Raw is War

Austin, Texas
July 24, 2000

The jam-packed crowd in Austin, Texas, was ready to experience the fallout from Fully Loaded. But before that could happen, Commissioner Mick Foley came out and reflected on the previous night. He said he wanted his first Pay-Per-View as World Wrestling Federation Commissioner to be a memorable one -- and Fully Loaded was just that. He also announced that for some reason, a reason Foley did not understand, Kurt Angle had demanded a rematch against the Undertaker, and Foley said he'd grant one later on RAW live from Austin! Foley continued that The Rock vs. Chris Benoit was one of the greatest Federation Championship Matches in history. Just as he admitted that the end of the match was controversial, Benoit and Shane McMahon appeared. Benoit insisted that there was no controversy -- he got screwed. Shane said that since the Federation started, the one constant has been that the referee's decision is final. Foley agreed, but said that things change. That just infuriated Benoit all the more, who said he proved at Fully Loaded that he's the Federation Champion, and he wanted a title match on RAW to prove it again. Foley said he'd "take it under advisement," and suddenly Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley appeared. She said she supported Shane and Benoit, and she demanded that Foley book a match between Benoit and The Rock. When Foley insulted her, saying he agreed with Chris Jericho's assessment of her, Stephanie slapped the commissioner. An angry Foley said that since Stephanie and Shane always seem to want to get involved in Federation matches, he was going to book the first-ever "brother/sister" match, featuring Shane and Stephanie against two opponents that he would announce later. He further ordered that if either Benoit or Triple H interfered, he'd fire both of them and Shane and Stephanie as well!

In the first match of the night, the Hardcore Title was on the line as Steve Blackman defended against the Road Dogg. The Dogg was accompanied by X-Pac, who joined Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler for commentary. X-Pac said that he and Road Dogg are clearly the best tag team in the Federation, but the two men couldn't agree on who was the better singles wrestler. So X-Pac said he and Road Dogg were going to have a little friendly rivalry to find out. As part of their friendly competition, X-Pac said he wasn't going to interfere in the match, even after Blackman did a crotch chop, mocking DX. Later, Road Dogg picked up a steel chair, but Blackman delivered a thrust kick, knocking the chair backwards into the Dogg's head. Blackman retained the Hardcore Title. After the match, X-Pac said he'd prove he's the superior singles wrestler by taking on Blackman this Thursday on SmackDown!

Backstage, Triple H arrived, and Stephanie brought him up to speed on all the events that led to Foley's booking of the "brother/sister" match. As if that didn't anger Triple H enough, there were several bouquets of flowers on the table, just as there had been at Fully Loaded. Stephanie told her husband to read the card, but Triple H said he didn't need to read any card to realize he was being set up, and he tossed the flowers against the walls in disgust. A shocked Stephanie said she had purchased the flowers for him!

Stephanie didn't have much time to react, as the "brother/sister" match was up next. Lita came out as the first of the McMahon siblings' opponents. Shane grabbed the microphone and said he would protect his baby sister at all costs -- no matter who the other opponent was. It turned out to be the Big Show! The Show returned two months after Shane had put him out of action; Shane was completely astonished, and he sprinted back to the locker room. The Show chased after him, leaving Stephanie alone with Lita. Stephanie took quite a beating, and Lita had her set up for a moonsault. But Trish Stratus came out, knocked Lita off the top rope, and whipped her repeatedly with a belt. Stephanie got in a few kicks for good measure, and the two women walked off together. Backstage, the Big Show went door to door looking for Shane. Later, Shane tried to hide behind cars in the parking lot. The Big Show found him, but Shane managed to escape. Still, the Show kept up the chase, intently trying to get his hands on Shane.

In a high-stakes singles match, the Godfather took on Bull Buchanan, accompanied by Steven Richards. According to the stipulations of the match, if the Godfather won, Richards would no longer be able to censor him. However, if Buchanan won, it would signal an end to the Godfather's ladies. Outside the ring, Richards picked up a chair. When a couple of Hos ran over to take it away, Richards pushed one down and superkicked another! Meanwhile, with the referee out attending to the Hos, the Godfather had Buchanan set up for the Ho Train splash, but when he charged the corner, Richards clobbered him with the chair! Buchanan hit a leg drop off the top rope and finished off the Godfather -- and the Hos for good!

Everyone was wondering why Kurt Angle would want a rematch with the Undertaker, and the Olympic champion came out to explain. In his words, Undertaker did not beat Kurt Angle at Fully Loaded ... the American Bad Ass beat a man who was fearful of his life. On RAW, Angle said he was ready. Undertaker appeared and proved that Angle wasn't as ready as he claimed. Taker dropped Angle with a chokeslam after just a few seconds. Shane McMahon came through the crowd, still running from the Big Show, who was right behind him. Shane ended up in the ring, where Undertaker slugged him. Taker then grabbed Shane for a chokeslam, but the Show begged Taker to let him do it. Taker agreed, and turned his attention back to Angle. All of a sudden, Big Show let go of Shane, and clotheslined the Undertaker! The entire Shane-Show charade was nothing more than a conspiracy! Show, Shane and Angle ganged up on the American Bad Ass, as Show dropped an elbow repeatedly on Taker's already injured left knee and then chokeslammed him. Undertaker needed medical attention as the three men finally went back to the locker room, but he refused and dragged himself up to his feet. Backstage, Michael Cole attempted to interview the Undertaker, who said "payback's gonna be a bitch." Those are the only words he could say, however, as Show, Shane and Angle attacked him again! This time, Show pummeled Taker's knee with a pipe, and Shane shattered a cinder block on the knee!

Back in the ring, Chris Jericho appeared and said his Last Man Standing Match at Fully Loaded was the best of his career. He begrudgingly credited Triple H for bringing out the best in him, and he said he still wanted more of the Game! In fact, he wanted another match on RAW! Triple H appeared on the Titan Tron and said he proved himself at Fully Loaded and "didn't feel like" doing it again just 24 hours later. Jericho said that if Triple H didn't want to come to the ring, Y2J would go back and find him. He did just that, storming into the Game's locker room. The two superstars had an intense fistfight until Federation officials separated them.

Outside, Shane and Big Show jumped into a limousine to leave the arena, leaving Benoit and Angle behind. Meanwhile, Federation cameras picked up Kane walking around the arena.

In singles competition, Scotty II Hotty looked for revenge after being choked out a few weeks ago, as he took on Tazz. Unfortunately for Scotty, he fell victim to the Tazzmission just moments after hitting the Worm, and he was forced to tap out. After the match, Scotty's buddy Rikishi came down to the ring, pummeled Tazz with a splash in the corner and a Samoan drop, forcing the Red Hook native to retreat to the locker room.

In his office, Commissioner Foley told Edge and Christian that they'd be defending their Tag Team Titles in a Triple Threat Match against the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. Edge and Christian walked out in disgust, knowing that they could lose their titles without even being pinned. Kane stormed into the Commish's office, tossing aside anything in his path. He said he wanted Big Show, Shane and Kurt Angle, and he wanted them immediately! Foley told Kane that Show and Shane had already left, but he'd think of something. Minutes later, Foley ran in to Angle and told the Olympic champion that there would be a tag team match later pitting The Rock and Kane against Chris Benoit and Angle.

But before that match, the Tag Team Titles were on the line in a Triple Threat Match involving the Hardys, the Dudleys and the current champions, Edge and Christian. Both the Hardys and the Dudleys had the match won on a few occasions, but each time, the other team would interrupt the count. On one of those occasions, Matt Hardy leg dropped D-Von, who had Christian covered. Edge then tossed Matt out of the ring, and Christian covered D-Von. The young Canadians were miraculously able to retain their titles.

After being assaulted from behind by Trish Stratus, Lita asked Commissioner Foley for a match with her, and Foley agreed. So the two ladies met in an Indian Strap Match. Lita whipped Trish relentlessly, stripped off her shirt, gave her a Twist of Fate and then a moonsault off the top rope. But the referee had been inadvertently knocked out, and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came out with her Women's Championship. Lita at first spotted her, but when she was distracted by Trish, Stephanie nailed Lita with the belt, knocking her unconscious. Trish was able to win the match.

In the final match of the evening, Kane and The Rock took on Benoit and Angle in an emotionally charged tag team affair. Benoit and Angle isolated the Big Red Machine, double teaming him repeatedly. Finally, The Rock tagged in, and he soon locked Benoit in the Crippler Crossface as Kane and Angle battled up the entranceway. Shane and the Big Show, who everyone had assumed left the building, appeared and ganged up on Kane. Show picked up Kane and slammed him head first into the WWF.com sign hanging just below the Titan Tron. With Kane down, Shane went after The Rock. The People's Champion spotted him, but after Angle hit The Rock with a chair, Shane's boys ganged up on him as well! Kane and The Rock were both left lying as RAW came to an end!