Little Rock, Arkansas
October 20, 2002


Match #1 World Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Jericho and Christian (c) vs. Goldust and Booker T

Chris Jericho's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring as one half of the Tag Team Champions and he is teaming up with his newly found tag team partner, Christian against Goldust and Booker T in this World Tag Team Championship Match! Goldust and Chris Jericho were about to start it off in the ring but both men made the tag, giving the match to Christian and Booker T. The two locked it up and Booker knocked Christian down with a hard right hand and then a clothesline and then he went after Jericho but Jericho hopped down from the ring apron. Goldust gave Chris Jericho a slingshot over the top rope onto Christian and Booker T was quick to roll Jericho back into the ring. Goldust made a blind tag and gave both Jericho and Christian a double bulldog and then he nailed Christian with the Golden Globes and then gave Jericho a drop toe hold into the groin of Christian in the corner. After that, Goldust rolled Jericho up for a two count. Goldust went for the Curtain Call but Jericho got out of it and he put Goldust in the Walls of Jericho but Booker broke it up with a kick to the head of Y2J. Booker T gave Jericho a missile drop kick and then he did the spinaroonie as Christian grabbed hold of the Tag Team Title. Christian went to hit Booker with it but Booker stopped it. A moment later, Chris Jericho went for the lionsault but the middle rope broke and we've got a disaster in the early goings of the pay per view. Chris Jericho gave Goldust a bulldog on the Championship belt and then he went to the top rope and came off with a moonsault onto Goldust to pick up the win and retain the titles!
Winner(s): Chris Jericho and Christian

Sho Funaki was shown backstage and he is Smackdown!'s number one announcer! Funaki brought Al Wilson onto the scene and he talked about what happened three weeks ago between Dawn Marie and Torrie's father. Funaki asked Al how that made him feel? Then prior to the Lingerie contest, Dawn Marie gave him another peak. How did that make him feel? Al didn't have much to say but then Funaki brought up the fact that Dawn gave him the key to her hotel room. Al still didn't know what to say and Funaki brought up this past Thursday night when Torrie's dad was in the shower with Dawn Marie. So now, Funaki has big question; why was he wearing his clothes in the shower?! Al said that he's going to say this once only; he did not have sexual relations with that woman. With that, Al left and Funaki said that it seems Mr. Al Wilson does not understand English.

Match #2 Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie made her way to the ring as the ring crew repaired the busted rope on the ring and Dawn is up against Torrie Wilson in this one on one match. Torrie slid right into the ring and as she slid in, Dawn slid out and then got on the ring apron, only to get knocked down with a baseball slide by Torrie. Torrie and Dawn battled on the mat and rolled over referee Mike Sparks and he separated the two and Dawn yelled at Mike, telling him that she's absolutely disgusted, because it seems he copped a feel. Torrie picked up the win with a weak swinging neck breaker.
Winner: Torrie Wilson

The Coach was shown with Rob Van Dam and in just moments, he'll step into the ring with Ric Flair. A man that a month ago nailed him with a sledgehammer and cost him a shot at the World Championship. Rob said that Ric Flair is a 16 time World Champion. He styles, profiles and is a limousine riding, jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin', dealin', son of a gun! As for RVD, he doesn't style or profile. Limos? He doesn't need them. You can catch him driving himself. Jets? He flies commercial and quite often gets stuck in coach or even in the middle seat sometimes. RVD is more of a chair smashing, frog splashing, risk taking, yinning and yanging, wooo, wooo, wooo, Van Daminating dude! He's Rob Van Dam!

After Rob Van Dam left, The Coach saw Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walking by so he tried to get a word with them, but they wouldn't speak. The Coach talked to Tracy and Tracy said that there are no accusations. What she said is the truth. The Undertaker is a liar and a cheat. Everything she said is the truth and she is here tonight to watch that scumbag get what he deserves inside Hell in a Cell.

Match #3 Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam
Ric Flair made his way out to the ring and this is a one on one contest with Ric Flair against Rob Van Dam! RVD went right after Flair and Flair bailed out of the ring but Rob caught him on the outside with some right hands and forearms. Ric Flair put Rob Van Dam in the figure four leg lock and Van Dam tried to reverse it but Flair rolled right into the ropes to break it up. Flair once again went for the figure four but Rob countered it with a small package for a two count. Ric went to the top rope but Van Dam pulled him down, slamming him towards the center of the ring and then he hit him with the rolling thunder and followed it up with a pin for a two count. Rob Van Dam gave Ric Flair the Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the win!
Winner: Rob Van Dam

The Big Show was shown with Stephanie McMahon and he was looking for some advice on something and Stephanie said that she shouldn't be the one giving him advice. He knows who he should be talking about. Bischoff showed up and wanted to know what was going on, because The Big Show is RAW property. Stephanie said that she's just going to back out and let them talk. The Big Show said that he was talking to Stephanie about the fact that he hasn't been on a pay per view since July and he hasn't headlined a pay per view in he doesn't know how long. He's a giant and a former WCW and WWE Champion. Yet, what is he doing? He's standing around with his thumb up his ass because of Bischoff. Bischoff told The Big Show that he doesn't take that tone with him and he doesn't ever talk to Stephanie McMahon, period. Understand that? Who the hell does he think he is? The Big Show grabbed Bischoff and shoved him through some shelves and told him that he is one angry giant and he should be in the main events and he suggests Bischoff puts him there soon because the next time he gets his hands around Bischoff's neck, he's going to snap it like a twig!

Match #4 Cruiserweight Championship Match
Jamie Noble vs. Tajiri

Noble and Tajiri got the match started in the aisle and the Cruiserweight champion was attacked with a moonsault. Noble got the match into the ring and got the upper hand. Noble worked Tajiri on the mat and finally he turned the match around and went for the pin. Noble then picked him up and dropped him hard on his back and went for the fall. Noble got Tajiri on the mat in a reverse arm lock and he got free. Tajiri went for the Crucifix, but Noble countered and dropped back to slam Tajiri against the mat. Noble slammed Tajiri into the turnbuckle and then powerslammed him down and worked on his back. Tajiri countered and move from Noble and leaped up on the top rope. He went for moonsault and missed by landed on his feet. He then grabbed him and hit a Spinning Tornado DDT off of the middle rope. Noble got up and missed a clothesline and then Tajiri hit him with numerous martial arts kicks to the body. Tajiri then nailed him in the chin with a sidekick and went for the pin, but the champion kicked out. Tajiri got Noble in the Tarantula in the ropes and then missed the big kick to the face. He slammed Noble’s face into the turnbuckle and then hit a finisher, but Nidia got on the ring apron and kissed the ref. This gave Noble time to get up and hit a Tiger Bomb. Tajiri kicked out and Noble then countered and victory roll with total help from Nidia and won the match. After his loss, Tajiri got in the ring and laid a huge kiss on Nidia in the middle of the ring. Noble said he was going to show him how it’s done and he kissed her. Tajiri kicked him in the back of the head and left the ring.
Winner: Jamie Noble

Chris Benoit And Eddie Guerrero had a confrontation in the backstage area and Benoit told him that Chavo was in trouble. He showed him where Chavo was and he was screaming for help behind a locked door. Eddie said he was not going to help him because he knows that it is a setup for Angle to attack him. Chavo got shoved out of the door and Angle came out from behind and had already taken care of Chavo.

Match #5 World Championship Match
Triple H vs. Kane

The two huge men stood face-to-face and Kane shoved Triple H into the corner. He got up and Kane backed him into the corner and beat the Champion down to the canvas and then hit a huge back body drop on him in the middle of the ring. Kane continued his beating on the champ and hit a clothesline and went for the fall, but Triple H kicked out. Kane picked The Game up and slammed him down to the canvas and then got him in the corner again and threw blows at him in the face. Triple H clotheslined Kane over the ropes and he landed on his feet on the outside. He ran outside and Kane grabbed him by the throat, but he got free and slammed Kane into the steel ring post. Triple H got back into the ring with Kane and had the upper hand in the match. Triple H backed him into the corner and beat him to the ground. Triple H kept the advantage in the match and then got Kane in the sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Kane stumbled to his knees and then worked his way back up to his feet and his a suplex on Triple H. Kane fired back and slammed Triple H into the turnbuckle and hit a back body drop. He went for the pin and Ric Flair ran into the ring and went after Kane. He got him out of the ring and Triple H went back to work on him in the ring. Hurricane then ran down to the ringside area and took care of Flair and Kane powerslammed The Game in the middle of the ring. He went for the pin, but he kicked out. Triple H went to the top rope and missed the axe handle slam and Kane put him back up top and went for the superplex. Triple H leaped down and got the big boot to the face. Kane then went for the boot in the air at Triple H and missed and nailed the ref. They went to the outside and Triple H was chokeslammed through the announce table. Flair then tried to attack Kane on the outside but he shook him off and took the Champion back into the ring for the pin. Flair then ran in with a sledgehammer and went after Kane, but he grabbed it from him and took him out. He was going to nail Triple H with it, but he hit the low blow and took the weapon. Kane got up and hit the chokeslam on Triple H after avoiding the sledgehammer, but the referee was knocked out cold. A new ref came in to make the count, but Flair pulled him out at the last second to keep the match going. Flair then went off the top rope and Kane caught him and hit the chokeslam. Triple H then got up and hit the Pedigree on Kane and pinned him to win the match.
Winner: Triple H

Stephanie was in her locker room and was approached Tracy, by the woman who approached The Undertaker about being unfaithful with her in the past. Stephanie asked her if she had feelings for him to this day and she said she had no feelings for him, but wanted him back (Didn’t make sense). She said that Paul Heyman put her up to lying about the Undertaker and that everything they ever did was in the past.

Match #6 Smackdown! Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio & Edge

Angle and Mysterio started the match for their teams and Mysterio got a quick upper hand in the match with his speed. Mysterio took him down and then leaped off the ropes nailed him. Mysterio then slapped him in the back of the head while was on the mat and then tagged in Edge. They locked up and wrestled to the mat. Angle got him in a headlock and then went off the ropes and Edge his an arm drag and then a dropkick on Angle. Benoit was tagged in and went to work on Edge. They wrestled on the mat and Edge got Benoit in an armbar. Benoit pushed him back to the corner and fought out of the hold and then got him in a side headlock in the middle of the ring. Benoit then hit the ropes and hit a shoulder block, but had no such luck on the follow-up and got hip-tossed and then worked over in the corner by Edge. Edge hit a Flap Jack on Benoit in the middle of the ring and then slammed Benoit into the turnbuckle. Benoit sent Edge into the ropes near Angle and he lifted the knee into the back of Edge when he hit he ropes. Edge hit the Spear on Angle, who was on the ring apron. Benoit then slammed him down and hit an elbow drop on him. Angle got the tag and kicked Edge in the ribs as he got into the ring. He then used the ropes as leverage and stood on the face of Edge. Angle hit a knee to the gut of Edge as he went off the ropes. Angle got him down to the mat in a reverse headlock. Mysterio was begging and encouraging Edge to make the tag. He finally got up and got the belly-to-belly from Angle. Angle tagged Benoit and he came in and worked Edge in the corner. He slammed him into the turnbuckle. He pulled him out and repeatedly lifted the knee into the gut of Edge. He whipped him into the corner and hit the German suplex on him. He hit three in a row and then hit a cheap shot on Mysterio to knock him off the ring apron. Benoit signaled that the end was near and went to the top rope. Benoit leaped and missed Edge and both men were down and out on the canvas. Edge finally made it over to Mysterio and he ran into the ring with fury and first took Angle off the ring apron and then dropkicked Benoit in the face. Mysterio leaped off the top rope and hit a leg drop on Benoit, who was laced in the ropes. Benoit then countered a maneuver from Mysterio and slammed him to the mat and got him in the Crippler Crossface. Mysterio slammed Benoit into the middle rope and went for his finisher but Benoit countered. Edge nailed Benoit and Mysterio made the pin, but he kicked out. Mysterio went up top and Angle caught him and hit the super belly-to-belly suplex. Mysterio kicked out of the pin and then got slammed into the corner and Angle and Benoit double-teamed him. Angle was tagged back in and he grounded the high-flyer and worked him over on the mat. Angle hit a suplex and Mysterio kicked out of the pin again. Angle got him in a front facelock and had him down and he battled back up to his feet. Angle hit another belly-to-belly suplex and then slammed Mysterio’s head into the turnbuckle. He tagged Benoit in and he hit a huge back body drop on Mysterio in the middle of the ring and then a back suplex. He went for the cover and Mysterio got the shoulder up. Mysterio kicked Benoit in the face out of desperation and they were both down. He inched over to tag in Edge and finally made the tag at the same time as Benoit. Edge got Benoit in to the corner and Mysterio came in and hit the broncobuster on him. Edge hit a Hurricanrana on Angle and then Benoit went for the diving head butt and missed and nailed his partner Kurt Angle. Edge made the cover and Angle kicked out. Mysterio came in and kicked Angle in the face. Edge was rearing up for the Spear and Benoit came up from behind and got him in the Crossface. Benoit was knocked to the outside. Edge picked up Mysterio and tossed him in moonsault form onto Benoit on the outside. Angle grabbed Edge and was going to synch in the ankle lock, but he rolled through it and got him in the hold. Angle countered his hold and got him in his own ankle lock and Edge tapped in the middle of the ring. The first ever Smackdown! Tag Team Champions.
Winner(s): Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle

The Undertaker was in the back asking one of the trainers to give him some kind of shot so that he could make it through the match. He was not willing to give him the shot and Taker told him to do it or he would do it himself and the trainer finally gave him the shot in his injured hand.

Match #7 Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

The women got the match started in the ring and they quickly fought to the outside. Trish nailed Victoria with a clothesline but she fired back and picked up the champion and dropped her on the guardrail. They got back into the ring. Victoria flipped over the top rope and nailed Trish with leg drop. She backed her into the corner and Trish turned the momentum around and got Victoria on the top rope and hit the Hurricanrana. Victoria got up and fired back at the Women’s Champion. She scoop slammed her in the middle of the ring. She slammed her down again and went up top. Trish caught her and then hit a back suplex on her from the ropes. Trish went for the pin and she kicked out. Trish wrestled Victoria on the mat and countered a pin maneuver and rolled her up for the pin and to retain her title. After the match, Victoria snuck up on Trish and kicked her right in the chin and took her down. The referee had to stop Victoria from continuing her attack and she finally left with Trish down in the ring.
Winner: Trish Stratus

Match #8 WWE Undisputed Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

The cell was lowered from the ceiling and both men came down into the ring. The match got started and Brock got Undertaker in a reverse bear hug and Taker broke free. He sent him off the ropes and Brock countered and hit a huge power slam on Taker in the middle of the ring and went for the early pinfall. Brock got knocked out of the ring and he went to the cage door and tried to get out as Undertaker followed him on the outside. The Undertaker and Brock got back in the ring and Taker used the cast on the head of the Champion many times and had the upper hand in the match. Taker took Brock to the outside. Brock was a bloody mess already at this point in the match and Taker slammed him off the ring steps and then worked him over in the corner against the cage wall. He then drove Brock’s head into the steel wall of the cell. Undertaker continued his assault on the champion and slammed him into the cell wall again and he bounced off of the steps again. Taker finally got Brock back in the ring. They battled back to the outside. Brock took a shot the injured hand of the Undertaker, but he bounced back and took the champion outside of the ring and worked him over. Taker then grabbed Heyman’s tie through the cage and pulled him repeatedly into the cage and turned him into a bloody mess. This distraction gave Brock the chance to gain an offense on Taker. Brock backed Taker into the wall of the cell and worked on the broken hand. Brock slammed the hand repeatedly and then tried to remove the cast. Taker snapped and fired back and went to work on Brock. Brock took advantage again on the outside and tried to take the cast off. He got Taker back in the ring and kicked the broken, bloody hand of Undertaker. Brock finally got the cast off of the Undertaker. He got him tied up in the ropes and twisted the arm around the ropes to try to re-break or further injure the broken arm. Brock set Taker up on the top rope and swung from the top of the cell to kick Taker in the chest. Taker then hit a low blow on him and knocked him down into the middle of the ring. Undertaker got down and went back to work on the Champion. He came toward him and Lesnar hit a desperation DDT, but Taker fired right back and tossed him out of the ring. Undertaker then dove through the ropes and missed Brock to slam right into the steel cage. Brock got up and slammed Taker into the cell and then nailed him down with a clothesline. Brock got the steel steps and nailed Undertaker in the head as soon as he got up to his feet. Undertaker was dripping blood and Lesnar used the cell to his advantage and grinded Taker’s face into it. Lesnar hit a spinebuster on Taker in the middle of the ring and went for two pins in a row and he kicked out both times. Undertaker did the old school walking the ropes and Brock arm dragged him off the top and to the mat. Undertaker got up and hit the choke slam in the middle of the ring. Brock somehow kicked out of the pin and Taker slammed him down into the corner. Brock was going to hit the Last Ride on Taker, but he countered and hit a back body drop. Undertaker got Brock up and was setting up for the Last Ride, but Brock slammed him into the turnbuckle. He punched Taker in the forehead a number of times and Taker finally grabbed him and hit the Last Ride. He covered him and Brock kicked out again. Undertaker signaled for the Tombstone and went for the move, but Brock countered and hit the F5 and pinned Undertaker in the middle of the ring to win the match.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Following the match, Brock Lesnar climbed to the top of the Cell and raised the WWE Undisputed Title in the air as the show came to a close.

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