WrestleMania 22
Allstate Arena
Chicago, Illinois
April 2, 2006

 Attendance: 17,159


Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child sang "America The Beautiful"


Carlito & Chris Masters vs. Kane & The Big Show (WWE World Tag Team Champions)

Kane and The Big Show go to work on Masters by cutting the ring in half. The Big Show lifts Carlito and drops him on the ropes. Carlito gets thrown to the floor, Kane flies off the top rope to the floor on Carlito & Masters.  The Big Show lifts Carlito by the head into the ring.  Carlito sends the Big show into the bare metal corner! Kane cleans house. Kane misses a jump off the top and Masters gets Kane in a Master Lock! The Big Show kicks Masters to break the hold. Kane goes for a double choke slam but masters & Carlito manage to break free.  Kane pins Carlito after a choke slam! The Big Show and Kane retain their titles!



Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Finlay vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Ric Flair
Interpromotional Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Lashley starts off by completely cleaning house. Hardy gets a ladder, RVD takes him out with help from the ladder! Benjamin sets up a ladder on the ropes and goes for a running senton splash into the guys on the outside. Hardy Suplexes Flair off the TOP OF THE LADDER!!! The referees go to check on Flair, The trainers come out and help flair to the back! RVD misses a rolling thunder and gets nothing but ladder. Lashley and Benjamin fight at the top of the ladder. Ric Flair hobbles back out! Hardy & Benjamin try to stop Flair from winning! Flair goes for the briefcase but Finlay whacks Flair with his shillelagh. Lashley goes for the briefcase but RVD licks a chair at him to knock him off.  RVD splashes Finlay from the top of the ladder. RVD struggles up the ladder, Benjamin jumps off the ropes to the ladder and stop him. RVD WINS! ! ! He now can face any WWE World / Champion anytime anywhere in the next year!


WWE Hall of Fame Class Inductees come out.
Mean Gene Okerlund, Sensational Sherri, Tony Atlas, Verne Gagne, William Perry, The Blackjacks, Eddie Guerrero (Vickie Guerrero) Bret Hart did not attend.


Chris Benoit (WWE US Champion) vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield with Jillian Hall

Benoit goes for the crossface but JBL makes it to the ropes. Benoit tries for the sharpshooter but JBL kicks Benoit away. The fight goes to the outside. Benoit hits the "Hat Trick" then motions for the flying head butt. JBL pulls the referee in front of him to save himself.  JBL hits the three amigos ala Eddie Guerrero! Benoit stops him at two. Benoit hits the three amigos followed by an flying head butt! Benoit goes for the pin but JBL kicks out. Benoit tries for a belly to back suplex but JBL grabs the referee. JBL holds on to the ropes and gets the pin and the win! NEW US CHAMPION . . . JBL!


Edge with Lita vs. Mick Foley

Edge starts with the Bat he brought out but quickly loses it. Edge is in the tree of woe and Foley kicks him.  Lita gets the cookie sheets from under the ring.  Edge lays Foley out with four or five shots! Edge sets up for the spear but edge is in pain after it. Foley had barbed wire around his waist and that's what hurt Edge. Edge's arm is gushing blood! Edge gets caught in the ropes. Foley goes to the outside and gets a barbwire wrapped bat from under the stairs.  The fight goes to the outside. Foley is tossed onto the stairs. Edge runs Foley in the stairs again. Edge gets a table. Foley is splayed on the table while Edge goes off the top rope. The fight goes back in the ring. Edge sprays Foley with lighter fluid! Edge uses the barbwire bat. Foley is bleeding profusely from the face. Edge takes apart the stairs and finds thumbtacks and pours them on the ring mat. Edge is suplexed onto the tacks! Foley takes out Socko wraps it in barbwire and used it on Edge. Foley gets "barb-ey" and thwarts Edge with it. Foley gets the lighter fluid and douses a table with it! Lita hits Foley with the barbwire bat. Lita sets the table a blaze! Edge sends Foley through the flaming table! Edge pins Foley!



Booker T & Sharmell vs. The Boogie Man

Booker T makes Sharmell start the match. Booker T ambushes a fallen Boogie Man. Booker T hits the bookend and follows it up with a two count. Boogie Man pulls out a handful of worms from his pocket. He then kissed Sharmell with a mouthful of worms. The Boogie Man wins!



Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Mickie James

The fight goes to the outside. The two trade  forearms. Mickie ties Trish up in the corner. Mickie goes to the top rope. Running power bomb by Trish only gets a two count. Trish goes for the Stratusfaction but Mickie counters with a crotch grab.  Mickie wins! NEW WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPION!


The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

Henry starts out by blindsiding the Undertaker. The taker tries to go "Old School" but Henry gets him in the stomach. Henry motions for the casket to be opened. Henry goes for a move but slides in the casket. Taker goes in after him. The two fight their way out of the casket. Taker gives Henry the last ride! taker flies over the top rope and casket to take out Henry! Taker tombstones Henry, rolls him into the casket and wins!


Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. McMahon

Michaels goes to the outside and attacks Vince who is posing by his magazine cover. The two walk all over the announce tables. Michaels hits Vince with the magazine cover. The Spirit Squad come out to help Vince. Michaels cleans house with the Spirit Squad Megaphone. Vince comes back in and chokes out Michaels. Vince takes off his belt and "Whips him like a government mule". Vince motions for sweet chin music. Michaels gets the belt on Vince. Shane comes out and hits Michaels with a kendo stick. Vince pulls his pants down to have Michaels kiss his @$$ but Michaels pushes Shane's face in it. Michaels handcuffs Shane to the ropes and throws the key into the crowd. Michaels thwacks Vince with a chair. Vince is bleeding! Vince is woozy and Michaels goes for a ladder. Michaels motions for sweet chin music again and stops. Michaels gets a table . Vince is laid out on a table. Michaels climbs the ladder and contemplates jumping off. Michaels sets up a LARGER ladder, places Vince in a trash can on the table and Jumps off! ! ! The paramedics come out to aid Vince. Michaels finally lands sweet chin music and gets the three count!


Kurt Angle (WWE World Champion) vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio

Orton and Mysterio start the match with competing drop kicks. Angle takes out both other men with a double German suplex. Mysterio gets a tilt a whirl head scissors on angle. Mysterio goes for a 619 but Angle counters with a Ankle lock. Mysterio taps out but referee is distracted. Angle gets Orton in an ankle lock.  Orton goes to the top rope Angle counters with a belly to belly from the top rope. Angle gets an angle slam on Orton. Mysterio WINS! ! ! He pinned Orton after a spring board move.


Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle
Playboy Pillow fight

Torrie Wilson gets win with a roll up.


John Cena (WWE Champion) vs. Triple H

Triple H comes out as a "King of Kings" with new introductory music.  John Cena comes out with a gangster montage .Cena went for the F-U but Triple H broke out. Cena comes up with a fury of fists. Cena gets Triple H in a head lock The two go to the entrance ramp. Triple H is back dropped on the ramp .Triple H sends Cena into the stairs Triple H  put Cena in a sleeper hold. The two trade gut punches. Triple H hits a spine buster and gets only a two count. Cena puts Triple H in the STFU. Triple H counters a FU and runs Cena into the referee and then low blows both the referee and Cena. Triple H gets a sledge hammer and Triple H hits Cena with it. Triple H goes for a series of pin attempts. Cena misses a big splash and triple H goes for a pedigree but Cena counters into an  STFU. TRIPLE H TAPS OUT!!! Cena retains the title

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