Norfolk Scope
Norfolk, Virginia
June 27, 2004

From Heat:

Spike Dudley vs. Jamie Knoble
Spike Dudley won with a roll-up

Torrie Wilson welcomes us to Great American Bash


John Cena (WWE US Champion) vs. Rene Dupree with Fi Fi vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T

Booker T is thrown to the outside.  Van Dam & Booker T fight on the outside. Dupree and Cena remain the only men fighting. Booker T takes a breather outside. Dupree is the only one left in the ring and Booker T throws Van Dan inside to get beat down. Van Dam hits a split-leg moonsault on Dupree and gets a two count.  Dupree is slung outside with Cena and Booker T.  Cena and Van Dam exchange pin attempts.  Booker T finally gets in the match. Booker T hits the spine buster on Dupree followed by 5-star by Van Dam.  Cena gets a quick roll-up on Van Dam and he is eliminated. The two that remain double team Cena. Booker T and Dupree go after each other after miss communication. F-U on Dupree followed by Scissors kick on Cena. Booker T Pins Dupree and leaves himself and Cena to fight it out.  Cena ducks out of a scissors kick and hits the F-U on Booker T for the win.


Charlie Haas with Miss Jackie vs. Luther Reigns with Mr. Angle

Reigns powers Haas into the turnbuckles. Haas hits a series of drop kicks.  Reigns synchs a half Boston crab, Haas moves towards the ropes, Reigns pulls Haas away.  Haas goes shoulder first into the corner. Reigns wins after a neck breaker.


Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr. (WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

Chavo works on Mysterio's legs. Mysterio  kicks Chavo out of the ring. Mysterio gets Chavo with a hurricanrana. Rey is caught in a tree of woe. Chavo goes to spear Rey but Rey moves.  Chavo hits a gorey bomb then goes for a pin but Rey Kicks out. Chavo puts Mysterio in a half Boston crab. Chavo goes for another Gorey Bomb but  Rey  counters with a sunset senton. Rey retains his title.


Kenzo Suzuki with Horoko vs. Billy Gunn

Suzuki goes for a series of submission moves.  The two trade hard shots. Gunn hits a tilt-a-world slam on Suzuki.  Suzuki wins with the low-blow.


Sable vs. Torrie Wilson

Sable quickly goes to the outside. Torrie tries a sunset flip. The two knock heads and Charles Robinson tries for a ten count. Robinson checks on Sable because she hasn't moved. Sable hits a school girl and grabs tights of Torrie.


Mordecai vs. Hardcore Holly

The two exchange punches. Mordecai gets caught in the ropes. Mordecai has Hardcore in a sleeper. Hardcore hits with a flying elbow.  Mordecai counters a Alabama slam into a crucifix slam for the win.


John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Eddie Guerrero (WWE Champion)
Texas Bull Rope Match

The two get attached to the rope. Eddie chokes JBL with the rope. Eddie touches two corners, JBL tries to stop him from his third. JBL hits Eddie in the head with the bell. Eddie is stuck in the tree of woe and JBL is chocking him out. JBL sets Eddie up to go through the table, but, Eddie counters. Eddie hits JBL with a steel chair.  The two get in the ring and Eddie hits three corners. JBL grabs hold of the ropes. Eddie again gets three corners, JBL holds the ring ropes for dear life. DDT on Eddie. JBL goes for the corners Eddie counters with a jerk of the ropes between the legs. FROGSPLASH ! ! ! Eddie goes for the corners again, JBL rolls to the outside. Eddie sits on the ropes and JBL flings him onto the Spanish Announce Table. JBL Powerbombs Eddie through the table! JBL throws Eddie into the ring and goes for the corners.  1 . . 2 . . . 3 . . . Eddie stops him.  Both men go for the corners at the same time. three a piece Eddie hits his fourth! Eddie retains his title. Angle comes out and says we need a replay to have a fair outcome.  We see JBL's shoulder touched before Eddie's hand. Angle reverses the Referee's Decision, JBL wins WWE Championship.


The Undertaker vs. the Dudley Boys
Concrete Crypt Match

The Undertaker is told the do the right thing.  Heyman drops some cement on Bearer. the Dudleys tell the Taker to do the right thing. the Taker lays down.  Bubba Ray goes to confront the Taker but he grabs Bubba's throat. The Taker goes for old school and Heyman puts more cement on Bearer. The Dudleys continue to pummel the Taker.  The Taker leaves the ring towards Heyman. Yet more cement on Bearer. Bubba Ray goes and confronts Heyman.  The undertaker continues to get beat by the Dudleys.  The undertaker goes old school. 3-D on the Taker. Chokeslam on Bubba Ray, Tombstone in D-Von. the Undertaker Wins. A bolt of lightning hits the cement truck. Heyman crawls away. The Undertaker pulled the lever and buried Paul Bearer.

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