American Airlines Center
Dallas, Texas
November 16, 2003

From Heat:

Tajiri (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Jamie Noble

Tajiri wins the match with a kick to Noble's head and help from the outside. Tajiri retains his cruiserweight title.



Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones, A-Train ) vs. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Bradshaw, Hardcore Holly , John Cena)
Classic Survivor Series Match

Holly is disqualified after knocking the referee down after starting the match on the outside. Bradshaw pins A-Train. The Big Show chokeslams Bradshaw and pins him.  Angle Slam on Morgan eliminates the big man. Nathan Jones taps out to the Ankle Lock. Lesnar hits the F-5 and gets the pin on Angle.  Benoit applies the crossface on Lesnar and he has no choice but to tap out.  John Cena hits the Big Show with his chain and manages to put the Big Show up in the F-U and gets the pin.  Team Angle wins the match with two members surviving.



Lita vs. Molly Holly (WWE Woman's champion)

The match ends up on the outside on two separate occasions.  Lita misses a lita-sault. Molly hits the Molly-Go-Round and thinks she won the match.  Molly wins after Lita is flung into an uncovered turnbuckle.



Shane McMahon vs. Kane
Ambulance Match

The match starts on the outside when Shane in thrown into the steps.  Shane gives Kane the flying elbow from the ring post to the Spanish announce table. They go through the crowd to the back. the video feed is lost.  Shane abuses Kane with a kendo stick. Kane is rammed through a security booth with Shane's SUV.  Shane calls for an ambulance. The video feed is lost again. they make it out to the arena.  Shane fights his way out of the ambulance.  Shane jumps of the ambulance onto Kane.  Kane tombstones Shane onto the floor and shoves him into the ambulance.



Los Guerreros vs. The Basham Brothers (WWE Tag Team Champions)

The match starts on the outside.  Los Guerreros attack Shaniqua.  Chavo hits a swinging DDT hits Eddie by accident.  Chavo goes and checks on Eddie.  The Bashams school get a boy roll-up on Chavo for the win



Team Austin (Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, The Dudley Boys) vs. Team Bischoff (Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Christian, Randy Orton, Mark Henry)
Classic Survivor Series Match

3-D and a Book End on Steiner eliminates him. Mark Henry eliminates Booker T.  3-d and a frog splash on Mark Henry followed by a triple pin eliminates him.  RKO by Orton eliminates RVD.  Chris Jericho eliminates D-Von.  An Unprettier sends Bubba Ray packing.  Sweet Chin Music on Christian from out of nowhere nocks him out of the match.  Michaels counters a walls of Jericho into a roll-up.  Bautista interferes and wipes out Michaels.  Orton crawls onto Michaels and gets the win. Austin is GONE!



Steve Austin gives his farewell speech.


Vince McMahon vs. The Undertaker
Buried Alive Match

Vince gets pummeled and ends up bleeding.  Vince gets whacked in the head with one of the shovels.  The Undertaker carries Vince to the grave site.  Vince hits the Undertaker with the shovel and he falls into the grave.  Kane threw the Undertaker out of the construction equipment.  Vince climbs into the construction equipment and drops a HUGE load of dirt on the Undertaker. Vince wins the match!



Triple H vs. Goldberg (WWE World Champion)

Goldberg goes after Ric Flair.  Triple H works on Goldberg's injured leg.  Flair passes Triple H the Bras Knucks.  Goldberg breaks the pin.  Triple H gets a sledge hammer and Goldberg blocks his use.  All members of evolution come to try and take Goldberg out.  Goldberg blocked a pedigree. SPEAR! JACKHAMMER! 1...2.......3 Goldberg wins! 

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