Sunday Night Heat

December 21, 2003
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(1) Victoria defeated Ivory This is a battle for the #1 contenders spot in the women’s division. The match played out in a cohesive manner with the right lady winning the bout. Conspicuous by his absence though was Mr. Steven Richards but Coachman explained he had been in a backstage altercation with Test. Victoria won with a widow’s peak after Ivory missed a cross body block off of the top rope.

After the match Molly entered the ring and chatted up with Victoria. Victoria uncharacteristically chatted back with shades of her usual crazy antics. When they finished chatting Victoria did her usual arms in the air routine then walked towards the ropes. But before she could get there Molly smacked her from behind with the women’s championship belt.

(2) Hurricane and Rosey defeated The Shane Twins Ahh, another squash tag-team match for America’s favorite glorified jobber tag-team. The match followed the usual routine with Hurricane taking the beating until tagging in big Rosey for the momentum swing. Rosey climbed the second rope affording Hurricane the opportunity to give a big splash off of his shoulders on one of the twins.

Recap #1: The Star Crossed Loverboy The segment started with Jericho asking Trish how she was feeling backstage after their “Battle of the Sexes 2 match. Then the film cut to the closing moments of the Jericho match with Kane when Mick Foley stepped out and called it off because…. oh wait, that never happened. The focus shifted to Jericho and Kane tossing each other around the ring then Jericho being disqualified for smacking Kane with a chair. Then as Jericho charged Kane, he lifted his boot kicking the chair back in to Jericho’s face. One question, why do wrestlers run, carry or catch a chair right in front of their faces? Wouldn’t it be easier to do any of these actions around their waist, enabling them to see clearly? Just curious.

Backstage Test is watching Victoria stretch and bend over in front of him, oblivious to the fact Test is gawking at her ass, earlier in the day, or so the graphic states. Test starts talking to himself about losing or rather getting rid of Stacy. Of course whenever a heel talks out loud by himself he turns and finds the face wrestler or Steven Richards standing there listening. Stevie says Test cannot have his flower because she wants to be with him unlike Test forcing Stacy to be with him. Okay, I am confused, is Stacy with Test or not now? Good grief!

(3)Steven Richards defeated Test Holy Crap! Steven Richards won cleanly over Test? Is it time again for the annual month and a half push of Stevie? Test dominated the entire match until he decided to run across the ring with Stevie on his shoulders. Steven slid down and rolled up Test for the surprise victory.

Talking Points: This outcome shocked me. I figured Test was going to need a victory here and there since he and Steiner have been nothing but glorified jobbers on television. First losing Stacy after they were pseudo-fired by Mick Foley, then they lost the Tag-Team Turmoil match at Armageddon. If Steven is in line for some sort of push he needs to go back to the black trunks he wore last week and never again wear those pink tights.

Recap #2: Mick Foley’s return and turning tail.How can anyone actually be upset with the way this angle played out? If they give the match away on television for free with absolutely no build up or hype people would whine and moan, which by the way is a VIP Message Board prerequisite no matter how good things may have gone in wrestling that week. Sorry, Foley got his pep talk from Michaels and as he made his way to the ring Mick turned tail and left for the backdoor of the building. Of course he could not leave without being stopped by Randy Orton and embarrassingly allowing the “Legend Killer” to spit right in his face. But as it appears Foley will throw down with the youngster, Mick drops his bags, wipes the loogie off of his cheek, yuck, it’s still as gross as seeing it live the first time and simply walks away.

(4)Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeated Val Venis & Lance Storm The match was a competitive back and forth encounter ending with the young upstarts getting the victory when Jindrak pinned Storm as Cade held his partners hands for extra leverage.