Bradley Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 19, 2004

The actual voting results are from and appear to the left of the match that they are for.

Jerry Lawler: Coach is going to be the MC tonight.  I hope that doesn't stand for mental case.

The Coach is at the Control Center to the left of the stage.  He brought out the women in the battle royal and announced the outfits to wear.  Here are the results: Fulfill Your Fantasy Women's Championship Battle Royal: Victoria, Trish, Nidia, Jazz, Stacey, Gail Kim, Molly:  Nurse 17%, French Maid 30% or Schoolgirl 53%!


Chris Jericho (WWE Intercontinental Championship) vs. ???
Fans choose the opponent (every RAW wrestler who wasn't already on the card)

Shelton Benjamin got 37% of the votes, so he will wrestle for the Intercontinental Championship.  Shelton does a top rope superplex on Jericho!  Jericho misses a Lionsault.  Top Rope Lariat by Shelton.  Shelton turns a Walls of Jericho to a pin, but gets a two count.  Shelton does a T-Bone Suplex and quickly pins him to win the Intercontinental Championship!


Edge, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels are interviewed. 

The Coach announces the main event.  Triple H vs. Chris Benoit, Edge or Shawn Michaels.  Live crowd goes for Michaels.  Internet: Benoit 28% Edge 33% Michaels  39%.  It'll be Shawn Michaels 1 on 1 with the Game.



Shelton Benjamin 37.48%
Batista 20.11%
Coach 7.01%
Christian 6.69%
Rhyno 5.77%
Maven 4.23%
William Regal 3.81%
The Hurricane 3.77%
Tyson Tomko 2.49%
Tajiri 2.36%
Steven Richards 2.24%
Val Venis 1.69%
Rosey 1.10%
Chuck Palumbo 0.68%
Rodney Mack 0.58%

Fulfill Your Fantasy Divas Battle Royal (Schoolgirl Outfits) - just go through the ropes to the floor
Trish Stratus (Champion), Jazz, Nidia, Gail Kim, Molly, Victoria, Stacey Keibler

Nidia is eliminated after he top is ripped off.  Jazz is Baseball Slided out by Victoria.  Victoria eliminates Gail Kim. Victoria is slingshotted out by Molly and Trish.  Stacy is thrown out by Molly.  Trish throws Molly through the ropes to win and retain the title!


La Resistance, the tag team champions, are interviewed.  They'll face Chris Benoit and Edge later tonight.  A video package of Kane/Lita/Gene Snitsky is shown.



School Girl Outfit 53.10%
French Maid Outfit 30.03%
Nurse Uniform 16.87%

Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
Choose Your Weapon Match:  Chair 30% / Pipe 29% / Chain 41% (Audience goes for: chain) - It's a Chain

Lita comes out as the match starts.  Kane gets most of the beatings early in the match.  Lita takes the chain away from Snitsky.  Snitsky takes the chair into the ring and uses it on Kane.  Snitsky jumps on a chair that is folded over Kane's neck.  Snitsky easily get the pin as Kane is laying in the ring bleeding internally.  EMTs take Kane away on a stretcher.  As he is taken away, Snitsky attacks him.


Edge is interviewed about his tag team match later on tonight.  Michael Cole announces the stipulation for the Eric Bischoff / Eugene Match.  The loser must be the servant to the loser, wear a dress for a month or shave his head bald.  The match begins without announcing the outcome of the voting.



Chain 40.84%
Steel Chair 29.93%
Lead Pipe 29.24%

Eric Bischoff, RAW's General Manager vs. Eugene

Eugene does the Airplane Spin on Eric, along with his other moves, which are imitations of other wrestlers.  He wins with a legdrop in a very short match.  The Coach announces the winning decision of the Internet:  Dress 21% Servant 20% Shave 59%.  The crowd chooses shaving bald, also.  Coach says that the audience chose the servant, so he says that Eric will be Eugene's servant for five minutes.  Vince McMahon then comes out.  He reversed Coach's decision, so Eric will get his head shaven right now!  Eric starts to walk away, but Vince says if he leaves, he's fired.  Eugene shaves his uncle's head!  Vince then gives the dress for the Coach to wear since he messed with the outcome of the match.  Coach strips to his underwear and puts on the dress!


Backstage with Edge and Shawn Michaels.  Edge is upset that he lost by only 6% to Shawn Michaels.



Head Shaved 58.73%
Wear a Dress  20.77%
Be a Servant 20.50%

La Resistance (WWE World Tag Team Champions) vs. Edge & Chris Benoit

They sing the Canadian national anthem in French - completely!  La Resistance dominates for most of the match.  Benoit makes a tag, but the referee doesn't see it.  Edge gets upset he isn't tagged in and leaves the match - and the arena!  Benoit does a Superplex off the top rope. Benoit does the Crippler Crossface on Conway.  Conway taps out and loses the match and the titles.  Edge and Chris Benoit win the titles!


Triple H is interviewed about his match tonight.    Lawler:  "I wouldn't believe Shawn Michaels if his tongue was notarized."  A video package of Christy and Carmella is shown.  The Coach announces both women who come out to the entrance way, where there are two see-through cubicles.  The stipulations are: Evening Gown 10% / Aerobic Challenge 33% / Lingerie Pillow Fight 57%.  The audience chooses pillow fight.  They change behind a screen, where their silhouettes are visible. 




Christy Hemme vs. Carmella
Pillow Fight - winner is determined by pinfall

The pillows break open at the start; feathers fill up the ring as they tumble all over the ring.  Christy get the quick win with a pin.


A promo for Survivor Series is shown.  Lawler and Ross recap the night's events so far. 



Lingerie Pillow Fight 56.48%
Evening Gown 33.22%
Aerobics Challenge 10.30%

Triple H (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels comes out limping to the ring.  Triple H puts Michaels in a Figure Four Leg Lock.  Michaels Lowblows Triple H.  Michaels does a DDT on Triple H.  Michaels does a Top Rope Elbow Drop.  Batista comes out and stops a Superkick, but then connects with a Sweet Chin Music.  Edge comes out and Spears Shawn Michaels.  Triple H lays his arm on Michaels and gets a pin for the win to retain his title. 


Eric Bischoff is walking backstage, bald, yelling at his employees.  Video highlights of the night are shown.  A video package of Randy Orton and Ric Flair's feud is shown.


The Coach gets the vote from the crowd for the next match of Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton.  They choose a Steel Cage Match.  According to the Internet the results are: Falls Count Anywhere match 20%/ Submission Match 12%/ Cage Match 68%.


Shawn Michaels 38.72%
Edge 33.42%
Chris Benoit 27.86%
Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton
Steel Cage Match

Randy Orton is quickly bleeding from Ric Flair and the cage.  Randy pulls down Flair's tights to expose his backside as he is near the top of the cage.  Flair uses Brass Knucks on Orton!  Flair goes to leave the cage from the door but is dragged in.  Orton manages an RKO and gets the pin for the win. 

Cage Match 68.18%
Falls Count Anywhere 19.85%
Submission Match 11.96%

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