Sunday Night Heat

June 18, 2000
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Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko
Eddie starts by throwing Malenko to the ropes, then knocking him down. Eddie tries for a slingshot splash, but Malenko moves away. Malenko kicks Eddie in the corner, but Eddie reverses and tries for a Tornado DDT. Malenko reverses that, and slams Eddie to the mat with a powerbomb. Malenko gets Eddie on his shoulders, and connects with a gut buster. He hits a side slam, but Eddie kicks out after two. Eddie is thrown to the outside, but when Malenko tries to connect with a baseball slide, he hits Chyna. Chyna beats on Dean, and throws him back inside. Eddie is able to roll Malenko up for the pin. Hardcore makes a challenge

Saturn vs. Bull Buchanan
King of the Ring Match
Saturn starts by whipping Bull into the ropes, but Bull knocks him down. Bull goes to work on Saturn in the corner, but Saturn goes up top and connects with a dropkick. Bull knocks Saturn down with a clothesline, but misses when he tries for a corner splash. Saturn hits a drop toe hold on Bull, who falls into the ropes. When Saturn whips Bull to the ropes, Bull connects with the Axe Kick to win.

The XFL Chicago press conference is shown.

Steve Blackman & Al Snow vs. Kaientai
Al Snow starts off against Sho Funaki with a dropkick, but quickly tags in Blackman. Funaki tags in Taka Michinoku, and Taka dropkicks Blackman in the face. Al Snow runs off, and Kaientai uses it as an advantage. When Funaki holds Blackman, he tags in Taka, who accidentally kicks Funaki with a superkick. Blackman fights back with a pump kick on Funaki, and Snow arrives in new tights carrying Head. He decks Taka, Funaki, and the referee, and the match is over. For a strange reason, Snow and Blackman are announced as the winners.

Jeff Hardy vs. Val Venis
King of the Ring Match
Val starts by kicking and punching Jeff in the head, then throws him to the mat. Val backs Jeff in the corner, then chops away. Jeff reverses, then whips Val into the turnbuckle. Val knocks Jeff down, but Jeff reverses a shoulderbreaker attempt and gets Val in a sleeperhold. Val reverses it, but Jeff is able to throw Val off. Jeff connects with the Swanton Bomb, but Trish puts Val's foot on the ropes. Lita runs down and attacks Trish, but Val manages to hold on with a Fisherman's suplex to win. Val will face either Eddie Guerrero or Chyna next Sunday.

We see a video showing Crash getting the belt from Brisco.

Hardcore Holly vs. Triple H
Hardcore starts with a headlock, and throws Triple H to the mat. Hardcore fights out of a Triple H headlock, but is quickly slammed to the mat. Hardcore punches HHH in the face, but Triple H scampers to the outside. Hunter gets back in the ring, and pummels Hardcore in the back of the head. Hardcore throws HHH into the corner, and punches him in the face. Holly then hits a sidewalk slam for a two and ten-elevenths count. Looked like three to me. Anyways, Hardcore goes outside and uses steel stairs on Triple H. HHH gets back up, and throws Holly into the pole. They get back in the ring, and HHH hits a knee lift. Holly is thrown into the turnbuckle, and is suplexed by HHH. Holly receives a knee in the face, and kicks out. Holly kicks out at two twice more, and Triple H throws referee Tim White. HHH puts on a sleeper, but Holly reverses it into a sideslam. When Triple H goes to the top, Holly clotheslines him down, and hits a powerslam for a two and eighty-four eighty-fifths count. Holly knocks HHH down, and hits a slingshot. Holly gets knocked down, and when Stephanie throws Triple H the belt, Jericho runs out. He picks up the World Title, pegs Triple H, then pegs Hardcore Holly for a no-contest.