Monday Nitro

Salt Lake City, Utah
May 29, 2000

With the Great American Bash just 13 days away, the superstars of WCW pulled out all the stops on Monday Nitro en route to the summer spectacular. Kevin Nash returned the WCW Title to Ric Flair, Vampiro was itching to start a fire, and Tank Abbott's weekly challenges were finally answered. Not by a monster truck this time ... but by Bill Goldberg himself.

Bill Johnson

Show Results

Outside, Ric Flair arrived to the building in a black limousine. After telling his wife, Beth to stay in the limo with Reid, R & B Security, along with Vince Russo, took Beth and Reid into the building.

Interview: Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner with Midajah and Shikira
The US and WCW World Champions Steiner and Nash united for an interview to open up another edition of Monday Nitro. Kevin said that not only did Poppa Pump and Big Sexy want to get their hands on Russo, but his friend, Scott Hall wanted a piece as well. Nash called out Ric Flair, who was given a standing ovation by the Salt Lake City crowd. Flair said that his son David's wrestling career would come to a quiet end at the Great American Bash. Nash told The Nature Boy that since he never lost the WCW World Title, he was giving Flair the belt back. Jeff Jarrett came to the stage and gave a message from Eric Bischoff. The Chosen One told Nash that he would take on Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner in a handicapped match. He also said that he would face Flair for the belt later in the show. Flair said he was taking the night off, prompting Vince Russo to appear on the stage. Russo called out David, who held Reid and Beth under each arm. Ric Flair, Nash and Steiner charged the stage and leveled the R & B Security as David and Russo got away with the Flair family still hostage.

Outside, Vampiro pulled up to the arena in a gasoline truck.

Backstage, Russo and David screamed at Beth and Reid as The Nature Boy searched the halls for his captured family. Tony Schiavone announced that Ric Flair had accepted Jarrett's challenge.

Lumberjack Match
Lieutenant Loco with MIA d. Disco Inferno with The Filthy Animals

The Filthy Animals talked smack on the MIA before Loco and the rest of the Misfits came to the ring. Disco turned a cobra clutch into a Russian leg sweep for a near fall. As Inferno was sent out to the ramp, Rey Jr. got in the ring, ready to pounce on Loco. Major Guns stepped in and, after teasing Rey with her "artillery," kicked him low, setting Loco up for a tornado DDT from the turnbuckle for the win. After the match, Tygress, who Schiavone said was Mysterio's girlfriend, attacked Guns.

Backstage, Pamela asked Vampiro what was up with the gasoline truck. Vamp told Sting that some how, someway, he would set him on fire. Kronic busted in on the interview, beating down Horace Hogan. Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo made the save for Hogan.

Backstage, Miss Hancock was shown walking down the hall, on her way to the ring.

Interview: Miss Hancock
Hancock said she was not a stick in the mud and that she knew how to let her hair down. She started to dance, but was interrupted by Chris Candido. Backstage, David Flair ran out of the dressing room towards the ring. Candido told Miss Hancock that she was stealing his spotlight as he grabbed her by the back of the hair. David charged in and pulled Candido off, allowing Hancock to get away. Ric Flair ran in and chopped his son to pieces before R & B Security broke it up.

In a clip from earlier, Kimberly arrived to the arena and was flanked by reporters. A video was shown from earlier in the week of Kimberly at the Page's home, barking orders at the hired help as they packed away DDP's belongings.

As the camera panned the crowd, Donnie Osmond and Karl Malone were shown with their families.

Ambulance Match
GI Bro d. Mike Awesome

The former Booker T came out and challenged Mike Awesome to a match right then and there. Awesome pulled into the arena in an ambulance. After The Career Killer delivered an Awesome Bomb, Bro got up and dropkicked Mike as he flew from the top rope. The two fought down the ramp, where Awesome was leveled with a chair, courtesy of DDP. Page and Bro sent Awesome from the ramp through a table, making it easy to load Awesome into the ambulance for the win.

Backstage, Stasiak and Palumbo sat with Liz when someone slid a note under the door. As The Event read it, Kronic entered the room and attacked, giving Liz the perfect opportunity to escape.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff and the New Blood Members made their way to the ring.

Outside, Hulk Hogan pulled up to the building, ready for a fight. As the Goldberg monster truck pulled up alongside the car, Bill Goldberg got out of an accompanying Viper.

Backstage, Ric Flair searched for his family, as David walked Miss Hancock down the hall.

Interview: Eric Bischoff and The New Blood
Bischoff said that Horace would be the special referee for the Hulk Hogan vs. Billy Kidman match at the Great American Bash. Hulk came out and told Bischoff that the red and yellow would never die. The Hulkster stated that after the July PPV, he would once again be the WCW World Champion.

Outside, Goldberg made his way into the building.

No Contest - Kevin Nash vs. Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott
Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott laid out the WCW Champion with a pipe wrench at the start. The two destroyed Nash until Goldberg hit the ring for the save, dropping Rick Steiner with a spear and jackhammer before taking the mic. He told Tank, who had conveniently moved to the top of the ramp on the stage, that if he had the balls, the two would fight next week in Atlanta.

Outside, Pamela tried to get an interview with Bill Goldberg, who just walk by her and drove a way in his Viper.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff threw a tantrum in the dressing room, frantic at the return of Goldberg.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
No Contest - Terry Funk vs. Vampiro

Funk came to the ring not knowing who his opponent was. As The Funker walked toward the back after Bischoff, Vampiro came out. Vamp delivered the Nail In The Coffin on Funk and the referee. He called for his pyro, wanting to throw Funk into it. The two fought to the back, taking out anyone and anything in their way. Vampiro crashed through a table from the steps of the production truck. Fighting next to the gas truck, Vampiro poured the gas hose on Funk until Sting made the save. The dark angel attempted to light a blowtorch, but was stopped by WCW Security.

Backstage, with The New Blood still holding the Flair family captive, Vince Russo told The Franchise Shane Douglas that he would face Scott Steiner in an Asylum Match for the US Title later in the show.

In a clip from Friday, DDP arrived home to find all of his stuff on the front lawn. He was sent away by the local police as Kimberly said she had taken out a restraining order, telling him not to come within 500 feet.

Backstage, Mike Awesome tried to get information from Kimberly about DDP. Chuck Palumbo asked Kim to help him bait Liz to the ring. When he promised that it would be TV time for her, she happily agreed.

Interview: Kimberly
With Palumbo and Awesome by her side, Kimberly challenged Liz to come to the ring. Elizabeth arrived and told Kim she was sick of her and her lowlife friends. The Event and The Career Killer held Liz as Kim berated her. Diamond Dallas Page charged in and cleared the ring of The New Blood. Bischoff came out with two police officers, telling Page that he had violated the restraining order. The officers cuffed Page, but Palumbo dropped them with the muscle flexer as he attacked DDP. The Total Package hit the ring, chasing Palumbo to the back. Mike Awesome revived and stomped on a handcuffed Page until The Mailman Karl Malone came from the crowd and delivered a Diamond Cutter.

Backstage, Pamela stopped Ric Flair to ask him if he would accept Jeff Jarrett's challenge. He said yes before continuing his search for his captive family.

US Title Match
Asylum Match
Scott Steiner d. The Franchise Shane Douglas

Big Poppa Pump spoke to his freaks in Salt Lake City before demanding Shane Douglas to come to the ring. The cage lowered onto the ring and the fight was on. Douglas worked on the back of Steiner, looking to take home the US gold. Poppa clenched on a bearhug, but was stopped immediately by a foreign object on the hand of The Franchise. Soon however, it was Big Poppa Pump gaining the victory as Douglas tapped out from the Steiner Recliner.

Billy Kidman d. Sting
Kidman mimicked Hulk Hogan after he bulldogged Sting to the canvas. The Stinger hip tossed Billy from the ring to the ramp, bringing the crowd to their feet. As Torrie distracted the referee, Vampiro attacked Sting with the blowtorch, allowing Kidman to gain the pin. When Vamp reached for the gas can, Hulk Hogan ran in, dressed in the red and yellow, for the save. A Bischoff chair shot did not affect Hulk, but soon the New Blood took The Hogan down, ripping the red shirt from his back. They started a fire in a trashcan and threw the shirt in. Vampiro moved Sting toward the can, but Kronic arrived to thwart the attack.

WCW World Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Ric Flair

David Flair served as the special referee for the bout. As the match got underway, R & B Security and Vince Russo brought Beth and Reid to ringside. The Nature Boy jumped one of the security guys, but was stopped by Jarrett, who wanted nothing but the WCW Title back around his waist. Flair was cut open from a chair shot on the floor. David took a swing with the mini statue of liberty, but Ric blocked it and used it himself, sending David to the floor. Flair knocked Russo and the R & B Security off the apron before setting up for the figure four leglock. David revived and slid the guitar to Jarrett, who took it over the head of The Nature Boy. Russo, who had commandeered Charles Robinson's shirt, counted three, and Jeff Jarrett was once again the WCW Heavyweight Champion. After the match, David Flair held Reid on the ramp, teasing his father to get up as Nitro came to a close.