Monday Nitro

Billings, Montana
June 19, 2000

With Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo both absent from Nitro, The Cat once again took charge of the show. Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner didn't care who was in charge, they had a plan of their own ...take down the New Blood and destroy Goldberg.

Show Results

Outside the Metro Park Arena, The Cat, Jeff Jarrett, and Mike Awesome arrived in two different limousines. Cat said that Scott Steiner hurt Vince Russo after Thunder, and that Eric Bischoff was in Los Angeles taking care of business. R&B Security approached Miller, stating there was a problem in the ring. In the arena, Horace Hogan stood center ring with a baseball bat in hand.

Interview: Horace Hogan
Hogan told everyone that he was going to fight for the honor of his uncle, Hollywood Hogan. He challenged Bill Goldberg to a match for later in the show. The Cat came to the aisle and made the matches for the evening, claiming none of them would have outside interference. Miller said he had Scott Hall's contract with him, prompting Kevin Nash, Big Poppa Pump, and Midajah to come out. Big Sexy said he and Scotty were in a real bad mood, and "persuaded" the commissioner to grant Horace the match. Poppa Pump told The Cat that since he was representing Russo and Bischoff, Miller would face Scotty himself. Shaking in his ruby red slippers, The Cat told Steiner that he could wrestle Jeff Jarrett for the WCW Title instead. Nash issued a challenge to Miller, one on one for Scott Hall's contract. Miller accepted and ran for his life as Kevin took a step toward him.

Outside in the truck, Perfectshawn Stasiak and The Event, Chuck Palumbo told the guys in the production truck to play a pre recorded tape of them so they could get their revenge on Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott. What they failed to realize was that Steiner and Abbott were outside the truck and heard the plan. Rick and Tank attacked the tag team champions as they walked out of the production area.

Backstage, The Cat appeased Jeff Jarrett and made Mike Awesome the special referee for his title match later in the show against Scott Steiner.

Backstage, R&B Security told The Cat that the crowd was getting restless and they needed to get a match in the ring. Miller told him to get 3 Count in the ring.

3 Count d. The Jung Dragons
As 3 Count started their famous dance routine, the Jung Dragons hit the ring, picking things up right where they left off when the two teams feuded months before. The action was fast and furious, with bodies flying all over the ring. Evan Karagias delivered a corkscrew splash from the top, but a stiff kick to the face by Kaz broke up the pin attempt. In the midst of the high-flying melee, Karagias scored the pinfall, gaining the win for his dancing trio. After the bell, as they restarted their dance steps, Lance Storm charged the ring from the crowd, leveling the 3 Count members before exiting the same way he came.

Mike Tenay Interview: Horace Hogan
Hogan told Bill Goldberg that although he was not afraid to take a bullet for his fallen uncle, on this night, Horace would be the one firing the artillery.

Backstage, David Flair walked the halls looking for Daffney.

Backstage, Bill Goldberg arrived to the arena.

WCW hardcore Title Match
Big Vito d. Johnny the Bull
The former tag team champions started the action in a big way as Vito brought a Singapore cane across the back of young Johnny. The two quickly fought to the front of the arena, exchanging blows next to the Nitro stage. Soon, the Hardcore Title match headed to the dressing room area, with chairs, drywall sheets, metal poles, and technicians being used as weapons. Johnny followed his former partner onto a scaffolding unit, from which Vito delivered a spinning DDT through a table to the floor for the win.

Backstage, The Cat found Scott Hall's contract in his briefcase.

Backstage, as a trainer helped Johnny the Bull to the dressing room, Terry Funk assisted, telling the youngster that he could help him.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio and The Artist attacked Lieutenant Loco in the hallway, before G.I. Bro made the save.

In the dressing room, Bro told the Misfits In Action that they needed to start watching each other's backs. Bro claimed that they needed to fight for the fallen WCW heroes like Hogan, Flair, DDP, and Sting. He made Captain Rection the new General, stating that G.I. Bro was moving on.

Diamond Dallas Kanyon did his best Page impression for the Billings crowd, who was not amused by the total lack of respect Kanyon showed. G.I. Bro charged the ring and wiped the mat with the DDP rip off, before tearing off his own camouflage pants, once again becoming Booker T.

Backstage, David Flair approached Daffney, but was met with a slap across the face.

Backstage, Horace and Goldberg each prepared for their upcoming match.

Backstage, Scott Steiner wanted to charge into the ring after Goldberg. Nash reminded him of the repercussions, convincing him to just wait it out.

Bill Goldberg d. Horace Hogan
Goldberg dropped Horace immediately, heated up and wanting to fight. On the outside, the New Blood hired gun dropped Hogan's side across the guardrail. Horace fired back with a steel chair, but once in the ring, Goldberg delivered a splitting spear and a crushing Jackhammer for the victory. After the match, Goldberg slapped a chokehold on Hogan, adding insult to injury.

Backstage, as he looked at Midajah, Nash told Big Poppa to pace himself and save his energy for the WCW Title match later in the show.

Match for Scott Hall's Contract
Kevin Nash d. The Cat
The Cat talked smack on the mic before handcuffing the briefcase containing Scott Hall's contract to the wrist of Mark Madden. Miller teased tossing the key into the crowd before finally hanging it around his neck. Nash beat Miller all over the ringside area, as The Cat attempted to wave help out from the back. After a merciless beating, Big Sexy delivered a Jackknife powerbomb for the easy win. He commandeered the key and unlocked the briefcase, only to find 8 X 10 pictures of the flamboyant commissioner. As Nash made his way towards Miller, Goldberg appeared on the Nitro Vision, telling Big Sexy that he had the contract and to come get it at the Bash at the Beach. Goldberg shoved the paper into his mouth as Nash immediately headed to the back.

Mike Tenay Interview: Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner with Midajah
Nash said that at Bash at the Beach, he would have himself a huge birthday party and regain Hall's contract from Goldberg. Scott Steiner reminded Jarrett that his time was coming real soon.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Three Way Dance
Lieutenant Loco with The MIA d. The Artist with Paisley and Rey Mysterio, Jr. with The Filthy Animals
The Animals did some mic work before the MIA headed to the ring. Juvi joined the announcers at ringside as The Artist made his way out for action. The intensity was high, as all three men had held the WCW Cruiserweight gold and knew the prestige. Rey Jr. landed a Broncobuster on The Artist and climbed to the top after Loco. The Lieutenant dropped Mysterio crotch first on the rope before finishing off The Artist with a tornado DDT for the victory. After the bell, Paisley, Gunns, and Tygress got into a three way pull apart.

Mike Tenay Interview: Daffney
As Mike was about to speak with Daffney, David Flair showed up with a bouquet of black flowers, begging his ex to come back to him. Flair even tried to sing a line from the Titanic theme, causing Daffney to break down and take him back.

Backstage, David walked Daffney to the car, telling her that just needed to go back in for a second. Flair re-entered the building right into the arms of Miss Hancock, telling her that they were finally alone. Daffney broke down in tears as she came back in to see the two on the monitor.

WCW Tag Team Title Match
"Perfectshawn" Stasiak and "The Event" Chuck Palumbo d. Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott
Steiner and Abbott tossed the tag team champions around the ring. As the Dog Faced Gremlin delivered a huge powerslam, Tank chased a fan through the crowd, leaving his partner high and dry. Palumbo and Stasiak took advantage of the two-on-one, doubling up on the former All-American. Rick fought back but was caught in the midsection with the Lex Flexer, leading to a win for the tag champs.

Backstage, Dale Torborg told Asya to hide his Demon costume, for he couldn't bring that side out and still maintain a normal life with her. Asya said she would do anything to keep him. Vampiro watched on a monitor in the hallway.

Interview: Vampiro
Vampiro said that since Torborg was giving up, he wanted Dale and Asya to come to the ring for a goodbye party. They came to the stage as Vampiro asked Torborg if it felt weird to have something missing in his life, With that, the lights went out. When they returned, Asya was gone, causing Torborg to head to the ring after Vampiro. The lights went out again and this time when the came on, Vamp was gone as well. The dark angel appeared on the Nitro Vision, driving away in a black hearse.

Backstage, Scott Steiner did warm-ups for his WCW Title match.

Buff Bagwell and Kronic d. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido
Chris Candido was sporting a sling on his right arm, nursing a broken wrist. Douglas stated that Candido and Bigelow were setting their sights on the tag team titles. The Franchise challenged Bagwell to any kind of match he wanted for Bash at the Beach. Buff strutted down the aisle, before waving Kronic to the ring. Clark and Adams bounced Douglas around the ring, sending The Franchise back to his corner, where he tagged Bigelow into the action. Soon it was Douglas back in facing Bagwell, with Buff looking for revenge on his former partner. After sending Bigelow to the mat with the High Time, Clark went for the pin. Candido took an object from his sling and clobbered Brian across the back of the neck. This only made Kronic mad as they chased Candido to the back. Inside the ring, after missing a Blockbuster attempt, Buff finally scored the pin on Bam Bam for the win. The Triple Threat attacked until Kronic returned for the save.

WCW World Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Scott Steiner with Midajah
Mike Awesome served as the special referee for this important title match. The Cat joined the announcers at ringside for color commentary. Steiner told Miller that he was making his own stipulations for the match, but was attacked by The Chosen One before he could reveal them. As Jarrett beat on Steiner outside the ring, Midajah jumped on Jeff's back, giving Big Poppa time to recover. Scott and Jeff fought around ringside and into the crowd. "The Career Killer" Awesome scolded Jarrett for using a low blow, showing his impartiality. Weakened by a sleeperhold, Big Poppa reversed it and dropped Jeff with a high vertical suplex. Jarrett went for The Stroke, but Poppa threw him to the canvas and slapped on the Steiner Recliner. The Cat demanded that Awesome break the illegal hod by any means necessary. When he couldn't get Steiner to release it, Awesome took a chair across his back. Jarrett covered, but somehow Big Poppa kicked out. Steiner suplexed Awesome and put him in the Recliner, setting Jarrett up for a perfect guitar shot over Scott's head. This time, The Chosen One covered the challenger and retained his title with the tainted win. After the match, as The Cat said he was going to give Steiner a "whuppin," Scott got to his feet and suplexed Miller out of his ruby red slippers. Within minutes, Jarrett, Awesome, Goldberg, and Nash joined the ruckus as Nitro came to another climatic finish