Sunday Night Heat

October 11, 1998

Jacqueline (WWF Women's Champion) with Marc Mero vs Starla Saxton
Jacki came out with Sable's hair braided into her braid. She won with a DDT, then Sable came out and attacked her.

Kaienti with Yamaguchi-San vs The Hardy Boyz and Too Much
Funaki put Teioh on top of Scott Taylor after all eight men were in the ring. Too Much and the Hardy Boyz attacked each other.

Vader vs Edge
Edge won with the Downward Spiral.

Ken Shamrock vs Al Snow with Head
Shamrock didn't break his ankle hold when Al Snow made it to the ropes. He won by disqualification. Scorpio came in to save Snow, but he was attacked by Ken. Mankind came in and attacked Ken with a chair to stop the hold.

The Road Dog (WWF Tag Team Champion) vs Jeff Jarrett
Road Dog was disqualified when he attacked Jeff Jarrett with Jarrett's guitar.

D'Lo Brown (European Champion) with Mark Henry vs Steve Austin (Non-Title Match)
Steve Austin won with the Stunner, then he stunned Mark Henry.