Sunday Night Heat

July 4, 1999

HEAT got underway with X-Pac and Kane taking on the Hardy Boyz, the duo that will get a shot at the Tag Team Championship on RAW! The Boyz knocked Kane outside the ring, and Michael Hayes attempted to keep him there. But the Big Red Machine fought off Hayes, got back in the ring, and chokeslammed Jeff Hardy. Meanwhile, X-Pac came flying off the second rope and hit Matt with the X-Factor for the pin! Nonetheless, the Hardys are still the No. 1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles, and after the match the champions, the Acolytes, came out and attempted to assault the Boyz. X-Pac and Kane helped fight off Faarooq and Bradshaw, with Kane delivering Bradshaw a Tombstone piledriver on the steel ring steps! Bradshaw was knocked cold!

Next up, the Undertaker came out and said he wanted "his" World Wrestling Federation Championship back! He challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin to a First Blood Match on July 25 at Fully Loaded!

The European Title has been unretired, and Mideon defended it on HEAT against Hardcore Champion Al Snow. Former European Champion D'Lo Brown came out during the match and, with Al Snow on the outside, entered the ring and delivered a Sky High to Mideon. Snow was disqualified, and he didn't like it, getting into a slugfest with D'Lo until Federation officials separated the two superstars.

Days after suffering a concussion, Test got a shot at the Intercontinental Title as he took on Jeff Jarrett (with Debra). Before the match, Terry Taylor interviewed Stephanie McMahon, who said her relationship with Test is private and her brother Shane should stay out of her life! Back in the ring, Test lost his concentration when he saw Joey Abs at ringside. Test grabbed the Mean Street Posse member, dragged him over the ringrail, and assaulted him. The referee called for the bell as the rest of the Mean Street Posse gang attacked Test!

Hardcore Holly was looking for a fight, so he went to the ring and called out anyone that was at least 6-foot-6 and 400 pounds! Viscera, 6-foot-8 and over 500 pounds, answered the challenge! After moving out of the way of a Big Splash attempt, Hardcore Holly grabbed a steel chair and clobbered Viscera with it. Holly grabbed the microphone and said he hadn't yet broken a sweat, so he called out Kane! Kane arrived and delivered yet another chokeslam to Holly-his fifth in a week. Then The Big Show ambled out, but before he got to the ring, the Undertaker came out as well. The Undertaker went in the ring and stood side-by-side with Kane, and the brothers stared down The Big Show, who was as confused as everyone else as he retreated to the locker room. Backstage, The Big Show told Terry Taylor that he is convinced the Undertaker and Kane are reunited, and he intended to go after both of them!

In a rather unusual tag team encounter, Val Venis and the Godfather took on Droz and Prince Albert. The rules stipulated that if Val and the pimp won, Droz and the Prince would have to be the Godfather's hos for a day! If Droz and Prince Albert won, they'd be allowed to pierce any part of the adult film star's body that they chose! After Prince Albert inadvertently hit his partner with the piercing and tattoo briefcase, the Godfather nailed the former Denver Bronco with a Pimp Drop and got the victory! Droz and the Prince will be the Godfather's hos on RAW!

The Road Dogg faced his biggest challenge to date when he took on The Big Show! Kane interrupted the match when he came out and chokeslammed the Road Dogg. It looked like the Big Red Machine and The Big Show would come to blows, but X-Pac intervened, convincing Kane to head back to the locker room. As X-Pac and Kane walked toward the backstage area, the Undertaker and Paul Bearer came out and stood at the entranceway. As Kane and his brother looked eye to eye, The Big Show stood in the ring wondering what in the world was going on!