Sunday Night Heat

July 18, 1999

The Undertaker came out for an interview. He talked about Steve Austin from RAW and about Austin and his match at Fully Loaded. He announced that he and Kane are back together again, and Kane came out to celebrate.

Jeff Jarrett (Intercontinental Champion) with Debra vs Road Dogg
The Road Dogg accidentally hit the referee with the Intercontinental belt. A second referee comes out. He disqualifies Jeff Jarrett for his use of the belt. Billy Gunn and Chyna come out to attack the Road Dogg, and X-Pac comes out to help his partner.

D'Lo Brown vs Gangrel
Midian came out to do commentary for the match. Midian distracts D'Lo, which gives Gangrel time to drink some fluid. He spits it in D'Lo's face. He puts the Impaler on D'Lo and gets the win. Midian then comes in and attacks D'Lo, as does Gangrel. Edge comes out and attacks Gangrel.

X-Pac vs Hardcore Holly
Holly gets the microphone and says that he is a super-heavyweight and he shouldn't have to fight X-Pac. X-Pac doesn't care, and he attacks Holly. Holly gets a chair later on and uses it, disqualifying himself. Kane comes out and Chokeslams Holly. The Big Show comes out and Kane attacks him. The Undertaker then comes out. The Big Show chokeslams X-Pac.

Ken Shamrock is interviewed by Jerry Lawler
Ken talks about his past and says that he wants to fight Steve Blackman at Fully Loaded in an Iron Circle match.

Scenes from Jesse Ventura's press conference was shown. He will be the referee for the main event at Summer Slam, which will take place from Ventura's home state of Minnesotta.

The Acolytes vs Droz and Prince Albert
Both the Hardy Boyz and The Godfather and Val Venis come out. They end up fighting each other as Prince Albert holds Faarooq's leg as Droz pins him for the win.

Triple H with Chyna vs The Big Show
Both Kane and the Undertaker come out. Kane attacks the Big Show, while The Undertaker just stares at Triple H. The Big Show Chokeslams Kane.