First Mariner Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

October 19, 2003


Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Cruiserweight Title Match)
A-Train makes his way down to the ring, followed by Mysterio for the opening WWE NO Mercy match. Tajiri is warned by the ref about using his mist in the match. Bell rings. Crowd roars. Both men chase each other around the ring, then lock up. They toss each other through the ropes onto the floor outside the ring, then both immediately come back in. Rey lands a kick on Tajiri, then they both lock up again. Rey with a submission leg lock on Tajiri. Tajiri regains control with an arm lock on Rey. Tajiri with a few shots on Rey's back, as the two go back and forth for a few minutes. Rey with an arm drag on Tajiri. Rey flings Tajiri into the rope, Tajiri with a handspring, but then Rey kicks him in the back, knocking him out, and then flying through the ropes, going after Tajiri. Hammerlock on Rey as he is thrown into the ring post. Tajiri gets Rey into the corner and punches/kicks him profusely, then chops him. Tajiri with an arm bar on Rey, who flips out... Tajiri then kicks Rey, goes for the pin... 2 count. Another kick by Tajiri, pin attempt... 2 count. Rey is thrown into the turnbuckle, but tries to come back till he is hung up on turnbuckle. Rey head butts Tajiri, then lands a Tornado DDT on him, goes for pin... 2 count. Crowd chants "6-1-9". Several consecutive pin attempts by both... 2 counts. Rey off the apron with a flip landing on top of Tajiri. Tajiri throws Rey into the ropes, but then Rey hits him with the 6-1-9. Several exciting exchanges continue between the two, culminating into several more "2 count" pin attempts. Rey lands another 6-1-9... goes for a pin attempt, as a fan comes into the ring and the action... Tajiri then takes advantage of a distracted Rey and pins him for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner by pinfall: Tajiri (retains Cruiserweight Title)

Break from the Action 1:
Vince is shown in the back, and he's asked how he feels about his match tonight. Says he is deeply over the match having to take place. Says its personal, but its business... might as well say personal business. Vince threatens anyone who interferes in his match tonight... saying if ANYONE interferes what so ever, they will be FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

A-Train vs. "The Crippler" Chris Benoit
The two start off the match staring each other down. A-Train chokes Benoit into the corner turnbuckle. A-Train then his Benoit with a shoulder-block and throws Benoit out of the ring. Benoit comes back into the ring and flings Benoit back out of the ring. Several moves attempted by Benoit were blocked by A-Train. A-Train then knocks Benoit down. The two exchange blows and holds for a few minutes until he gets A-Train into the corner and lands a few chops, then A-Train grounds Benoit again and slams him twice as he goes for the pin... 2 count. Bicycle kick by A-Train, into another pin attempt with his foreman smashed into Benoit's face. 2 count. A-Train clubs Benoit into the back of his neck, then throws him into the ropes... neck first. Front suplex by A-Train, pin attempt. Benoit kicks out. Benoit is shown bleeding from the mouth. A-Train continues to dominate the match, lands a few more crushing blows onto Benoit. A-Train lands a German suplex on Benoit and then is thrown out of the ring. A-Train grabs a steel chair, heads back into the ring and Benoit attacks him and A-Train drops the chair. A-Train then body presses Benoit onto the chair. Benoit gets back up and puts the cross face on A-Train, A-Train lifts himself out, but Benoit jeeps holds and hits 3 consecutive Suplexes on A-Train. Benoit to the top rope, attempting a splash on A-Train... but A-Train moves out of the way. A-Train attempts the pin and Benoit flings A-Train into the ring post, as A-Train catches his leg in the steel chair. A-Train falls on his back... then Chris Benoit grabs A-Train and puts him in the SHARPSHOOTER, and A-Train taps out.
Winner by submission: Chris Benoit

Break from the Action 2: Matt Hardy is in the back looking for Shannon Moore, as he walks up on some guy beating up on Shannon Moore. The guy says he wants to know what happened to his tape of "Little Johnny". Matt Hardy promises he will make sure the tape will make it to whoever the Chairman of Smackdown is next week.

Zach Gowen vs. Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore)
Matt slaps Gowen around to start, but then Zach counters with his own explosive offensive arsenal of dropkicks. Matt Hardy counters with a clothesline, followed by the V1 taunt. Gowen tries to go upstairs, but then Shannon Moore shoves Gowen off the top, allowing Hardy to regain control of the match. Hardy hits snake eyes followed by another fierce clothesline. Matt Hardy goes for a cover... 2 count.. Hardy tries several more times for a pin attempt... but the result is the same, as Gowen kicks out after two. Matt Hardy goes for a moonsault, but Gowen rolls out of the way. Gowen hits a dropkick that flings Hardy to the outside of the ring, and Zach immediately follows up with a heilo to the outside that connects. Zach Gowen goes top rope again and hits a splash, covers Hardy, only gets a 2 count. Just as Gowen seems to take control of the match, he walks right into a Matt Hardy 'Side Effect'. Matt Hardy goes for the pin, again... 2 count.. Zach Gowen tries to go to the top rope again, but gets caught and Hardy goes top rope, tries a back suplex, but Gowen elbows him off and connects with a moonsault. Zach Gowen covers Matt Hardy and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winner by pinfall: Zach Gowen

Break from the Action 3:
Vince is shown in the background, getting ready for his match with Stephanie. Linda McMahon comes in and begs Vince not to go through with his match with Stephanie saying he is dividing the family down the middle. Vince says since Stephanie wants this match so much, its a NO HOLDS BARRED match, but says Stephanie can win by pin or submission, but he can only win by submission. Linda waves her hands in the air indicating she gives up.

Promo for Vince vs. Stephanie is shown.

APA vs. The Basham Brothers (w/ Shaniqua)
The APA comes down to the ring, followed by The Bashams. Bradshaw starts the match off in the ring against Doug Basham and then Bradshaw goes over and taunts Danny and then he locks it up with Doug. Bradshaw powers Doug into the corner and then he gives him a clubbing blow to the back and then hits him with some punches. Bradshaw then tags in Faarooq, who also works over one of the Bashams, leading to an APA double team squash. The Bashams manage a little bit of offense, but the APA brawling is just too much as Bradshaw works over Danny on the outside, while Faarooq dominates Doug inside the ring. Bashams hit a double back suplex out of nowhere once the actual slightly settles down. Danny backs Faarooq into the Basham corner and the Basham double teams continue. Bradshaw tries to save, but the referee shoves him back, while in the process the Bashams do yet another double team on Faarooq. Danny Basham stays in control until Faarooq hits a Spinebuster out of nowhere. Double tag brings the hot tag to Bradshaw, who cleans house on the two heels. Bradshaw hits a Powerbomb to Doug, covers, and Basham kicks out at two! The Bashams try a double team, but Bradshaw sees it and flings Doug to the outside. Danny walks right into a "Last Call" fallaway slam from Bradshaw, Doug climbs to the top rope, but Bradshaw catches him and hits a last call from the second rope to Doug. Bradshaw goes for the cover but Basham makes a save. Faarooq accidentally knocks out the ref, and on cue Shaniqua shockingly returns out of nowhere, clubs Bradshaw over the back of the head with a lead pipe. Danny Basham then pins Bradshaw for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner by pinfall: The Basham Brothers

Break from the Action 4: The Bashams were shown celebrating and Josh Matthews caught up with them and said that no one expected Shaniqua back tonight. Shaniqua said of course. It's going to take a lot more than a clothesline from hell to keep her out of action. Shaniqua pointed out what the clothesline from hell did and she pointed out her bigger breasts, calling it 'swelling in her chest'. The Bashams asked Shaniqua if it's 'permanent swelling' and Shaniqua said that the doctor said that it could be permanent. Shaniqua told them that they did very well tonight and deserve to be rewarded. Let's go and whip it good. The Bashams and Shaniqua then went on their way.

Stephanie McMahon (w/ Linda McMahon) vs. Vince McMahon (w/ Sable)
Linda once again pleads with Vince not to have this match but Stephanie pulled Linda back out of the way. Vince started the match off by giving Stephanie a clubbing blow to the back to knock her down. Stephanie gets up quickly and sort of grabs onto Vince's neck with a move that looks similar to a sleeper or a choke hold. Vince then grabs her, and throws her down to the mat. Vince pins Stephanie into the turnbuckle while taunting Linda. Vince drapes her over the middle rope, thus allowing Sable to slap her. Linda gets pissed and chases after Sable, but she's ends up running right into Vince, who makes the save. CROWD CHANTS 'A******... A******'. Stephanie comes back with a few kicks to the gut, goes for a third but Vince catches it and follows up with a stiff clothesline. Vince now locks Stephanie in a half Boston Crab as Linda tries to guide Steph to the ropes. Vince lets go and thrusts his knee into the back of Stephanie as she squeals in pain. Stephanie somehow rakes Vince in the eyes. Sable grabs a lead pipe from underneath the ring, tosses it into the ring, but it lands in the ring before Linda grabs her away from the ring and starts beating on her profusely! Stephanie grabs a hold of the lead pipe and racks Vince in the nuts with the pipe several times, gets a rollup, and a long two count as the crowd explodes. Steph still has the pipe and works over Vince as he begs for mercy. Steph covers and Vince gets his foot on the rope after another long two count. Sable tries to interfere, Steph goes after Sable, all the while Vince recovers, tries to attack Steph, but she shoves Vince into Sable, lands a bulldog! Another two count as the crowd is electric! Steph goes for the pipe again, charges, but Vince catches her with a choke across the neck. Vince now has the pipe and rams it into Steph’s stomach. Vince then chokes Stephanie out with the lead pipe across the neck. Linda throws in a towel.

Winner by forfeit: Vince McMahon

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
Match start off with Angle and Cena shoving one another back and forth and playing mind games on one another, with Angle giving Cena the double middle finger. Angle takes the early advantage, spearing Cena in the corner turnbuckle. Angle follows up with several to the chest , followed by an Irish whip, which Cena avoids causing Angle to land shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. The impact knocked Angle to the outside as Cena goes to the outside and throws Angle back into the ring, giving Cena his first noticeable advantage of the match. Cena hits a neckbreaker, covers, and gets a two count. Cena remains in advantage until Angle dropkicks a Cena top rope attack, taking out one of Cena’s knees on the landing. Angle now takes control with a long series of clotheslines ending with a Russian Leg sweep, cover, and two count. Angle throws Cena into the turnbuckle, on the bounce back Angle hits a drop toehold and immediately into an Ankle Lock! Cena quickly climbs to the ropes and pulls himself to the outside of the ring. Cena runs around, dodging Angle’s attack, gets in the ring. Angle almost tries a German Suplex off the Apron, but Cena elbows out and hits a modified DDT on the APRON, off the side of the ring and to the outside, pretty sick move! Cena scouts Angle as he climbs back into the ring and connects with a guillotine legdrop as Angle’s neck was just entering between the top and middle rope! Cena covers and gets a two count. Cena hits the "Throwback", covers, and gets another two count. Cena charges Angle, but Angle dodges and quickly rolls Cena up for a quick two count. Angle immediately goes back to work, this time with a triple German Suplex. Angle covers and gets two. Both are out of it, but Cena is the first to his feet, pummeling Angle with knees to the back. Cena goes for a Powerbomb – which flings Angle into the top turnbuckle pad head first! Another sick move as Cena covers and gets a LONG two count. Cena poses for the crowd and calls for the FU, which connects! Cena covers, but Angle kicks out at two again! Cena looks frustrated as he goes for another FU, but Angle counters out and hits the Angle Slam! Angle covers and gets a two count. Crowd now LOUDLY chants Cena as he grabs the chain, which the referee sees and intercepts, but as the referee puts that away Cena pulls out ANOTHER chain, this time Gold Medals -- and decks Angle across the forehead. Cena covers and only gets two! Cena’s frustration continues to mount as both guys counter each other’s finishing move. Cena goes for a victory roll, but Angle counters into the ankle lock! Cena nearly gets to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back to the center of the ring and locks it in tight, forcing Cena to tap.

Winner by submission: Kurt Angle

Eddie Guerrero vs. The Big Show (United States Championship Match)
Both men make their way to the ring before a video montage leads us up to this match. The Big Show immediately takes control of the match by stomping on Eddie and then forcing him into the corner. Eddie tries to fight back, but could not gather up any offense. The match moves outside the ring and then back inside. While the ref is distracted, Eddie is able to get a chair and nails the Big Show, then with a trash can lid. Big Show quickly recovers, and he tosses Eddie into the corner and works him over. Big Show then taunts Eddie while in the corner. Both men move back to the outside where Big Show beats on Eddie for a bit then rolls him back into the ring. All of the sudden, but Eddie gains control and shoves Show’s head into the turnbuckle pad which was exposed earlier in the match. With Show dazed, Eddie hits a frog splash while the Big Show is standing up. The referee gets knocked out as Show falls backwards, allowing Eddie to grab some brass knucks. Eddie connects and covers as the referee comes to, but only gets a two count. Eddie now goes to the outside again and this time uses the U.S. title, which he pastes across the Big Show’s skull while the referee still tries to recover. Eddie goes upstairs and connects with a frog splash, then goes for the cover...2 count. Eddie looks frustrated as Show slowly climbs to his feet. Eddie charges and runs right into a Big Show spinebuster. Big Show then covers Eddie and only gets a two count. Both guys slowly get up, but Big Show hits a Chokeslam, seemingly out of nowhere. Once again, The Big Show attempts a cover, and gets only a two count as Eddie gets his foot on the bottom rope. Both guys again slowly get to their feet, and Eddie connects with a low blow. Both guys again fall to the mat as the referee starts a double count. Eddie climbs over and tries to cover, but only gets a two count for his effort. Eddie Guerrero walks into yet another choke slam, and this time its for good as The Big Show covers Eddie for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner by pinfall: The Big Show (new United States Champion)

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker (WWE Title Match)
Taker quickly gets advantage and hits Lesnar with several punches. Taker then forces Lesnar into the corner, but Lesnar reverses and gets a hold in the adjacent corner. He hits Taker with a series of kicks to the stomach, followed by a big Irish whip. However, Taker dodges Brock Lesnar as he runs into the corner, and Brock's shoulder hits the post. Undertaker takes advantage of Lesnar's weakened state and takes him outside the ring where he begins a brutal beating on Lesnar. Lesnar quickly turns the tables and throws Undertaker into the steel steps. Match returns back inside the ring and Lesnar continues his advantage. He runs his shoulder into Undertaker, followed by a 'perfect plex'. Undertaker eventually pulls Lesnar's neck onto the ropes and goes to the outside. However, once outside, Lesnar's in control again and rams Taker's face into the Spanish announcer's table. Taker goes on the offense once again and goes to the top rope, but as he begins his climb the lights go out! Moments later, The lights come back on, and we see that Taker had gotten off the top to protect himself. No one's in the ring, but Lesnar takes him out before Taker can get up to the chain. The match goes on, and the steel steps are brought into the ring. Lesnar slams Taker's face off the steps, but Taker fights back with some punches, and both men are standing, equally groggy. Taker then clotheslines Lesnar out of the ring. On the outside, Taker piledrives Lesnar onto the steel steps. Undertaker again goes for the chain, but once again he is stopped by Lesnar and is unable to reach the chain. Lesnar hits Taker with a huge offensive strike, and goes for the chain. However, Taker goes over and tries to set up the last ride from the top turnbuckle. He can't do it, and both men end up colliding. Both men exchange punches, with Lesnar getting the better, then Taker getting the better. Taker sets up Lesnar for the last ride. As Taker goes up for the chain, and then the FBI comes in and interferes. Taker disposes of them, but walks into an F5 from Lesnar. Taker gets out of it, and then last-rides Lesnar. Taker then jumps out and cross-bodies Palumbo and Stamboli. In the meantime, Nunzio is up for the chain, but Taker throws him off the pole, and gets it for himself. All of the sudden, out comes Vince himself! Vince throws Taker off the top rope and Lesnar grabs the chain. Big blow to the Taker and Brock Lesnar goes for the cover... 1, 2, 3.

Winner by pinfall: Brock Lesnar (retains WWE Title)

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