Pepsi Center
Denver, Colorado
July 27, 2003


United States Championship Match
Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Both competitors came in the ring and the referee showed them the new United States title belt and went over the rules for the match. Eddie backed right off and was stalling before locking up with Benoit. They locked up and Benoit exploded with an shoulder block and then Eddie left the ring to stop the momentum of The Canadian Crippler.

Eddie finally got back into the ring and they locked up again. Eddie got Benoit in an armbar and they wrestled to the mat and Eddie hip tossed Benoit to win the exchange. They wrestled to the mat and Eddie again got the advantage with pressure to the arm and elbow of The Crippler. Eddie got up and started with the chops and then a leg scissors takedown into a pin, but Benoit countered and it ended in a stalemate with both men back on their feet.

They locked up again and Eddie got Benoit down to the mat with a side headlock. Eddie got up and hit a big shoulder block again and went right back to the side headlock. Benoit went for the back suplex but he landed on his feet and took Benoit down again with the side headlock. Benoit countered a Tombstone Piledriver and nailed Eddie with a shoulder breaker and then locked Eddie in the Crippler Crossface. Eddie for the ropes and left the ring, and Benoit nailed him with a torpedo through the ropes to the outside.

Benoit got Eddie in a Full Nelson down on the mat and Eddie got to his feet while Benoit slapped him in the back of the head. Benoit nailed Eddie with a chop and then Eddie nailed him with a back elbow in the corner and took Benoit upstairs for the Super Frankensteiner and covered him to get the 2-count.

Eddie went for the cover again and Benoit managed to kick out. Eddie kicked Benoit in the small of the back and then locked him in an armbar. Eddie connected with a chop. They both threw chops back and forth and Eddie ended the exchange with a poke to the eye. Benoit hit a back body drop and then followed by slamming Eddie into the corner and connecting with more Flair chops.

Eddie was lifted up to the top rope and Benoit perfectly executed a back suplex to the middle of the ring. Benoit barely got a cover and Eddie managed to kick out. Benoit hit 2 German Suplexes and then locked Eddie in the Crossface but got his foot on the ropes before tapping out.

Benoit hit the back breaker and then went for the pin again with a kickout from Guerrero. Eddie then nailed 2 vertical suplexes and then finished it off with a Superplex from the top rope. Eddie then went upstairs and missed the Frog Splash but Benoit was slow to get to work. A mighty powerbomb by Chris Benoit led to the Crossface yet again and Eddie got to the ropes again. Benoit got mad at the ref for making him break the hold and Eddie shoved him into the ref and knocked him out cold.

Eddie went out of the ring and snagged the new Championship belt and leveled Benoit with it and then hit the frog splash. Benoit miraculously kicked out of the pin and Eddie went back outside to grab the belt again. Eddie slammed the referee in the back with the title. Eddie put the belt on Benoit’s chest and played dead so the ref would see the title on Benoit and DQ him. The ref never came to and Eddie tried to get him up but Benoit got up by this time and put the Crossface on him again. There was no ref to make the call on the tap out.

Benoit ducked the belt shot and hit the German suplex on Eddie. He went up top and went for the diving headbutt but Eddie pulled the ref in the way. Rhyno then hit the ring and looked like he was ready to spear Eddie, but nailed Benoit and then spit on him in the ring and walked out. This allowed Eddie to hit the Frog Splash again and win the US Title.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero – New United States Champion

Vince and Stephanie were in the back and Stephanie was upset with her father. Vince told her he was turning over a new leaf and was going to be with Linda. He then said he got her flowers and there was a big bouquet behind her. He said those were for Sable, but he had some for her as well and handed her a cheesy bouquet of flowers.

Indecent Proposal Match
Billy Gunn w/ Torrie Wilson vs. Jamie Noble

Noble came out with a briefcase and said it was filled with all the sex items he needed to show Torrie the night of her life and do the things Billy could never do. This brought Billy out of the ring and down the aisle in a fury. Gunn ducked a briefcase shot and then Billy kicked the case into his face. They got to the ring and the match was underway. Noble got a huge Powerslam and then left the ring and Gunn hurt his knee coming over the ropes and gave Noble the advantage. Nidia then made her way to ringside. Billy then hit another unorthodox Powerslam and then pummeled away at Noble in the ring.

Noble was down and out but Billy was favoring that knee. Gunn went up top and Jamie took out the bum knee. Billy got nailed with a huge DDT off the top rope and Nidia put Billy’s foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. Noble went out of the ring and went after Nidia and then locked lips with Torrie against her will and then got slapped around by both women. Torrie and Nidia were on the ring apron and at the same time Noble was able to roll up Billy and pull the tights to get the 1-2-3 and the night with Torrie Wilson.
Winner: Jamie Noble


APA Bar Room Brawl
Everyone was introduced to the Bar Room Brawl, which was down near the entrance area. Bradshaw got on the mic and said the last one drinking would be the winner. Bradshaw said some people like beer, some like grass, but if you’re in the bar he’s going to kick your ass. Brother Love then got on the mic and said he was going to lead a prayer before the event. Brother Love asked for forgiveness in the prayer and then slammed two jobbers in the back with a bar stool. All hell broke loose and Doink and the Brooklyn Brawler were going at it amongst everything else going on. Sean O’Haire grabbed pool cues and nailed Bradshaw in the head and then went after Nunzio. Shannon Moore stopped the momentum of O’Haire and sailed off the ramp onto him. Matt Hardy slammed a few beers and then put some boys through a table. It was a huge mess and it looked like only Funaki and Bradshaw were still up. Funaki had been at the bar the entire time. Bradshaw leveled him with a stool and then Brother Love opened a beer for Bradshaw and tried to make peace. Bradshaw leveled him with the can and Bradshaw was the last man standing and the winner of the APA Bar Room Brawl.
Winner: Bradshaw


Jamie Noble was in the back looking at the Torrie Wilson Playboy issue. He was drooling all over it and started bragging about getting to sleep with her on Thursday night. The backstage crewmember asked him what about Nidia? He said she is hot but will get over it.


Tag Team Championship Match
The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr.

The two teams came to the ring and Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin kicked off the match. Benjamin wrestled Mysterio to the mat and then got back to his feet and Rey dropkicked the knee of Benjamin and then hit a big head scissors takedown. Rey hit the drop toehold and tagged Kidman who came in with the dropkick to the head. Kidman then hit the head scissors takedown, but Benjamin got control and tagged in Charlie Haas.

Haas took it to Kidman and choked him against the second rope. He then tried to nail him but he missed and hung on the middle rope. Kidman got the tag and Rey hit a huge leg drop on him from the top. Haas took control and hit a huge Powerslam after slamming him into the corner, face-first. Benjamin got the tag and lifted Mysterio high into the air and let him fall the to mat and then got him in a headlock.

Benjamin hit a powerbomb, but Mysterio rolled through it and came up with a dropkick to the face. Haas and Kidman got tags and Kidman back body dropped Haas high into the air. He hit a spinebuster and Haas kicked out of the pin. Haas lifted Kidman and laid him across the top rope. Benjamin set up for a big double-team, but Mysterio stopped him and was going to hit the 619, but Benjamin stopped him by pulling his leg and tripping him in the ring. Mysterio hit a huge senton bomb from the ropes and then Kidman back dropped Haas out of the ring and then hit the 5-Star Shooting Star Splash from the top on both champions.

Kidman got nailed off the ring apron and nailed his back. Haas got him back in the ring and went for the pin. Kidman got a backbreaker on the knee of Haas and then Benjamin locked him in the Redhook ringer in the middle of the ring to put major pressure on the back. Haas got the tag and put pressure on the back of Kidman in the corner. He broke free and inched over to Mysterio for the tag. The ref was distracted and missed the tag and the World’s Greatest Tag Team double-teamed Kidman with a double suplex. Benjamin then hit a powerbomb and then a low blow in the middle of the ring.

Benjamin went for another powerbomb and Kidman countered and came down with a face plant. Mysterio finally got the tag and he nailed Benjamin with an enzuguri. Mysterio hit a sunset flip but the champ kicked out. Mysterio then nailed a huge DDT, but again Shelton kicked out. Haas came in and power slammed Mysterio. Kidman got a cheap shot on Haas and put him in position for Mysterio to hit the 619. Haas was covered and the ref was not in position. Benjamin got a cheap shot on Mysterio to stop the momentum. Haas went for the desperation pin and Rey kicked out.

Rey got lifted by Kidman to hit a Super Frankensteiner on Haas. Rey nearly won the match but Haas miraculously kicked out. Benjamin sidekicked Kidman to knocked him out of the ring. Double-teaming and a cheapshot from Haas allowed Benjamin to get the pin on Mysterio and retain the titles.
Winners: The World’s Greatest Tag Team – Still Tag Team Champions

Sable vs. Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie made it to the ring and Sable was flaunting her stuff in the aisle and this brought Steph out of the ring and on the attack. Sable tried to run for it and Stephanie went to work on her. They got back into the ring and Sable backed Stephanie into the corner and nailed her with repeated kicks. She then yanked her out of the corner and slammed her to the mat.

Stephanie was down and out and Sable was flaunting and dancing on top of Stephanie and she came to and rolled her up and nearly got the 3. Sable then slapped Stephanie and yelled at her in the corner before slapping her again. Stephanie knocked Sable down and pummeled away at her with repeated blows. She then dragged her down by the hair and nearly got the 3-count.

Stephanie then went to the outside and grabbed a chair but the ref pulled it away and then they went to work on each other on the outside. Sable got slapped in the face by Stephanie and then pummeled away at her again. Stephanie hit a neck snapper and then kicked Sable in the back. She then threw blows at her in the corner again and then put the choke on her. Stephanie tried to pull off Sable’s top again and then dragged her into the ring.

Sable got the cheapshot kick to the mid-section and the referee gave his shirt to Sable to help her cover herself. A-Train then came down to the ring and leveled Stephanie and Sable looked shocked and made the cover to win the match.
Winner: Sable


The Undertaker vs. John Cena
John Cena came down to the ring and did his normal “rap” to Undertaker and the fans. The Dead Man made his way to the ring and the match got underway. Undertaker backed Cena into the ropes and he took a cheapshot slap at the face of Taker and this got him upset. Undertaker threw blows at Cena in the corner and then dragged him to the outside and slammed him into a chair near the timekeeper’s table. Taker then slammed him into the barricade and then took him spine-first into the ringpost.

Taker laid Cena down across the ring apron and Taker hit the leg drop across the neck. Taker slammed the elbow into the back of Cena and then punched him in the back of the head. Cena was barely hanging on at this point. Taker brought him up to his feet and tossed him out of the ring again.

Taker the got Cena by the arm and hit the Old School slam after walking the ropes. Taker then hit the choke slam in the middle of the ring and the crowd completely erupted. Cena escaped another choke slam and hit a DDT on Taker but could not capitalize. He started to take the cover off of the turnbuckle but did not finish and went back to work on Taker.

Cena pulled him off the mat and Taker connected with a huge right. Taker backed Cena into the corner and splashed him against the turnbuckle. Cena pulled the turnbuckle pad off and Taker leaped at him and missed and nailed his shoulder into the exposed corner. Taker was out of the ring and hit an uppercut on Cena from out of the ring. Cena slammed Taker off the ring apron and into the barricade.

Taker got up and hit the elbow to the stomach of Cena. Undertaker missed the big boot and then clotheslined Cena out of his boots. Cena kicked out of the cover. Taker countered a slam and got John Cena in the dragon sleeper. Cena luckily got the ropes to break the hold. Cena went for the cover after a shot to the mouth but The Dead Man kicked out. Taker got up and they exchanged blows in the ring. Taker unleashed and then nailed Cena with a clothesline.

Taker went for the cover and Cena kicked out again. Undertaker went for the Tombstone but Cena broke free and nearly hit his finisher. Taker broke free and hit a huge legdrop and got him for another 2-count. Undertaker was spitting blood at this point. Cena backed into the corner and Taker threw blows at the head of the winded John Cena. Undertaker then choked out Cena in the corner and Cena grabbed a steel chain from Taker’s bike and slammed him in the gut to gain the advantage.

John Cena picked up Undertaker and hit his finisher but Taker somehow kicked out. Cena was pissed and slammed Taker into the corner and pummeled away at him. He got up to the second rope and starting punching Taker. Undertaker grabbed Cena and lifted him to hit the Last Ride and win the match and hopefully teach John Cena to have a little more respect.
Winner: The Undertaker


Vince McMahon vs. Zach Gowen
Vince came to the ring and awaited Zach Gowen. Gowen made his way to the ring with the prosthetic leg but removed it in front of McMahon before the match. They locked up and Zach got backed into the corner and Vince was laughing as he put the attack on Gowen. He missed the lock up and Vince suplexed him to the mat followed by a hip toss. Vince then nailed him with a clothesline after a roll-up attempt.

Vince got him in the corner again and slammed him in the back to take him down to the mat. Gowen lifted McMahon over the ropes to the outside and then nailed him with a boot and then a Moonsault from the middle rope onto McMahon. He nailed Vince with a legdrop in the ring and went for the pin. Vince worked on the leg of Gowen with a hold in the middle of the ring.

McMahon picked up Gowen by the leg and slammed it into the mat. Vince was strutting his stuff in the ring as Gowen tried to get to his foot. McMahon took another cheapshot at him to take him down. Vince then pulled him to the corner and slammed his knee into the ringpost.

McMahon then got him in a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring and Gowen was screaming in pain. Zach got to the ropes and broke the hold. He got a shot to the mid-section of Vince and got the momentum. He hit a dropkick that took McMahon to this back. He then got on top of Vince and threw blows at him and then snapped his grapefruits on the ringpost.

Zach then slammed the knee into the post twice and then punched Vince before getting back in the ring to break the 10 count. Zach hit a bulldog from the top rope and then hit a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Zach then connected with the Moonsault from the top rope. Vince got his foot on the bottom rope to break the count.

Vince brought a chair in the ring and took out the ref. Zach then dropkicked the chair into Vince’s face and split him open. He then nailed him with the chair and went upstairs, but missed the Moonsault. Vince rolled over and pinned Gowen to win the match. Vince wins the match but blood is pouring from his forehead as he left the ringside area. Zach got up and the crowd gave him a standing ovation following the match.
Winner: Vince McMahon


Josh Matthews interviewed Eddie Guerrero as he was leaving the arena with the United States title. He asked him if the victory was tainted because of the actions of Rhyno. He said no because a victory is a victory no matter what happens. He said to keep your friends close and enemies closer and he has no friends so he has nothing to worry about.


WWE Championship Triple Threat Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

All three men got to the ring and all went at it when the bell sounded. Show and Angle went at it in the ring after Lesnar got taken to the outside. Angle went for the German suplex on Show and he countered and leveled him with a clothesline. Show hit a huge headbutt that took Angle down to his knees. Angle went for a cross body but missed but was able to lock in the Ankle lock.

Show knocked Lesnar off the ring apron and went for the pin but Brock came into to save the title. Show slammed Brock in the back and hit a reverse DDT. Angle then came in with trashcan lids. Brock and Angle nailed Show and took him down to the mat with shots. They then tried to double-team him, but Show double-suplexed them.

Angle and Brock then were about to receive the double-choke slam, but did just that to Show. Angle and Brock then got into a bit of a disagreement and then battled while Show was down. Brock hit the F5 and Angle rolled out of the ring. Show then got to his feet and Brock hit the F5 on him as well. Brock then went to the outside and tossed Angle into the steel steps.

Brock got back into the ring and tried to take out Big Show, but he clotheslined Brock and then went for the pin but he kicked out. Big Show shoved Angle off the ring apron and then Brock hit a running powerbomb from the corner on Show. Both men were down in the ring as well as Angle on the outside. Brock went for the cover, but Angle used the chair on the back of Lesnar and then hit him squarely in the head.

They battled to the outside and Show tried to choke slam Angle, but he countered and hit the Angle Slam on Big Show through the announce table. Angle got back in the ring and look Brock Lesnar in the eye as they prepared to go one-on-one. They exchanged blows in the ring and Lesnar went for the F5 but Angle grabbed the ropes. Lesnar tossed him out of the ring and then went outside to put a beating to him.

Brock slammed Angle into the steel steps and then they made their way back into the ring. Angle hit a German suplex on Brock and both men were down. Angle waited for Brock to get up and went for the Angle slam, but Brock countered and powerslammed Angle to the mat. He pinned him but he kicked out at 2.

Lesnar has Angle in a headlock on the mat and Show came in and legdropped them both and nearly scored the pinfall on them both as well. Show double-choke slammed them and tried to pin both of them separately but they both kicked out. Brock missed a spear and Angle got the Ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Show went for him and missed and Angle hit the Angle Slam on him. Angle then hit the Slam on the champion and pinned him to win the WWE Championship.
Winner: Kurt Angle – New WWE Champion

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