Raw is War

St. Louis, Missouri
January 10, 2000

DX watched backstage as The Rock, who represented the entire Federation roster while they stood ringside, called out Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. The Rock alerted the McMahon/Helmsley Era that the entire roster was prepared to leave the company and join the WRF - World Rock Federation - if they did not reinstate Mick Foley. Triple H quickly obliged, stating he was going to reinstate him anyway. It wasn't long thereafter, Mick Foley's theme song hit the arena and Mankind took to the ring via the audience.

Upon hitting the ring, Mankind challenged the Federation Champion, Triple H, for a title match at the Royal Rumble. The Rock then announced to the crowd that he was throwing his name into the Rumble itself. After The Rock announced his participation in the Rumble, Mankind told Triple H that he wanted to see him battle his fellow degenerate, X-Pac. Triple H had no choice but to accept - the Federation roster threatened to walk had he denied the match. The Rock and Mankind continued to book DX in more matches for RAW - Mr. Ass would face his partner Road Dogg, while the entire DX army would go into battle again, this time against the Acolytes and the Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

The first match of the night pitted Road Dogg against his tag team partner, Mr. Ass. The Tag Team Champions exchanged the advantage numerous times before Road Dogg upended Mr. Ass. After the match, Road Dogg attempted to shake his partner's hand; an upset Mr. Ass just walked away.

After the commercial break, the undefeated Kurt Angle, along with Steve Blackman, walked to ringside to battle the Hardys. The unlikely duo of Angle and Blackman looked impressive in the early going. However, the experience of the Hardy brothers eventually took over, as Matt Hardy pinned Steve Blackman after a swinging neck breaker.

Next up, the World Wrestling Federation European Champion Val Venis battled his future brother-in-law, Edge. The mysterious orange sign which has been periodically showing up on the TitanTron appeared as Edge entered the ring. The match ended when Val Venis pinned Edge after a fisherman's suplex. After the match, Edge told Val that Christian would be his best man in his wedding. Val, Edge and Christian then exchanged hugs in the middle of the ring.

The co-holders of the Intercontinental Championship, Chyna and Chris Jericho, teamed up to take on the Hollys. Before the match, Y2J welcomed the crowd to RAW IS JERICHO. He then reminded Chyna that the crowd was more behind him than they were for her. Surprisingly, the Intercontinental Champions worked well as a team. However, they didn't have what it took to beat the cousins. After the match, Y2J - who could have been accused of short handing a tag - walked away with the Intercontinental Championship.

After the break, X-Pac and Triple H battled each other per The Rock's demand. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley watched at ringside as X-Pac took it to her husband. Just when it looked as if X-Pac was going to get the best of Triple H, Stephanie interfered on behalf of her husband, giving the Champion the advantage he needed for the victory.

Next up, Too Cool and Rikishi Phatu teamed up to compete against the Headbangers and Al Snow. The crowd was firmly behind the team of Too Cool and Rikishi right from the get go. They got exactly what they wanted, as Too Cool and Rikishi Phatu absolutely destroyed their opponents. After the match, the threesome treated the crowd to an electrifying dance show.

St. Louis' finest hos, which can be seen at WWFHoTrain.com, accompanied the Godfather and D'Lo Brown to ringside as they prepared for their match against the Dudley Boyz. The match ended when the Dudleyz attempted to walk off with the Godfather's hos. No winner was declared.

After the commercial break, the Big Show teamed up with Test to take on Prince Albert and the Federation Hardcore Champion, Big Boss Man. The duo of Show and Test proved to be too much for Albert and Boss Man. After the match, the Big Show double chokeslammed his opponents, adding insult to injury.

The eight-man tag match between DX and the team of the Acolytes and the Rock 'n' Sock Connection was next up on RAW. DX was visibly divided as a result of Triple H and Stephanie's agreement to the Rock 'n' Sock Connection's earlier booking. The controversial faction's lack of unity cost them in the early going, as they were on the receiving end of a long and brutal beating. The Outlaws and X-Pac eventually left Triple H in the ring. The Acolytes and The Rock followed as the degenerates took to the backstage area - leaving Triple H and Mankind alone in the ring. Triple H's assault proved to be too much for the returning Mankind, as the Champion pinned Mankind after a Pedigree. However, after the match, a defeated Mankind destroyed Triple H with various ringside weapons, including the steel steps that lead to the ring