Thomas and Mack Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 26, 2005


Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito (WWE Intercontinental Champion)
Benjamin went for a Stinger Splash in the corner, but Carlito took away the turnbuckle pad and he hit his head on the turnbuckle.  Carlito then rolled him up and grabbed his tights to get a three count and retain the title.

Victoria vs. Christy Hemme
Christy went for a Sunset Flip, but Victoria was able to sit down during the move to end up pinning her. Victoria won this match.

Kane vs. Edge with Lita
Gene Snitsky comes out to help but only gets in the way.  Edge goes to attack Kane with a briefcase, but Kane moves and Edge gets Snitsky!  Kane then does a Chokeslam on Edge and gets the pin. 

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle
This is a classic wrestling match with lots of great wrestling moves not seen in many matches on TV today.  Shawn does a Sweet Chin Music as both men fall down.  Shawn puts his arm on Angle but only gets a two.  Angle then jumps from the top rope on Shawn, but Shawn does another Sweet Chin Music.  This time he manages a pin for the win in this WrestleMania rematch.

Lillian Garcia has an interview in the ring with Viscera.  Viscera said that he wants to marry Lillian, but then The Godfather comes out with some women!  The Godfather tells him that he shouldn't spend his life with just one woman, Lillian, but with a lot of women, the Godfather's!  Viscera, the women and The Godfather dance all the way to the back as Lillian is upset in the ring.

Christian with Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (WWE Champion)
John Cena got the win with the FU on Christian to retain his championship.

Triple H vs. Batista (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)
Hell In The Cell
Both men apply their finisher on each other on top of the metal steps in the middle of the ring.  Then Triple H goes to use the sledgehammer, but Batista moves, and then covers Triple H for the win to retain his championship!


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