Sunday Night Heat

Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, New York
July 25, 1999

Sunday Night HEAT was live from the Marine Midland Arena, the site of Fully Loaded, just one hour before the Pay-Per-View! Val Venis took on Joey Abs in the opening match, but it was practically a three-on-one affair with the other members of the Mean Street Posse standing at ringside. Test ran to the ring and annihilated Rodney and Pete Gas. Inside the ring, Val finished off Joey with a variation of a running powerbomb. After Val got the three count, Test grabbed a steel chair and looked to gain revenge on Joey Abs. But Rodney and Pete recovered, grabbed chairs of their own, and ran off Test.

After the break, HEAT took a look back at a few of the highlights that made DX such a popular and influential faction. Then Jim Ross interviewed the Road Dogg and X-Pac, who explained that it’s not about money for them, it’s about living the DX lifestyle. On the other hand, Jerry "The King" Lawler interviewed Mr. Ass and Chyna, who said Road Dogg and X-Pac could keep the DX name as long as Chyna and Billy Gunn could take the money!

Meat had been "used" backstage by Terri Runnels and he was exhausted. But he still had to battle the Godfather in singles competition on HEAT. Meat clearly wasn’t in condition to compete, and he was defeated after a Pimp Drop. Terri Runnels was not happy after the match, and she grabbed a pitcher of ice water from the announce table and poured it down Meat’s trunks!

Jim Ross conducted a very candid interview with Triple H. HHH said he was the only one punished for his actions at Madison Square Garden four years ago—when he went out to the ring to "say goodbye to his friends." Triple H said he’s been waiting since then to finally get his shot—and he’s focused on getting that shot at SummerSlam.

Next up, Christian took on Viscera! Viscera used his distinct weight advantage to overpower the youngster, but Gangrel came out and spewed his red viscous liquid into the eyes of Viscera! Christian was able to roll up the blinded Corporate Ministry member for the victory!

Minutes before Fully Loaded got underway, Jim Ross interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake was attacked from behind by the Undertaker, thrown against a concrete pillar, and busted open once again! Shane and Vince McMahon could be seen grinning as HEAT went off the air