Monday Nitro

The Cow Palace, San Francisco, California
October  2, 2000

Vince Russo stated on Thunder that he was indeed the WCW Champion. In the first hour of Nitro, Russo gave up the belt, stating that the title would be determined in a match with Jeff Jarrett against Scott Steiner. After The Cat booked Sting vs. Booker T for the same prize, Mike Sanders came up with a solution - leading to one of the wildest matches in Nitro history. 

In the parking garage, Bill Goldberg arrived to the arena on his motorcycle. 

Duck On A Ladder Match
Konnan and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with Tygress d. Boogie Knights
Konnan told DISQO that if he wanted to see his duck alive again, he would have to come out and get it from the top of the ladder. DISQO arrived with Alex Wright as Boogie Knights, starting the opening contest against Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Konnan. Rey jumped off the top rope, pushing the ladder onto DISQO, crushing him to the mat. Mysterio came off the top with a chair under his legs with a legdrop, landing onto the Knights as they were sandwiched inside the ladder. DISQO came back somehow and delivered the Last Dance onto Konnan before heading to the top of the ladder. Rey followed him up and jumped over the top, bringing DISQO down to the mat with an incredible sunset flip. Konnan finally made it to the top and grabbed the duck to win the bout. After the bell, The Boogie Knights attacked The Animals with the duck. 

Outside, David Flair arrived to the arena with a hooded man, claiming that he would "tell the world" later in the night. 

Interview: Vince Russo with Jeremy Borash
Russo relinquished the WCW Title, stating that Jeff Jarrett would face Scott Steiner to determine the new champion. Vinnie Ru told Bill Goldberg that he was lucky formal charges weren't brought against him for the attack last week on Nitro. Goldberg came to the ring as Russo and Borash sat in the back, seen on the Nitro Vision for all to see. Vince said he was coming to the ring to tell Goldberg exactly what he had in store for the former Atlanta Falcon. Borash drove Russo in a truck enclosed in glass, with the announcers stating that it looked like the Pope had arrived. Russo said that his plan was to have Goldberg start his winning streak again. If he lost one match along the way, he was out of WCW. If he made it past his old winning streak of 176-0, then, and only then, would he get a shot at the WCW World Title. Bill kicked in the driver door, sending Borash scurrying to the back. Goldberg was about to drive away with Russo enclosed in the back until Meng returned, attacking Goldberg with the Tongan Death Grip. 

Backstage, Russo told Meng to go get Goldberg and eat him alive. Vinnie Ru said he had to leave the building and put Mike Sanders in charge of the show. After Sanders left, Russo told Borash to watch every move Sanders made. 

Actor Chuck Zito joined the announcers at ringside. 

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Reno d. Sgt. A-WALL
Reno was on fire, attacking A-WALL as he burst into the ring. The Misfit switched things up, slamming the Natural Born Thriller with a trashcan, before destroying it with a kick as it was wrapped around Reno's head. Reno got in Zito's face at ringside, but A-WALL caught him from behind, continuing the hardcore battle. When Reno went to the top, Big Vito slammed Reno with the stickball bat, allowing A-WALL to chokeslam him through the table for the win. Sanders came out with the Thrillers and reversed the decision, giving the gold to Reno. 


- Pamela Paulshock announced that The Cat felt that Booker T won the cage match last week. The commissioner made a match between Booker T and Sting for the WCW Title. 

- Backstage, David slapped the hooded stranger, as he tried to escape. 

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson d. "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome
Douglas talked smack on Konnan, challenging him and Tygress to a match against The Franchise and Torrie Wilson at Halloween Havoc. Shane went on to challenge Mike Awesome to a match right there on Nitro. That 70's Guy came out and the bout was underway. Lex Luger was shown in the crowd as Awesome pulled a table from underneath the ring. Mike went for the Awesome Bomb, but stopped as Wilson ripped open her top. Douglas spun him around and delivered The Franchiser for the win. Tygress ran in after Torrie, but was grabbed by Shane. Just before he could deliver his move, Konnan ran in for the save. 


- Jarrett and Steiner told Mike Sanders that if he didn't go into The Cat's dressing room and set the number one contenders match straight, he would have to answer to them. Kevin Nash arrived and talked with Sanders as Borash stood in the background, taking notes for Russo. 

- Kevin Nash told Sanders to suck it up and go talk to The Cat. Borash tried to get into the room, but was locked out. 

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Meng
Meng said that he had to destroy Goldberg in order to keep his career in WCW. 

Backstage, Mike Sanders told The Thrillers that he negotiated a match that was going to blow the roof off the building. 

Goldberg d. Meng
Meng attacked Goldberg as soon as he stepped into the ring. After an exchange between the two, Goldberg caught the Tongan monster with a spear. He followed it up with a huge Jackhammer for the easy win. Kronic hit the ring and attacked Goldberg, driving him to the canvas with the High Time. 


- Sanders said that Jeff Jarrett would team with Booker T against Scott Steiner and Sting, with the winning teammates facing each other for the gold. 

- The hooded stranger begged David Flair for a drink of water. Flair obliged, dumping a bucket of water over his head. 

Number One Contenders Match
Jeff Jarrett and Booker T d. Scott Steiner and Sting
Steiner got on the mic and told Jeff Jarrett and Booker T that he was kicking both of their asses. Sting faced off with Jarrett to start the all-important contest, with The Stinger getting the better of the go around. After a double clothesline, both men made the tag to their respective partners, bringing Booker and Big Poppa into the action. Steiner powered T to the ground, but Booker's speed soon sent Scotty to the floor to gather his thoughts. Sting tagged back into the ring, pitting him against his friend. Soon however, it was Booker and Sting going at it outside the ring, as Jarrett and Steiner exchanged fists and kicks on the inside. Big Poppa kicked Booker around the ring, before slamming him upside down into the turnbuckle. Booker made the tag with Jarrett, who came in and met his running buddy, Steiner. As the match got out of control, Booker caught the referee with the sidekick. Jarrett got the six-stringer and brought it down across Sting's head, covering him the same time Steiner covered Booker. Jarrett was awarded the win by referee Billy Silverman, making a Jarrett vs. Booker T match for the WCW Title later in the broadcast. 

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Handicapped Powerbomb Match
"Above Average" Mike Sanders and Kevin Nash d. "Prime Time" Elix Skipper Prime Time got the mic and told Mike Sanders to bring "the jolly green giant" to the ring so he could kick both of their asses for the comments Kevin Nash made last week. Nash told Skipper that he was sorry to Beetlejuice for confusing him with Prime Time. Sanders said that the rules were changed for the bout, and that it would be a powerbomb match against both Nash and Sanders. Skipper fought a valiant effort against both Sanders and Nash, but in the end, fell victim to the Jackknife, allowing "Above Average" to score the pin and the Cruiserweight Title. 

Backstage, Terry Taylor stopped Goldberg from leaving; telling Bill that Sanders had him booked in another match on the show. 

As Kevin Nash went for a quick shower, Team Canada attacked The Natural Born Thrillers, before WCW security broke it up. 

Handicapped Match
Goldberg d. The Harris Brothers
Goldberg ran in and drove both men down with a double clothesline. He speared Ron Harris and pinned him for one win, before turning to Don. Within seconds, Don fell to the spear and Jackhammer as well, giving Goldberg another win under his belt. 

Backstage, The Thrillers called to Nash for ideas for the main event, as Borash continued to take notes in the background. 

Tony Schiavone announced that the upcoming WCW Title match on Nitro would be a 49ers Match. 

Interview: David Flair
David brought the hooded person to the ring, telling him that he ruined his life. The masked man motioned for David to remove the handcuffs. Flair agreed to, but only if he confessed to the world that he was the father of Stacey's baby. After the cuffs came off, David turned around as the man revealed himself to be Buff Bagwell, who dropped Flair to the canvas with the Blockbuster before leaving the ring. 

Backstage, Buff Bagwell left the Cow Palace. 

San Francisco 49ers Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Booker T
Four boxes hung over the ring, one over each corner. In three, there were weapons that the participants could use on each other. In the fourth, was the WCW Title - the prize to whoever grabbed it first. As Booker gave his shirt to an elderly lady at ringside, Jarrett attacked, taking him around the ringside area to start the match. As the first box was opened, a blowup doll was exposed as the first weapon. Booker went for the second, and pulled out a framed picture of Scott Hall, which he brought over the head of The Chosen One. They continued to fight in and out of the ring, heading onto the announcer's table. Booker countered a piledriver, and delivered one of his own on top of the table. T went up and opened box number three, revealing a coal miners glove. Jeff soon got the glove and used it and the box on Booker, trying to wear him down enough to go up for the title. Jarrett slapped on a sleeper hold, but T fought out of it and applied one of his own that was quickly broken up with a belly to back suplex. T caught Jarrett with the Bookend, followed by an axe kick and a sidekick. Jarrett tried to get a guitar from under the ring repeatedly, but he couldn't get it out. Finally, as Jarrett went to the top, Beetlejuice came from under the ring and hit Jeff repeatedly between the legs, causing him to drop to the floor. Booker headed up and grabbed the last box and the belt, once again becoming the WCW Champion. His victory celebration was cut short however, as Scott Steiner attacked with his pipe. Jarrett through Beetlejuice into the ring, where Big Poppa applied the Steiner Recliner as Nitro came to a close.