Sunday Night Heat

Greensboro, North Carolina
The Hour Before King of the Ring
June 27, 1999

The Corporate Ministry comes out. Vince talks about how they are tight, and they won't split. He says that the Bossman is out of the Corporate Ministry. For what happened on Raw, the Bossman will face Midian and Viscera tonight on Heat. Then Vince talks about Steve Austin. Commissioner Shawn Michaels comes out. He says that Vince will have to face Ken Shamrock tonight or forfeit his match at King of the Ring. The only way Vince can get out of the match is to have Shane wrestle it. So, Vince substitutes his son Shane.

The Hardy Boyz with Michael Hayes vs Brood (Edge & Christian)
The Acolytes come out and attack them all. Bradshaw then challenges Billy Gunn to a match on Raw tomorrow: he wants his property back (the tag team belt).

Big Bossman vs Midian and Viscera
Midian hit the Bossman with his belt without the referee seeing it. He then pins the Bossman. Viscera then Big Splashes him. D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry come out to attack Midian and Viscera.

Road Dogg Interview with Jerry Lawler
He comes out and talks about his first round match at the King of the Ring against Chyna. She and Triple H come out. She faces him and slaps him. Then Chyna and Triple H attack the Road Dogg until X-Pac comes out.

Val Venis vs Prince Albert (with Droz)
Street Fight Match
They start out fighting in the back, but they brawl to the arena. As Droz goes for the Money Shot, Droz knocks him off the top rope. Prince Albert then pins him. They attack Val until the Godfather comes out.

Ken Shamrock vs Shane McMahon
During the match Steve Blackman comes out and hits Shamrock with a Kendo Stick a numerous amount of times. Ken ends up with a bloody mouth.

The Rock comes out. He talks about the Undertaker. The Rock's symbol is lowered to above the video screen. The Undertaker comes on the screen and the symbol catches on fire.