Raw is War

Rochester, New York
June 5, 2000

RAW came on the air with Michael Cole tracking down Vince McMahon in the backstage area. Cole asked Mr. McMahon how Triple H felt about facing three No. 1 contenders. Mr. McMahon commented that he didn't care how Triple H felt, and that if Triple H's ego wasn't so large, he wouldn't be in this mess. He said if only people would have listened to him, then everything would have been fine.

World Wrestling Federation Champion Triple H and his bride, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, entered the ring as RAW kicked off. The Game proclaimed that he didn't mind the three top contenders, since competition turns him on. What turns him off, though, is big egos. He proclaimed that Mr. McMahon had the biggest ego of them all, which brought the chairman out to the ring.

As Triple H continued to speak, Vince grabbed the microphone out of his hand and told Triple H how he saw things. He said that Triple H had done two smart things -- one, enter the World Wrestling Federation, and two, marry the boss' daughter. Mr. McMahon then proclaimed, "I made you, and I can break you."

Triple H then took Vince on a walk down memory lane, specifically back to the Armageddon Pay-Per-View, when the Game defeated Mr. McMahon one-on-one. As Triple H spoke, Vince again attempted to grab the microphone, but the Game this time shoved his father-in-law away. The two looked like they were about to scuffle until Shane ran out to separate the two.

But Shane had other ideas. The "Giant Killer" wanted to take both men on, and when Vince and Triple H knocked Shane to the ground, Stephanie saw that things had gone too far, and she slapped all three men. That brought out the People's Champion, The Rock.

The Rock demanded a title shot that night, taking advantage of his status as No. 1 contender. But Kane soon came out and also demanded a title shot, laying claims to his top status as well. And the Undertaker soon made it three title challenges for the evening.

Mr. McMahon, his attention now on the task at hand, made the following ruling: The Rock, Kane and the Undertaker would compete in a Triple Threat Match, with the winner being the undisputed No. 1 contender, and receiving a title shot that very night against Triple H.

The new World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, Too Cool, came to the ring with Rikishi for six-man tag action against the new trio of T&A and Val Venis, accompanied by the sultry Trish Stratus. Too Cool and Rikishi appeared to have the match won after the Worm and a Hip Hop Drop on Test, but Val nailed Grandmaster Sexay with Trish's boot and pulled out the win. After the match, however, the dope trio gained a measure of revenge, as Rikishi gave Trish the Stink Face!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Vince, Shane and Triple H apologized for their actions, and the family sealed the deal with a hug.

In a King of the Ring Qualifying Match, Chris Benoit took on Road Dogg. X-Pac's interference seemed to be helping the Dogg on the way to a win, but the Dudleys hit the ring to even the odds, and Benoit qualified for the tournament, pinning Road Dogg with a German suplex.

As Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco prepared for an interview, Crash Holly mistakenly attacked Patterson, thinking he was Brisco, the Hardcore Champion. After a commercial break, Holly went to the ring and challenged Brisco to a Hardcore title match. Despite Crash Holly's attempt to use Patterson's stained underwear as a weapon, Brisco pinned Crash to retain his title -- with a little help from Patterson.

Triple H came down for commentary for the Triple Threat Match pitting Rock against Kane against Undertaker. The Game made his presence known, attacking any competitor who came near him. Eventually, with the Undertaker incapacitated from a wicked chairshot, the Game also nailed Kane with a chair, allowing The Rock to Rock Bottom Kane for the win, becoming the sole No. 1 contender.

After Chyna defeated the Godfather to earn a spot in the King of the Ring Tournament just one night before, Mamacita teamed with Eddie Guerrero to take on the Godfather and Dean Malenko on RAW. Although Chyna got a bit peeved at Eddie for mixing it up with the ho's mid-match, the Ninth Wonder of the World forgave "Latino Heat," and Eddie was able to pin Dean for the win.

In another King of the Ring Qualifying Match, Hardcore Holly defeated Faarooq after reversing the Dominator into a front suplex.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Edge & Christian that a win over Chris Jericho and the Dudley Boyz would serve two purposes -- it would defend the honor of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and it might also earn the former tag champs a re-match for the gold. Indeed, Angle defended the honor of the Federation Women's Champion, pinning Bubba Ray after an Olympic Slam. But the Dudleys would have the last laugh, putting the gold medalist through a table with a devastating 3-D.

The Hardy Boyz took on the Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan next, and emerged victorious when Jeff pinned Bull following a Swanton Bomb. But the night's most shocking occurence would take place moments later, when the Boss Man and Bull started having words. Finally, Bull walked away, but the Boss Man attacked his partner with the nightstick and walked away!

In the DX locker room, Triple H again made the Regime promise not to interfere in his title match.

Michael Cole interviewed the Game and Stephanie before his title defense, and several interesting tidbits were revealed. First, Cole told Triple H that there would be a special referee for the title match -- Earl Hebner! Then, Cole questioned Stephanie as to whether or not she would ever defend the Women's Championship in March, and she said yes! As Ivory and Jacqueline made their case for title shots, Stephanie agreed to put the title up for grabs -- against whoever could win a battle royal on SmackDown!

The World Wrestling Federation Championship Match was next, and The Rock and Triple H were ready, as was the sold out crowd in Rochester! Despite Triple H's orders, DX would make their way to the ring once Earl Hebner was accidentally knocked out. But they weren't the only ones -- Kane and the Undertaker soon followed. In the melee, Kane chokeslammed Triple H, and the Undertaker chokeslammed The Rock. Both men were out of it, but because The Rock was competing in his second match of the evening, Triple H was able to cover a tired People's Champion to retain his title. Though he had three top contenders just hours earlier, the night ended with Triple H still the champion, and with all of his challenges having been conquered -- for now.