Sunday Night Heat

Live from Chicago, Illinois
The Hour Before Judgement Day
October 18, 1998

Steve Blackman vs Bradshaw
Steve Blackman won and then the Blue Blazer came in and attacked the Lethal Weapon

Los Boricuas (Miguel, Jose, and Jesus) vs Oddities (Golga, Kurrgan, and Silva) with Insane Clown Posse with Luna
Golga won with the Earthquake Splash. The Headbanges came out and attacked ICP, but the New Age Outlaws came out to attack the Headbangers.

The Godfather vs Faarooq
Faarooq got an offer but he rejected it. D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry came out. The Godfather won and then D'Lo and Mark attacked Farroq, and then the Godfather! The Rock comes out to stop them! During the commercial Jackyl comes out to talk to Faarooq.

Val Venis came out to do some commentating. Paul Bearer is shown--He says he came here for his friends and for food.

Jeff Jarrett vs Scorpio
One of Goldust's ushers gives Val a gift; it is a golden athletic supporter. The referee got knocked out. Al Snow came out and put the Head, which was on a stick, on the back of the referee. Jarrett was distracted and Scorpio pinned him.

Ken Shamrock comes out to get his Intercontinental Belt. Pat Patterson, Gerry Brisco, and Comissioner Slaughter came to the ring. Triple H, on crutches, comes out with X-Pac and Chyna, but they make the two D-Xer's leave. Pat Patterson says Triple H was the worst IC champion ever, and Triple H just hands Ken Shamrock the belt.

Ken Shamrock attacks Triple H in the back.

Vince McMahon comes out to talk about the main event for tonight.