The Compaq Center
Houston, Texas
June 15, 2003


Christopher Nowinksi & Rodney Mack (with Theodore Long) vs. The Dudley Boyz
They showed clips from Heat earlier in which Nowinski got in D-Von's ear about his brother always ordering him around. D-Von and Nowinksi started off with D-Von taking control and later tagging in Bubba who also controlled. Mack tried to interfere but got whipped into the corner where Nowinksi already was and Bubba splashed them both. Later in the match, the Dudleyz hit the "Whassup" headbutt on Mack and Bubba called for the tables but D-Von had some second thoughts as Long was up on the apron yelling at D-Von. Finally, D-Von went after Long and Mack clotheslined D-Von to the outside while Nowinksi took his steel facemask and clocked Bubba with it for the win.


Redneck Triathlon – Burping Contest
They showed the events leading up to the Redneck Triathlon, which Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff are putting on. They showed the spinning of the wheel and the first two events are the pie eating and a burping contest. Terri explained the rules and each were allowed three burps and a winner would be determined. Bischoff let a small one for his first and Austin blew it away. Bischoff answered with a better burp. Austin then chugged a beer and let out a less impressive belch. Bischoff let out his third, which was his best, and Austin called him sick. Austin won the burping contest with his third, which was truly massive. Bischoff congratulated him and told Austin to see a doctor.


Scott Steiner vs. Test
Winner gets managerial skills of Stacy Keibler
During Stacy's ass flaunting entrance into the ring, Test grabbed her and pulled her to the floor and started yelling at her. Steiner went to jump off the apron but he tripped and did a dive to the floor and I almost choked on my drink laughing. In the ring, Steiner took control but Test soon rolled to the outside and got Stacy involved which allowed him to get a shot in on Steiner. Early in the match, Test threw on a sleeperhold but only momentarily as Steiner soon broke out and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. The two traded some more moves and near falls as Stacy was cheering on Steiner. Finally, Test got fed up and grabbed a chair but Steiner ducked it and the chair bounced off the ropes and hit Test in the face. Steiner then hit his finisher for the win.


Christian (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Booker T
The two locked up and Booker hit an arm drag takedown in the middle of the ring. Booker T hit the scoop slam on Christian and then got him in a side headlock. Christian tried to slam Booker, but he got him with a side headlock takedown in the middle of the ring. Booker hit the Flapjack and then went for the pin, but the champ kicked out. Christian then ran right into a Spinebuster and nearly got pinned yet again. Christian ducked out of the ring and pulled Booker to the outside. He slammed him into the steal steps and then went for the pin in the ring. Booker kicked out and Christian got him in a reverse chinlock. Christian got Booker up and backed him into the corner. Christian then went upstairs and jumped right into another Flapjack. Both men were down at this point, but Christian got up and got nailed with sidewalk slam. Christian kicked out of the pin but then was on the receiving end of the spinning heel kick. Christian slammed Booker in the middle of the ring and he kicked out of the pin. Christian got upset and threw a small tantrum and then Booker nearly rolled him up and got the win. Booker nailed the standing sidekick and then the missile dropkick from the top. He covered Christian but he managed to kick out. Booker got the Spinnerooney and Christian ran from the ring and grabbed the IC title. He began to walk out and the referee got on the mic. He told Christian that if he got counted out, he would lose the match and forfeit the IC title. He ran back to the ring at 9 and nailed Booker with the title. The ref got in the face of Christian and then rang the bell and disqualified the champ.


Redneck Triathlon – Pie Eating Contest
Jerry “The King” Lawler was in the ring to announce for the Pie Eating Contest. He said that Austin leads 1-0 and if he wins this one then he wins the Triathlon. Austin came down and said he was to choose the women for Eric. The four ladies he had found, which were all very hot. Austin said Eric looked like he needed some more mature women. Austin introduced the pie for Bischoff and the music hit. Sure enough, it was none other than Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah. Mae kissed Eric after he said he wanted to just get this over with. Steve wasn’t satisfied with the kiss and then Mae got him in the corner and got down to her thong and hit Bischoff with the broncobuster. Austin then said it was his turn and he hit Mae Young with the Stone Cold Stunner and said he forfeits this round, so there will be a third round in the Redneck Triathlon.


La Résistance vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane (WWE World Tag Team Champions)
Van Dam started off and was fired up as he took control early. Van Dam went for the monkeyflip on Dupre but Grenier interfered which led to Dupre taking control with a DDT. The two worked over Van Dam for a bit before he rebounded and made the hot tag to Kane who cleaned house. Kane caught Dupre coming off the top with a two handed choke. Kane then hit the top rope clothesline on Grenier for two. The heels then tried a double team but Kane countered with a clothesline. Kane and La Résistance then went to the outside and brawled. Van Dam then came flying over the top with a dive but Grenier and Dupre moved and RVD took out Kane. In the ring, Grenier and Dupre hit RVD with the double flapjack for the


Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho
Goldberg tore tight into Jericho and tossed him around the ring for a bit. He then pressed Jericho up over his head and dropped him crotch-first on the top rope. They headed outside where Goldberg dropped Jericho onto the security rail. Goldberg then got ready for a spear as Jericho got to his feet. Goldberg charged but Jericho dodged it and Goldberg went into the security rail and tore right through it, injuring his shoulder. Jericho took advantage of that and worked over Goldberg's arm and shoulder for the next few minutes. Goldberg tried to fight back with one arm but Jericho remainded in control as he hit a bulldog and then a Lionsault (right on Goldberg's face, actually) for a near fall. Jericho hit another bulldog and went for another Lionsault but Goldberg was on his feet to counter it. Goldberg then nailed the spear with his injured shoulder which (of course) prevented him from making a pin attempt. Around this point, a small "Goldberg Sucks!" chant was heard, followed by a "Y2J!" chant. Goldberg attempted the Jackhammer but couldn't lift Jericho with his injured arm. Jericho hit a lowblow and then locked on the Walls of Jericho which surprisingly received a good reaction. Goldberg struggled for the ropes but Jericho dragged him back towards the center. Goldberg then countered out of the hold and soon after he hit the spear and the Jackhammer for the win.


Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
Michaels gave Flair a little bit of his own medicine early on, hitting a big chop and then putting him down on the mat and doing the Flair strut on his back. HBK kept on the offensive with a crossbody to the outside and continued to dominate. Back in the ring, Flair managed a couple of chops but Michaels was still in control. Finally, Flair hit a chop block with Michaels' back turned and worked over HBK's knee for a little bit before locking on the Figure Four. After two near falls, Michaels finally broke the hold. Flair went after the knee again but Michaels countered with an enziguri. Flair regained momentum for a minute and went up top and as usual, got thrown off. Michaels tuned up the band but his superkick was blocked so he turned the tables on Flair and locked on his own Figure Four. Flair got out of it with a thumb to the eye. Flair then rolled up Michaels and held the tights but only scored a two count. HBK then set up Flair on the top and nailed a superplex. Michaels then headed outside and set up a table. In the ring, Flair tried to suplex Michaels over the top and onto the table but HBK countered and the two went to the outside where Michaels introduced Flair to the ringpost and then set him up on the table. Randy Orton then ran in from the crowd but got absolutely floored with a superkick from Michaels. HBK went up top and hit a nice crossbody, changing direction in mid-air and colliding with Flair to destroy the table. Flair and Michaels slowly made it to their feet and headed back in the ring where we could see that Flair's back was bleeding. In the ring, Michaels had Flair in the corner but he hit a mule kick between the legs which also took out referee Earl Hebner. Michaels was still in control however and hit the elbow drop off the top and then clocked Flair with Sweet Chin Music. However, Randy Orton had recovered and jumped in the ring to plaster HBK with a chair. Orton then took a bloodied Flair and laid him over Michaels just as Hebner came around to make the three count.


Redneck Triathlon - Pigpen Fun
Eric Bischoff came out for the round three of the Redneck Triathlon. He said he wanted to get this over with and get his victory. He said he could only think of one song good enough for him to sing, and that would be his own theme music. He started singing and Austin stopped him from backstage on the big screen. He said he sucked and was Milly Vanilly because he was lip-syncing. He then told him to do it without the voice dubbed over. He sang and it was horrible. Austin said he sucked and since neither could sing, he would spin the wheel again for the last contest. He moved the wheel on “Pigpen Fun” and said they would fight and the loser would end up in the pigpen. Bischoff tried to make an escape but the fans stood in his way. Finally a fan in the front row threw Bischoff back near the ring and Austin came down and whooped his ass. He then took him up to the stage and launched him down into the pigpen. Bischoff was covered in slops and Austin was victorious in the Redneck Triathlon.


Triple H vs. Kevin Nash
The match began and the cell was lowered down over the ring. Mick Foley came down as the special referee and the match got underway. Triple H got nailed right off the bat with a clothesline and then tossed Triple H out of the ring. He got back in and Nash leveled him with a shot the forehead. Triple H, now on the ring apron got a huge forearm from Nash and then countered and pulled Nash down across the top rope. They battled to the outside of the ring and Nash slammed Triple H into the side of the cell. Nash whipped Triple H off the cage and hit the back body drop on the floor. They got back in the ring and hit the elbow on the back of The Game’s neck. He slammed him into the corner and then hit the sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring and went for the pin. Nash got up and landed the elbow to the chest of the Champ and went for another pin. Nash got a chair from the outside and rammed it into the sternum of Triple H and then slammed it across The Game’s back. On the outside of the ring, Nash grabbed the steel steps threw them at Triple H, but he luckily moved out of the way. Triple H then went on the attack but his offense was put to a halt and Nash went for a Powerbomb on the outside. Triple H escaped the move and whaled on Nash. Triple H then stumbled upon a toolbox and grabbed a hammer and nailed the knee of Nash and then clubbed him in the back of the head. Nash then got up to the ring apron and HHH pummeled away at his bloody head and then slammed his head into the side of the cage and rubbed his face into it. Nash then got slammed into the steel steps. Triple H then got Nash back in the ring and jammed a screwdriver into the face of Big Daddy Cool. Triple H then went under the ring and pulled out a 2x4 with barbed wire around it and brought it into the ring. Nash took a cheap shot at the Game and took the weapon and slammed the Champ in the head. Nash connected again with the 2x4 and then he secured the weapon on the top turnbuckle. Nash slammed Triple H into the corner and followed with a huge clothesline. Nash nailed the Champ with the weapon in the corner and then went for the pin, but Triple H somehow managed to kick out. Nash went to the outside and tossed the steel ring steps into the ring. Triple H made it to the outside and pulled the sledgehammer out from under the ring. Foley pulled the hammer away from Triple H and he nailed him in the face and then grabbed the steel ring steps, but Nash hit the drop toehold and The Game’s face hit the steps. Nash went for the cover, but Game kicked out. Triple H got up and took the chair. He nailed Foley and Nash both in the face and at this point, everyone in the ring was bleeding. Foley got up and pulled out Mr. Socko and locked Triple H with the Mandible Claw. Triple H got free and took out Foley with the ring steps and could not make the count for Nash, who should have won the match. Nash then nailed Foley and took him out of the ring. Triple H went for the Pedigree but Nash countered and catapulted him into the corner, where the barbed wire 2x4 still was hanging. Nash hit the Jack Knife Powerbomb and somehow Triple H kicked out of the pin at the very last moment. Nash got nailed with the sledgehammer again and then got the Pedigree in the middle of the ring. Foley made the 3-count and Triple H won the match and retained his World Heavyweight Title. Orton and Flair came down to the aid of Triple H after the match. They picked him up and raised his arm as the show came to a close.

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