Sunday Night Heat

October 15, 2000

Mick Foley was in the house and Cypress Hill performed live on HEAT from WWF New York on MTV!
As HEAT kicked off, DJ Skribble introduced the Commissioner to the live crowd at WWF New York. Foley came out on stage to a rousing ovation and said that since he had solved the Stone Cold mystery, he was moving on to other mysteries, such as: Did he who denied it really supply it? And how does Al Snow keep a job? Then Foley said that later he would debut the premiere of "Who wants to be a Commission-aire?"
In the APA office, Test and Albert played cards with the Acolytes. Albert had bet all of T&A's money, and they couldn't pay their debts. Just before Faarooq and Bradshaw could kick T&A out of their office, Trish walked in, which gave Test an idea as to how they could work a deal out with the Acolytes!

In tag team action, Edge and Christian took on Too Cool as Tazz and Michael Cole called the match from Times Square. Before the match, Tazz said he was sick of Edge and Christian posing as Los Conquistadors. Edge went on to say that he knew of a lot of posers at MTV, such as Carson Daly, so the duo unveiled a new pose they entitled "Most Totally Victorious." Edge and Christian took it to Scotty 2 Hotty and GrandMaster Sexay, but Too Cool battled back and Scotty hit Christian with the W-O-R-M! Then, Los Conquistadors interfered, and allowed GrandMaster to make the pin for the win!

As Mick Foley sat in the lounge at WWF New York, Rebecca came to ask him a question, but instead, Mick read her a portion of his new Christmas book (which is available nationwide on October 24).

In the APA office, Albert and Test continued their losing streak. Since they had no money, Trish took off an article of clothing each time they lost a hand!

In a very physical match-up, goodwill ambassador William Regal went up against Chris Jericho. Y2J nailed Regal with some vicious chops to the chest, and then tried to put Regal in the Walls of Jericho. Regal escaped, however, and nearly pinned Jericho! The two battled back and forth, an as Regal was about to pin Y2J, European Champion Al Snow ran out and floored Regal with Head! Then Jericho hit Regal with a Lionsault and got the pin for the win!

As Trish Stratus walked around in her bra and panties, Test and Albert lost another hand. Trish took her stockings! Then T&A lost yet another hand, and Trish lost her bra, much to the delight of Faarooq and Bradshaw!

"Who wants to be a Commission-aire?" began with Mick Foley, playing the role of Regis, asking a series of WWF-related questions to a few lucky fans. The winner would get two tickets to No Mercy! Each contestant got three lifelines: Michael Cole, poll the audience, and Tazz! The contest got ugly however, as Tazz and Mick each tried to stump each other with trivia questions.

Up next, Cypress Hill rocked the crowd as they tore up the stage at WWF New York!

At the card game, the Acolytes won yet again, and as Trish went to remove her panties, Test and Albert attacked Faarooq and Bradshaw!

The Road Dogg faced Chris Benoit in what proved to be a bruising battle. As Benoit went to hit the Dogg with a flying headbutt, Road Dogg rolled out of the way. Benoit got got back up though and locked in the Crossface, wich Road Dogg had to tap out of. After the match, Triple H ran out and started hammering away on Benoit! The Game took it to Benoit, trying to beat him up before their match next Sunday at No Mercy!