Raw is War

Vancouver, British Columbia
May 29, 2000

RAW IS WAR kicked off live from Vancouver as the Undertaker rode his motorcycle to ringside. Before Undertaker could speak his mind, the McMahon-Helmsley Regime made their way into the arena. With a sarcastic tone in his voice, Triple H welcomed Undertaker back to the World Wrestling Federation. He then became very serious and told the Undertaker that things have changed and that Triple H is the man now. The Rock's music then hit, and the Great One made his way into the arena. However, Mr. McMahon spoke before The Rock could, accusing The Rock of being on the Undertaker's side. The Rock then assured McMahon that he has not aligned himself with the Undertaker. That being said, McMahon then named a match for later in the evening - The Rock vs. the Undertaker.

The ho train made its way into Vancouver as Godfather teamed up with Dean Malenko and The Kat to take on the team of D'Lo Brown, Saturn and Terri. D'Lo, Saturn and Terri proved to be the better team, defeating Godfather, Malenko and The Kat after Saturn landed a flying elbow smash.

The European Championship was on the line next as Eddie Guerrero defended his title against the North American Hero Kurt Angle. The match was filled with a number of beautiful technical maneuvers, however, it ended in controversial fashion, as Eddie got the win after Chyna interfered on his behalf.

Too Cool challenged Edge and Christian for the Tag Team Championship. The action was fast and furious. Both teams looked great, however, only one team could win. In the end it was Too Cool winning the match and the titles after Grand Master Sexay pinned Christian.

Kicking off the King of the Ring tournament, Shane McMahon battled Rikishi in a qualifying match. Rikishi won the match via disqualification when Shane hit the big man with a steel chair.

Y2J teamed up with Matt and Jeff Hardy to take on Val Venis and T and A. The crowd was firmly behind Y2J and the Hardys. However, it was Val and T and A who got the win after some interference by Trish Stratus.

Hardcore Holly, who is tougher than a two-dollar steak, challenged Chris Benoit for the Intercontinental Championship. The hatred between Holly and Benoit was clear throughout the match. Holly was within seconds from winning the title on a number of occasions. However, the match ended when Y2J interfered, hitting Holly with a steel chair.

Bull Buchanan, accompanied by Big Boss Man, battled Steve Blackman, seconded by Al Snow, in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Buchanan was awarded the match after he pinned Blackman, following a scissors kick.

After the commercial break, Kid Rock electrified the crowd with a song from his new album "The History of Rock."

In the final match of the evening, The Rock took on the Undertaker. Prior to the match, Mr. McMahon alerted the participants that the contest would be a lumberjack match. The Rock and the Undertaker then turned the tables and worked together in attacking the lumberjacks outside of the ring. However, they were quickly outnumbered. The Rock and Undertaker eventually wound up on the wrong end of an ass beating. However, they were immediately saved when Kane came to the ring and cleaned house, as RAW went off the air.