Sunday Night Heat
March 18, 2000

As Michael Cole and Tazz prepared for HEAT backstage before the show went on the air, The Germ ran backstage and told them that a ninja dressed in black was outside, stalking Kaientai!

Kaientai took the stage as Sunday Night HEAT kicked off LIVE from WWF New York!

Taka and Funaki -- dressed in street rags -- welcomed the crowd to the show, in their own unique style of talking! The duo danced for the crowd, and said they would put on the greatest martial arts display the world had ever seen!

After a break, a security guard led Kaientai to their dressing room. But Taka and Funaki said they didn't need any help -- and they displayed some of their martial arts moves on the guard! As Taka and Funaki walked away, the mystery ninja stalked behind them!

The first match on HEAT was a Light Heavyweight Championship match, as Dean Malenko defended his title against Crash Holly, who was led to the ring by his cousin Molly. Dean rolled a sunset flip into the Texas Cloverleaf, but Molly got up on the apron. Dean then let go of the hold and kissed Molly! Crash then went to roll Dean up, but again, Malenko kicked out. Soon after, Crash snuck into the ring with the Light Heavyweight Championship, distracting the referee, and allowing Molly to hit Dean with a somersault splash from the top rope! Crash then rolled up Malenko to become the new Light Heavyweight Champion!

Backstage, Taka and Funaki complained about the food in their dressing room. Taka was so upset that he did martial arts moved on his fruit platter! As the two left their dressing room looking for better food, the ninja ran through, stalking them!

Next up, Raven took on Val Venis of the Right to Censor. Val was seconded to the ring by Ivory, the Federation Women's Champion. As the match began, Tazz again reiterated his disgust with the Right to Censor, and brought up the incident on Thursday's SmackDown! when he left the announce table to lock Steven Richards in the Tazzmission! Ivory soon jumped on the ring apron to distract the ref, allowing Richards to run to the ring to interfere. But Raven ducked when Richards tried for the Stevenkick, and Val got nailed! Raven then hit Steven with a DDT, and pinned Val to win the match!

Taka and Funaki then went into the kitchen at WWF New York and started preparing sushi! As they left to eat their food, the ninja again followed close behind!

The recent alliance of X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert has perplexed World Wrestling Federation fans for weeks, and on HEAT, the trio headed to the ring to explain their partnership. X-Pac told the crowd that when he first came to the Federation in 1993, he was dubbed the 1-2-3 Kid. He said it was impossible to get an ounce of respect with a name like that -- but he beat all the top guys week in and week out. But it didn't matter -- he never made it to the top, because he was "just a kid.

" As the crowd began chanting "1-2-3!," X-Pac talked about how he returned to the Federation in 1998 and helped put D-Generation X back on the map. He said that DX was his idea and his attitude -- but still, X-Pac was neglected because he was "just a follower, just a kid."

X-Pac then declared that the kid people used to love was now a man everyone would hate. He said he was no longer a follower -- he was now a leader. He proclaimed that it was "our time to shine" -- referring to himself, Credible and Albert.

Credible then grabbed the mic and said that wasn't just the coolest, and that wasn't just the best -- that was Justin Credible!

Backstage, Taka asked a security guard for some soy sauce and wasabi! As the three men walked away, the ninja continued his pursuit of the men! After a commercial break, the ninja took out the security guard!

Two of the toughest men in the World Wrestling Federation hooked up next, as Chris Benoit took on Haku. The Wolverine was able to nail Haku with three consecutive German suplexes. Much to the delight of the crowd, Benoit then went for the flying headbutt, but Haku moved out of the way! But the Wolverine was able to recover, and he locked Haku in the Crossface to earn the submission win!

Kaientai then headed back to the stage at WWF New York for the martial arts display. But instead of the display, they challenged the ninja to come out -- and they punked him out! They then unmasked the ninja to reveal The Germ!