Foley walked in. He told Benoit and Angle they'd be facing the Dudley Boyz and Big Show would battle Kane!

Trish then came in to Stephanie and Triple H's dressing room to set the record straight. She apologized to Stephanie and Steph politely accepted the apology…until Trish left the room! Then Steph said she was lying, and that she didn't like how Hunter and Trish were looking at each other!

Jeff Hardy was shown being checked for a concussion, and while Edge and Christian conducted an interview with the Coach, Matt Hardy attacked them!

Up next, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit faced the Dudley Boyz. The action was high-paced, with both teams fighting each other intensely. Benoit even had D-Von in the Crippler Crossface, but Buh Buh pulled the Wolverine away! Buh Buh attempted to pin Angle, but Shane McMahon dropped an elbow off the top rope! The Dudleys nailed Benoit with a 3D, but the ref was knocked out! As the Dudleys went to get a table, Big Show ran out, chokeslammed Buh Buh and laid Benoit on top of him! Finally the referee recovered to make the count.

As the Helmsleys prepared for their match, Triple H showed Stephanie some wrestling moves, and Stephanie asked to see the move that Hunter was showing Trish! As Stephanie bent down, Triple H almost fell, and said that Stephanie was a bit taller than Trish was! After talking his way out of that, the Game continued the lesson, but mistakenly called Stephanie by Trish's name! Upon hearing that, Stephanie walked out! The Game chased her down, but she just took her bags and left the arena.

The Hos, continuing their protest, led a march through the Georgia Dome! Soon, Steven Richards, the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan came out saying that they were just trying to help people watching RAW! Steven said we all have rights, free speech, free religion, and the right to censorship! Then he had the Hos arrested! He said if anyone had a problem with his censorship, they could enter the ring, and out came the APA!

Bradshaw said that Steven was forgetting about three other rights: the right to drink a lot of beer, the right to consort with wild, half naked women and the right to kick Steven's ass! The APA then brawled with Bull and the Goodfather, with Bradshaw getting the win after pinning Buchanan.

Tazz and Rikishi battled each other in a very brutal match next. Both men exchanged thunderous blows, until finally backed that ass up and gave Tazz a Stink Face! The Human Wrecking Machine recovered, and almost scored a pinfall, then locked on the Tazzmission. Rikishi reversed the hold into a Samoan Drop to score the victory! Too Cool ran out to the ring afterwards to celebrate with their buddy.

Mick Foley saw Triple H and apologized, saying that breaking up his marriage was not his intention. Hunter asked to postpone the match, and Foley said no. The Commish also said that the Game's new partner would be Trish Stratus!

In a battle that pitted two former friends against each other, Eddie Guerrero and Chyna took on the team of Perry Saturn and Val Venis. After several attempts by Venis and Saturn to isolate Chyna, Eddie Guerrero got the pin on Saturn after a hurricanrana.

As Triple H readied for his match, someone knocked at his door. Hoping it was Steph, he ran and flung the door open, only to find Trish, asking to be shown some more moves. Hunter just looked at her and told her to get out!

Up next, the Big Show faced Kane. The brawling started immediately, and even Shane got involved on Show's behalf! As Kane got ready to slam Shane, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit ran in to take out Kane. As the Big Red Machine got triple-teamed, the Dudley Boys ran out to even the score! Soon, Shane and his boys were scared to the back!

In the main event, Triple H and Trish went up against The Rock and Lita. Triple H was obviously not happy about his paring with Trish, and he refused to even look her way initially. But after getting beaten by The Rock, the Game had no problem tagging Trish in. The Rock, not being one to fight a woman, immediately tagged in Lita, who nearly got the pin, until Triple H ran over and clotheslined her! Lita then took down Triple H and then tagged in the Brahma Bull. Triple H got to his feet and started beating The Rock, almost pinning him several times. The Rock kept coming back, and nearly pinned Hunter, had it not been for Trish's interference. Then, The Rock Rock Bottomed Trish and tagged in Lita, who got the pin. After the match, Rock nailed Hunter with a steel chair, knocking him into a very interesting position on top of Trish! The Rock was having the last laugh as RAW went off the air!