Sunday Night Heat

July 11, 1999

With the Indiana Pacers failing to make the NBA Finals again this past June, the sold-out crowd in Market Square Arena finally got to see the Big Show as Heat kicked off live from Indianapolis. Convinced that the Undertaker and Kane had reunited and were now out to get him, the Big Show promised the Undertaker that his time would come the following night on RAW, but before Heat was through, Kane would feel his wrath.

Claiming that all their problems were a memory, the bond between the Brood appeared tighter than ever as the gothic trio took on the Big Boss Man, Mideon and Viscera. Edge connected with a spinning heel kick on the Boss Man and attempted to make the cover. Before the referee  could make the three count though, Gangrel jump in the ring and hit Edge with an "Impaler!" The rift between  Edge and Gangrel has been ripped open and the  Corporate Ministry grabbed the victory. Moments after the bell, Gangrel was seen leaving the building on his own.

Nothing Al Snow does should surprise us anymore. But  no one ever thought that he would trick the SuperAstros’ Minis into having a Hardcore Championship match with him! The minis temporarily held their own against their full-size opponent, as they found one of the more creative ways to use a pair of salad tongs! Realizing they were overmatched though, the little guys scattered back to the locker room after having some fun.

God’s voice sounds a lot like The Rock. Well, according  to The Rock that is. The most electrifying man in sports-entertainment addressed his situation with Mr.  Ass by playing out a conversation the 1999 King of the  Ring had with the most electrifying person in heavenly entertainment.

Afterwards, Mr. Ass was unfazed by the comments from the People’s Champion and said it was all about jealousy. In an interesting side note, Chyna—who was alongside Mr. Ass—told Terry Taylor that the car Road Dogg and X-Pac allegedly vandalized last Monday night was not  even hers.

Even though he is no longer required to ride on the ‘Ho Train, Droz still elected to compete in a dress this week on Heat. Along with Prince Albert, the confused New Jersey native went up against the Hardy Boyz for the  Tag Team Titles. This match didn’t have long to develop as Val Venis and the Godfather came down and launched an unrelenting assault on their holey enemies. It was only slowed down after Matt, Jeff and Michael Hayes brutalized the player and the pimp for getting involved.

Once again, Shane McMahon and the Mean Street Posse were on hand to watch—and then destroy—Test. The  man who has been romantically linked to Stephanie McMahon in the last few weeks was just gaining momentum in his match with Mr. Ass when Shane sent  in the pit bulls to attack. Even though The Rock came  down to take care of Mr. Ass, Test was still grossly outnumbered—and then Ken Shamrock intervened! The World’s Most Dangerous Man has a number of issues he’d still like to iron out with the McMahon men, and  ortunately for Test he was ready to start on Heat.

Before either Kane or Bradshaw made their way to the ring for their no-holds-barred match, Hardcore Holly declared himself "guest timekeeper" for the much-anticipated showdown. The Big Shot watched on  as these two huge superstars took advantage of the stipulation by using the announcer’s table, the ring steps and chairs. Holly was the deciding factor though. The Big Shot leveled Bradshaw over the head with one of the chairs, and the Kane hit with a Chokeslam getting the  easy pin. Keep in mind, Bradshaw is still feeling the  affects of the concussion he suffered thanks to receiving  a "Tombstone Piledriver" from Kane on the steel steps  one week ago. Following the bell, Kane went back to his favorite hobby, Chokeslamming Hardcore Holly. The Big Show lived up to his threat though! The world’s largest professional athlete walloped the Big Red Machine with  an over-sized wrench as Heat went off the air!