Sunday Night Heat

August 29, 2004
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Heat comes from Anaheim, CA.  The men at the announce position are "The Snowman" Al Snow and Todd Grisham.  It's getting a little chilly here.  Time to turn up the Heat!
Rodney Mack (w/ Jazz)  versus Maven
Rodney Mack looks like Magilla Gorilla.  I just realized that.  Jazz looks hot though.  She's no Ivory by a long shot, but she has a aura of tough-sexy about her.  Too bad she's married to a gorilla. Maven starts off in control with shoulders, elbows and a hiptoss.  Rodney just punches and kicks and lands several vicious elbows.  Rodney lands several forearms to the back and a big powerslam for two.  Another slam.  Maven fights back with fists.  A clothesline by Mack ends that and Rodney locks in the Gorilla-hug.  Maven uses the elbow to escape and hits a jawbreaker.  Mack hits a clothesline and does some clobbering if you will.  Forearm shots and a couple of dropkicks by Maven.  A heel kick by Maven and he goes to the top.  Jazz is up and shoves Maven off the top to the mat.  Mack uses a school-boy and a handful of tights to get the pin.
Winner: Rodney Mack w/ Jazz
Shelton Benjamin tells us to be sure to Smackdown our votes this November.  You vote - you win!
WWE REWIND:  From last Monday on Raw, Wannabe Tracie gets voted off the Diva Search competition.
Back to Monday night as Coach conducts the Diva Search contest.  Here comes the Rock.  He runs off Coach and plays and flirts with the wannabes for a bit.  He thinks they need to eat pie.  Tajiri brings out pie and the potentials take turns eating, licking, rubbing, and sitting in pie.  Coach and La Resistance come out to get paybacks on Rock and Tajiri.  Rhyno makes the save.  La Resistance is sent running.  Coach is all alone.  He feels a Spinebuster from Mr. Hollywood and experiences the "people's elbow!"  Rock, Rhyno & Tajiri stand tall... if you smell what the Rock is cooking.  I love it when he does that!
Tomorrow night on Raw, the Diva Search continues. One more Wannabe says good-bye!
WWE STING OF THE NIGHT:  From two weeks ago on Raw, HHH and Evolution do the turn on new World Champion Randy Orton and stomp a mud hole in him.
Back to Monday night on Raw - HHH and Orton are in the ring.  Hunter wants the belt.  Orton goes to hand him the belt, but Randy isn't letting go.  Big wad of spit from Randy to HHH's face.  HHH is livid.  Randy smiles and nails him with the belt.  Randy then hauls butt up through the crowd to escape Evolution.  HHH is ready to explode. Orton holds up the belt and smiles.  We see HHH take his complaints to Eric Bischoff and rough Eric up a bit.  Eric makes the match for Unforgiven.  Randy Orton defends the World Championship against Triple H.
Chuck Palumbo versus Ollie John
Ollie is a Mr. Clean Wannabe.  Chuck starts off with a slap on "Baldilocks" and a big elbow.  Ollie throws some fists for his only offense of the match.  Chuck hits a clothesline and several knees.  Snake-eyes and a big kick by Chuck for two.  He pulls Ollie up before the three.  Big slam into the corner and Chuck just clubs away at Ollie. Camel clutch by Chuck and some more clubbing.  Big Palumbo Drop by Chuck and he gets the pin.
Winner: Chuck Palumbo
We see the promo video.  HBK Shawn Michaels returns to Raw at Unforgiven.
We go back to Monday night again and the infamous "Wedding From Hell" between Kane and Lita.  Lita wears black. Kane's not happy.  The midgets are cool though.  That's what every wedding needs. Lots of midgets. Kane reads his vows.  Lita is his property and will remain that way for the rest of her life.  There is no escape. Lita tells Kane she hates and despises him and only loves Matt Hardy.  Her only joy is hoping Kane will die a violent death and burn in hell.  Kane seems touched and says "that was lovely!"  Objection time.  Here comes Bridesmaid Barbie... I mean Bridesmaid Trish.  She's decked out in the trashy white lingerie and looks hot. She gets mouthy to Lita.  Catfight! Catfight!  Catfight!  They roll down the stairs fighting.  Kane breaks it up and the wedding continues. Vow time. Lita says "I do".  Mattitude time.  Matt attacks Kane and lays him out with the Twist of Fate. Matt & Lita try to run, but are stopped by the fire.  Kane attacks and Matt gets tossed off the stage.  Kane drags Lita back to the alter and says "I do".  Time to kiss the bride.  Kane and Lita are now married.  Kane picks up Lita and carries her off for the honeymoon.  Crazy kids!  Gotta love 'em!
Tyson Tomko (with Trish Stratus) versus Chris Benoit
Big pop for Benoit!  Tyson starts off with fists.  Benoit unloads with the chops.  Benoit goes for a sharpshooter, but Tyson makes the ropes.  Forearms and kicks by Benoit and he goes for the crossface.  Tyson makes the ropes. Hotshot by Tyson.  He starts punching and kicking and knocks Benoit to the floor.  Lots of pounding on the ex-champ by Tyson who gets a two count.  Chinlock and neck vice by Tyson.  He tries some clubbing, but Benoit comes back with kicks and the triplex.  Benoit flies and scores with the diving headbutt for two.  Trish is up for the distraction.  Tyson goes for the kick, but Benoit ducks and then nails Tyson with six successive German suplexes. Crossface by Benoit and Tyson ends up tapping.
Winner: Chris Benoit