Raw is War

Orlando, Florida
July 3, 2000

As Triple H and Stephanie walked backstage, the Game stopped his wife and asked why she let Chris Jericho kiss her at King of the Ring. Steph answered that she didn't let Y2J do anything, that it was disgusting. Triple H then spotted Commissioner Mick Foley and demanded a title match. Foley informed Triple H that he would face Y2J at Fully Loaded later this month, and then Foley granted a title shot for that night, against Intercontinental Champion Rikishi!

Former allies Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit met for Eddie's European Championship as RAW kicked off from Orlando, Fla. The former friends tore into each other, both with their sights set on leaving with the championship. A frustrated Benoit finally grabbed the title belt and prepared to hit Eddie, but Chyna grabbed the belt and clocked Benoit, costing Eddie a DQ loss. Benoit then grabbed the belt and demolished both members of Latino Heat, even locking Chyna in the Crossface! EMTs checked on the Ninth Wonder of the World backstage as Eddie knocked over a chair in anger.

Mick Foley then made his way to the ring, and all eyes were fixated on the Commish with just three weeks until Fully Loaded. He immediately addressed the No. 1 contender situation, which brought out World Wrestling Federation Champion The Rock. The Great One welcomed Foley back to the Federation with a handshake, and Foley returned the compliment by congratulating The Rock on his fifth title reign. He then asked The Rock how that felt, and as Rock began to answer, Foley shouted, "It doesn't matter how you feel!" As the crowd chanted Foley and The Rock smiled, Mick exclaimed, "I finally got you!"

The mood then turned serious, as Rock asked Foley to name a No. 1 contender. Surprisingly, Shane McMahon then came to the stage, making his first appearance since being thrown through a table at King of the Ring. Shane spoke of hia amazing recuperative powers. He then verbally attacked his mother and father, and spoke of his brother-in-law's losing the Federation Title without being pinned, and of seeing 20,000 fans call his sister a slut on a weekly basis. And then he spoke of how a slob was now the Commissioner.

Shane then declared his Independence Day. He said it should be him taking the Federation into the new millennium, and it should be him deciding who the No. 1 Contender is. Foley asked Shane if he meant that he himself should be the top contender -- and Shane said no. The Rock then said that it sounded like Shane wanted to be No. 1 contender, although Shane again denied it. Foley then told Shane that Shane definitely had "testicular fortitude" -- and named Shane the No. 1 contender! He proclaimed that Shane would face Rock that night in that very ring!

Fresh off that news, Triple H received his title shot against Intercontinental Champion Rikishi. The Game was determined and motivated. At one point, Triple H was able to lock in the Pedigree, but Rikishi powered out and reversed it into a backdrop. Rikishi then took it to the Game, scoring with a superkick and a Samoan Drop. As the two battled on the rampway, referee Tim White counted both men out. But Chris Jericho soon ran down and attacked Triple H from behind, throwing the Game into the steps and then into the ring. Rikishi then scored with a Stink Face on the Game! Rikishi then celebrated with Too Cool in the ring.

Backstage, Triple H verbally berated Foley, demanding justice. Foley said he would make a Handicap Match that night with Chris Jericho taking on both X-Pac and Road Dogg with one provision -- if Triple H interfered, his match with Jericho at Fully Loaded would be canceled.

Jeff Hardy, accompanied by Lita, took on Val Venis, accompanied by Trish Stratus. Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb, but Trish distracted the ref. Lita then pulled Trish off the apron, and when the ref went over to attend to the ladies, Tazz appeared out of nowhere to attack Jeff! Val then hit the Money Shot splash for the win!

Pat Patterson asked Foley to have mercy on Shane, since Shane had just gotten out of the hospital. Mick said no, anbd hit Patterson on the hand with a hammer for emphasis!

Road Dogg and X-Pac were set to take on Chris Jericho in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match when Commissioner Foley hit the stage. He clarified the situation -- the Handicap Match would actually be a 3-on-2 match pitting DX against Jericho and the Acolytes! Jericho was able to lock X-Pac in the Walls of Jericho, but ROad Dogg broke it up. But after the Clothesline from Hell and a Lionsault, Jericho pinned X-Pac, giving his team the win. An irate Triple H destroyed the DX locker room. The Game then got into his limo and left the arena.

Christian proclaimed that Mick Foley scraped the bowels of "suck-titude" for making them defend their titles against Kane and Undertaker. He then wished Undertaker, Kane and the crowd a happy Fourth of July. The two tried to use their pose to make peace with Undertaker and Kane, but the Brothers Grim would have none of it. The Taker caught Christian in a chokeslam, but Kurt Angle stormed the ring and nailed the Taker with his sceptre, costing Edge & Christian the match but keeping their titles. But after Angle left, Kane chokeslammed Christian and Undertaker gave Edge the "Last Ride." In an interview with Michael Cole, Angle said he was just helping his friends Edge & Christian, and he apologized for hurting the Undertaker. Angle then ended the interview abruptly.

Dean Malenko entered the ring, calling his match with Jacqueline the lowest point of his career. He then issued another open challenge -- which was answered by Crash! Crash missed a move from the top rope and Dean was about to lock him in the Texas Cloverleaf, but "Elroy" was able to get to the ropes. Malenko then scored with a powerbomb and beat Crash to keep his title. Ivory and Jacqueline then stormed the ring and attacked Malenko, nailing a double suplex.

Just one day before the Fourth of July, American Hero Kurt Angle made his way to the ring. The King of the Ring demanded that he face a worthwhile opponent that night, since he had been left out of the No. 1 contender Match. Angle's opponent was the Brooklyn Brawler! Angle was enraged, which brought the Commish back to the stage. Foley declared that the Brawler wasn't Angle's opponent, but his partner -- against the Dudley Boyz! The Dudleys beat on the Brawler, and when Brawler went for the tag, Angle just walked away. The Dudleys then beat the Brawler with the 3D. The Dudleys then powerbombed the Brawler through a table!

Accompanied by his lovely ladies, the Godfather took on Test, joined by Trish Stratus. Midway through the match, Steven Richards came to ringside, making the hos put on sacks featuring the international symbol for censorship. Test soon scored with an elbow and won the match.

Backstage, Al Snow congratulated Steve Blackman on his Hardcore Title win and said they should go their separate ways. As he read a tribute poem, Kaientai and the Mean Street Posse attacked Blackman. The Lethal Weapon fought them off, and then Al complained that Blackman hadn't been listening to the poem!

The main event of the night pitted Shane McMahon against The Rock for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Before the match started, Shane tried to convince The Rock that they should be partners, saying that Rock would be Federation Champion forever. The Rock contemplated it ... and then punched Shane right in the face! Chris Benoit then ran to the ring and attacked Rock with a steel chair! Benoit was relentless, bashing Rock with a chair and locking the People's Champion in the Crossface. Benoit held onto the intense maneuver longer than ever before as Rock grimaced in pain! Finally, Benoit let go of the hold after Mick Foley hit the ring. But as Benoit and Shane walked back to the dressing room, they smiled at their actions, reveling in The Rock's pain.