Monday Nitro

Richmond, Virginia
June 12, 2000

The New Blood was on an all time high coming out of the Great American Bash. Yes, they lost some very important matches at the PPV, but they walked out of Baltimore with the big prize ...Bill Goldberg.

As Monday Nitro headed into Richmond, VA, the NB faction played by a different set of rules. Rules that led to the retirement of Ric Flair and the annihilation of Kevin Nash, both incidents stripping the men of their family pride.

Show Results

A police brigade led the New Blood limousine into the garage of the Richmond Coliseum. Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and Bill Goldberg got out and entered the building.

As the announcers intro'd the show, Scott Hudson sat at the table wearing a tie, but no shirt. He said it was his punishment for a comment he made last week regarding Vince Russo without a shirt on.

Interview: Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo
Bischoff said that all he ever heard from people like Hogan, Flair and DDP was that Bill Goldberg was not a team player and was only out for himself. The hired gun of the New Blood came to the ring, surrounded by a chorus of boos. Goldberg said not to ask him why, buy rather why the hell not? He said he held the fans responsible for his making a deal with the devil. Goldberg said it was win/win situation; Bischoff and Russo got what they wanted, and he could stand over the bodies of everyone that stabbed him in the back. Big Sexy came to the stage, telling the former Atlanta Falcon that people like Hogan, Flair, Hall, Nash and Sting made Goldberg what he was in WCW. Stating he would not leave without Bill's blood on his hands, Nash charged the ring, only to be stopped by the Richmond police department. Russo told the officers not to arrest him because he would be facing Goldberg later in the show.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett asked The Cat to book him in a match against Hollywood Hogan.

In the parking garage, as Kevin Nash's nephew watched on, Big Sexy was put into a squad car to cool down. Scott Steiner charged after Russo, but the boss got away as the police held onto Big Poppa.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
Big Vito d. Terry Funk
Johnny the Bull was locked in the dressing room as the Hardcore Title match got underway. Funk trapped Vito under an automatic garage door, but a security guard saved the champion. Funk continued his attack on The Mamaluke, sending him through a food concession table. The two fought up the lobby stairs and into the arena. The brawl continued into one of the Nitro girl cages, before Funk fell through a stack of tables below. Big Vito went under the ring for a table, but The Funker delivered a low blow. As Funk staggered in the ring, Vito finally set up the table on the outside. Vito piledrove Funk off the apron, through the table on the floor for the win. Terry took the belt and presented it to Vito, followed by a handshake. When Funk turned around, Vito smacked the belt across Terry's back.

Backstage, The Cat searched for Hollywood Hogan.

Vampiro approached a hooded stranger, telling him that their mission was complete now that Sting was finished. The man told the dark angel that it was not over, but only just begun.

Kronic d. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell
Douglas introduced the returning Buff Bagwell to the Richmond crowd. Buff Daddy immediately called out Kronic to fight right there and then. Clark and Adams answered the call, and it was on. Adams press slammed The Franchise above his head, showing his tremendous strength. Buff came in and cleaned house on Kronic, delivering his patented Blockbuster from the second rope. Douglas reached in and tagged Buff, insisting on finishing their opponents off. This verbal exchange gave Kronic enough time to recoup and drop Buff hard to the canvas. They set up Douglas for the High Time and left with their hands raised in victory. After the bout, Douglas clocked Bagwell with a foreign object, telling Buff that he just got "franchised."

Backstage, The Cat asked Doug Dellinger where Hulk Hogan was. Doug said he didn't know, so Miller took a seat to wait for the number one contender.

Mean Gene Interview: Billy Kidman
When Gene told Billy about Jarrett's title defense against Hogan, Kidman hinted at a special referee as he walked away.

At a pre-taped press conference, Paisley announced that The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea would now only be known as The Artist. Grandpa Rection came from under the table, saying he was under there searching for pie.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Lieutenant Loco with The MIA d. The Artist with Paisley
Paisley challenged Lieutenant Loco to a Cruiserweight Title Match on behalf of The Artist. The MIA accepted, and things got underway. The pace was fast and furious, as both men knew how important it was to hold the Cruiserweight gold. As Major Gunns entered the ring for a field goal attempt on The Artist, Paisley stepped in the way and got the kick instead. Loco sprung from the ropes with a tornado DDT to retain the title. Grampa Rection tries to "revive" Paisley after the match.

Backstage, the Flair family arrived to the arena, as The Cat still waited by the door for The Hulkster to show up.

Backstage, Vince Russo prepped a group of girls to do anything and get anything Goldberg wanted. When Bill took offense to the girls being there, Russo screamed for them to leave.

In the parking garage, The Cat told Hollywood Hogan that he had his shot at the belt later in the show. Jarrett smashed a guitar over Hollywood's head, leaving him lying unconscious. Horace Hogan was shown to the side, knocked out as well.

Interview: Vince Russo and David Flair
Russo told his "son" that he was proud of his performance last night at the Great American Bash. The boss said he was sick of being everyone's punching bag, stating that it would end tonight with Ric Flair. He called out The Nature Boy, who arrived to the stage, showered with "whoos" from the Richmond crowd. Ric told Russo that he should jump on someone else and called for David to come home. Flair challenged Russo to a match with the stipulations that if Ric won, Vinnie Ru would retire, David would come back home, Flair would become the boss and Russo would get his head and ass shaved. Russo said he would accept if David could be his partner. Ric told him he would get Reid to be in his corner.

Goldberg and Kevin Nash were shown on a split screen, both waiting for their head to head collision later in the show.

WCW World Title Match
No Contest - Jeff Jarrett vs. Hollywood Hogan
Kidman came out as the special referee for the bout. Jarrett got the mic and told Billy to start counting Hogan out. Hollywood's music played and out walked the number one contender, smelling blood and looking for gold. Although already busted open from the guitar shot, Hogan pounded on the WCW Champion, looking to exact some revenge for the attack earlier. On the outside, it was more of the same, with The Hulkster using the guardrail and even his weightlifting belt as weapons in the war. The Chosen One took control, using a metal chair on the former champion. As Jarrett swung the chair again, Kidman grabbed it and threw it to Hogan. Goldberg hit the ring and speared Kidman and Hollywood. Jarrett set up a table and the hired gun Jackhammered Hogan straight through. G.I. Bro made the save, as Russo and Goldberg walked away laughing.

Interview: Diamond Dallas Page
Page said that all of his life, everyone told him that he couldn't do this and he couldn't do that. Eric Bischoff, Chris Kanyon and Kimberly came to the stage. Page told Kim that he missed the woman that used to be his wife. He looked Kanyon in the eye and told Chris he was the only man in the business Page ever took under his wing to pass on the knowledge he learned from legends like Jody Hamilton, Dusty Rhodes, and Jake Roberts. DDP ended by saying that if being in the business meant dealing with people like Eric Bischoff, he was done. He dropped the mic and exited the arena through the crowd as Bischoff seethed on the stage. A look of concern sat heavy on the faces of Kanyon and Kimberly.

No Contest - Vampiro vs. The Demon
Vampiro came to the ring and bragged about ruining Sting's life. He said he knew he was going to hell and was cool with it, but wondered who had the guts to go with him. Enter The Demon, who joined Vampiro in the ring for a match. Soon the action was on the stage, as Vamp dove from the scaffolding of the Nitro Vision onto The Demon. The referee called for the bell, making the match a no contest.

Backstage, Shikira stayed with Nash's nephew as Midajah led Big Poppa to the ring.

Backstage, Russo showed fear as he and David Flair wondered how they got into such a predicament.

Interview: Chris Kanyon and Kimberly
Kim feigned concern for Page's retirement, but was soon over it, pushing her new perfume ... Positively Me. Kanyon said that since he put DDP to pasture, he would not only take his spot, but his music, his wife, and his book as well. He talked about his new book, Positively Kanyon, holding up an altered copy of DDP's work. He challenged anyone in the back to come out and take his brand new move, the Diamond Cutter. Scott Steiner walked to the ring, asking Kanyon who hadn't been with Kim. Poppa Pump and the innovator of offense were soon tied up in the ring, with Steiner getting the best of the struggle. Mike Awesome joined the party, jumping Steiner in the ring. Kronic showed up for the save, as they fought into the crowd. When Kim attempted to follow, Miss Hancock headed her off, chasing her back into the ring. Kim sprayed Hancock in the face with the perfume and stepped on her glasses, crushing them into pieces.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: Scott Steiner with Midajah and Shikira
Scott Steiner told Pamela that Mike Awesome and Eric Bischoff would pay for what they did in the ring. Suddenly, they realized that Nash's nephew Hunter was missing.

Retirement Match - Handicapped Match
Vince Russo and David Flair d. Ric Flair with Reid Flair
The Nature Boy tore apart his son David before turning his attention to Russo. Vinnie Ru was wearing a chest protector to block the chops, but Flair peeled it off and ripped Russo to shreds. As Ric placed David in the figure four, Russo choked the 15-time champion with a bat, prompting Reid to jump on the boss. R&B Security held Reid back as Russo called Beth into the ring. She refused to hit her husband with the mini Statue of Liberty, so Russo did it instead. As David placed his dad in the figure four, Megan Flair threw in the towel for her father, not wanting the beating to continue, but in the process sending her father into retirement. After the bout, David and Russo shaved the heads of Ric and Reid.

Outside, the Richmond police unlocked the handcuffs on Kevin Nash.

No Contest - Kevin Nash vs. Bill Goldberg
The New Blood surrounded the ring to watch the match. Nash and Goldberg annihilated each other as the hatred oozed from the pores of Big Sexy. The hired gun pounded on the Outsider as the chant of "Goldberg sucks" filled the arena. As Nash fought off the New Blood members, Goldberg leveled him with a steel chair. Hunter came up onto the ring steps, but Russo returned and made the youngster watch the slaughter. Scott Steiner came out for the save, but was stopped by the Richmond police. Hunter entered the ring and slumped over his uncle's body as Goldberg and Russo celebrated in the ring.