Sunday Night Heat

August 1, 1999

Perhaps the most destructive duo in Federation history, The Big Show and the Undertaker, appeared as HEAT got underway. The superstars declared that no one can stop them, and they can take whatever they want in the World Wrestling Federation. The Undertaker said that the only thing left for other superstars to do is "go straight to hell, where we will be waiting on you." Suddenly the Acolytes came out and said the Federation isn't about the armaggedon; it's about ass kickin'! The Tag Team Champions suggested that if the Show and the Undertaker were looking for a fight, they'd be more than happy to give it to them!

Michael Hayes insisted that the Hardy Boyz start from square one, to the chagrin of the former Tag Team Champions. But the Boyz begrudgingly took on Funaki and Papi Chulo on HEAT. The Boyz and Hayes exchanged words during the match, and again afterwards once Jeff got the pin with a DDT-like maneuver off the top rope.

After Terri Runnels had "used" him backstage, an exhausted Meat took on Edge in singles competition. Edge finished off the ladies' man with a spear and downward spiral. Upset that her man had lost once again, Terri Runnels forced Meat to get on his knees and kiss her feet! Meanwhile, an upset Jacqueline walked away in disgust. As Meat and Terri retreated to the locker room, Federation cameras picked up Gangrel and Christian together in the crowd taking in the action, suggesting that Christian had aligned himself with Gangrel.

Pi$$ed off after D'Lo Brown had interrupted when he took Ben Stiller to "obedience school" on RAW, Jeff Jarrett challenged the European Champion to a title vs. title match on RAW!

Before Chaz and Prince Albert were scheduled to compete, Terry Taylor interviewed the New Jersey native backstage. As Chaz spoke with Taylor, the Prince walked by and grabbed Marianna in an inappropriate place. She slapped him and when Chaz realized what had happened, he attacked the piercing and tattoo artist. After being examined by a doctor, who told him not to compete, Prince Albert made his way to the ring and made some rather insulting comments about Marianna. Chaz sprinted to the ring and assaulted the Prince, but a huge man dressed in white attacked the New Jersey native from behind. The Prince and the man double teamed Chaz and left him laying. Then Prince Albert grabbed Marianna and planted a kiss on her!

Duffel bag in hand, Steve Blackman made his way to take on Mideon. But the match never got underway as the "Silent Assassin" systemically destroyed Mideon with several weapons in the duffel bag. Federation officials were finally able to escort a badly beaten Mideon back to the locker room.

Responding to an earlier challenge, The Big Show and the Undertaker took on the Acolytes. Faarooq and Bradshaw worked together and garnered the advantage over the two big men, but eventually the Undertaker got his hands on a steel chair and it was lights out for the Tag Team Champions. Faarooq and Bradshaw lay unconscious as a smiling Hardcore Holly appeared and stomped the fallen duo. The "Big Shot" patted the Undertaker on the back as if to say "job well done," but the Lord of Darkness nearly responded by assaulting Holly. Fortunately for the "super heavyweight," The Big Show stepped in between and cooler heads prevailed. Although the Undertaker and The Big Show lost by disqualification, they seemed to make their point as HEAT concluded.