Sunday Night Heat

March 13, 2005
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WWE Sunday Night Heat Opener:

Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman welcomed us to Sunday Night Heat as we go down to ringside to get the action underway.

Referee: Michael Chioda
Gene Snitsky vs. Val Venis

The music of Gene Snitsky hit in the arena as he made his way out for action here on Heat against Val Venis.

The start:

Snitsky and Venis locked up and Snitsky backed Val to the corner and went for a right but Val ducked and went to work with right hands of his own. Snitsky shoved him off but Venis came back with chops and then a knee to the gut but Snitsky came back with a side walk slam. Snitsky stomped on Venis and then gave him a big suplex for two.

Mid-match notes:

Val fought back with shots to the mid section and then charged at Snitsky but Snitsky hit a big clothesline followed by a straight right. Snitsky locked in a bear hug in the middle of the ring but Venis fought out with right hands. Snitsky drove Venis into the corner but Venis then hit an elbow and went to work with chops. Snitsky sent Val to the corner and charged it but was met with a boot to the face.

The Finish:

Venis hit some more right hands and then went for a sunset flip but Snitsky grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the corner. Venis came back with a rollup for two and then went for a backslide but Snitsky powered out and then hit the big boot. Snitsky then went for the pump handle and scored with it for the win.

Winner - Gene Snitsky

Referee: Jack Doan
Robert Conway vs. Rhyno

La Resistance were in the ring as we came back from commercial, with Sylvan singing the Canadian National Anthem. The music of Rhyno then hit as he came down for singles action.

The start:

Rhyno and Conway locked up and Conway grabbed a hammerlock but Rhyno reversed into one of his own. Rhyno worked on the shoulder but Conway came back with a right hand. Conway continued to hammer Rhyno and went for a hip toss but Rhyno blocked and hit a clothesline and then a slam followed by a leg drop for two.

Mid-match notes:

Rhyno kicked Conway in the corner and then hit a back body drop and went for the Gore but Sylvan tripped him on the outside and then Conway pushed Rhyno outside and distracted the referee allowing Sylvan to send Rhyno hard into the barricade. Sylvan picked up his flag and went to nail Rhyno but the referee saw it and ejected Sylvan. Rhyno rolled back inside and went to work on Conway with right hands. Conway came back with a clothesline for two and then locked in a rear naked choke. Conway locked in a reverse rear chin lock on Rhyno but Rhyno fought back with right hands.

The Finish:

Conway went for a neck breaker but Rhyno reversed into a hip toss and then a shoulder tackle followed by a clothesline. Rhyno hit a shoulder to the gut in the corner and then hit a belly to belly for two. Rhyno sent Conway headfirst to the corner and then charged in but Conway moved and sent Rhyno hard into the buckle and pinned him for the clean win.

Winner - Robert Conway

Referee: Earl Hebner
Chris Masters vs. Caprice Coleman

The music of the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, hit in the arena as he slowly made his way down the ring for his first appearance on Heat. Masters got on the mic and said that in case we havenít noticed, the Masterpiece is cosmetically perfect. He said that he is not just built for show, he is built to destroy. He said he would take anyone in the back and put them in his full nelson which he calls the Master Lock and choke them out. If you donít believe him, ask Stevie Richards. Everyone in the back take notice. With that, the music of Caprice Coleman hit as he made his way down.

The Match:

Masters and Coleman locked up and Masters took Coleman down and dropped a few elbows before picking him up in a press slam into a gut buster. Masters kicked Coleman hard in the ribs and then stomped him in the corner. Masters kicked Coleman in the abdomen and then threw him into the corner. Coleman hit a boot to the face and hit some right hands but then Masters hit snake eyes and scored with the Polish Hammer. Masters then dragged Coleman into the middle of the ring and locked in the Master Lock for the win.

Winner - Chris Masters

Non Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton

Simon Dean and Maven vs. William Regal and Tajiri (c)

The music of Simon Dean hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Maven and they are going to be working as a tag team here tonight. Simon got on the mic as Maven drank some of the Simon System. Simon said that Maven believes in the System, and he is mean, lean, buff, tough, ripped and jacked! The music of Tajiri then hit as he came down with William Regal as the World Tag Team Champions.

The start:

Maven and Regal locked up and Maven grabbed a side headlock and then scored with a shoulder knockdown for one. Maven went back to the side headlock but Regal escaped into a hammerlock and than tagged in Tajiri. Tajiri wrenched the arm of Maven but Maven came back with a club to the back and went for a kick but Tajiri blocked and hit some kicks of his own.

Mid-match notes:

Tajiri hit a spinning heel kick for two and then chopped away on Maven. Tajiri super kicked Simon Dean off the apron but then Maven took over on Tajiri. The referee was distracted with Regal as Tajiri locked in the Tarantula on Maven but Dean broke it. Maven tagged in Dean who rolled up Tajiri for two. Dean locked in a front face lock and then a side headlock on Tajiri on the mat.

The Finish:

Tajiri fought to his feet and hit the Handspring elbow on Dean and then crawled toward Regal but Maven came in and stopped Tajiri but Tajiri kicked him away to get the tag. Regal went to work on both Maven and Dean and then hit a slam on Dean for two. Tajiri kicked Maven to the outside and then Regal hit a knee to the head on Dean for the win.

Winners, the World Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Tajiri