Reunion Arena
Dallas, Texas
July 23, 2000


The Hardy Boyz and Lita vs. T & A and Trish Stratus
The match explodes as The Hardy Boyz hits the ring. As the pace quickens The Hardy's take an earlier advantage double teaming everyone letting Lita get a few shots in. T&A then take over as Matt is sent flying after a step away. Test and Albert pummel a prone Jeff Hardy until Albert leaves the ring and Test slows the pace down.

With Jeff escaping a sleeper hold, he's able to tag in his partner Matt. Matt walks straight in to a pump handle slam courtesy of Test. Jeff makes the save after Matt is pinned and tags in Lita. Lita goes for T&A with a Tornado DDT for Test and a cross-body to the outside for Albert. Climbing the ropes Lita executes a Frankensteiner on Test for a 2 count.

Test takes down Lita and tags in Trish. They go at it until Lita takes over Superplexing Trish off the tope rope and finishes with a Moonsault.


Tazz vs. Al Snow
Al Snow enters the ring to take control of "The Human Wrecking Machine" with a series of moves off the ropes. Tazz tries to get back in the match but is cut back down with punches from Snow. Al Snow goes for "Head" but is caught by an attempt at a T-Bone Suplex from Tazz. Soon after Al Snow gets locked in the Tazzmission and taps out.


Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero (WWF European Champion)
Starting on the outside after Chyna attempts to get at Terri, the match finds it way back to the ring. A pumped up Eddie Guerrero makes Saturn retreat outside straight back at Chyna, who rolls him back in the ring for Eddie to hit a Headscissors takedown from the top rope.

Saturn takes over the momentum with a Powerbomb and they fight once again to the outside. Eddie is first to his feet and tries to take it to Saturn. Back and fourth the match goes. Eddie hits a drop kick from the ropes and knocks Saturn outside who then Clotheslines Chyna.

Terri comes running in and nails Eddie between the legs, Saturn climbs the ropes and hits an elbow drop for the 1... 2... 3... Your new European Champion Perry Saturn.


Edge & Christian (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. The Acolytes
The Acolytes start off with their usual brawling and quick tags to destroy poor Edge. Edge and Christian then gain some control double teaming Bradshaw as Faarooq looks on. Bradshaw recovers for the tag and Faarooq hits the Dominator on Christian. Edge gets his belt and hits the ref and Faarooq. The Acolytes win the match by disqualification.


Val Venis (WWF European Champion) vs. Rikishi
Steel Cage Match
As soon as Val is in the ring he goes to climb out for the quick win. Rikishi pulls Val down and dominates him. It's Rikishi now trying to climb out but jumps back down when he sees Val leaving through the door. Val then takes the match to Rikishi with kicks and chops until Rikishi battles back.

Each man attempts several times to leave the cage but to no avail. As they again both climb the cage Lita comes out for goes after Trish Stratus. She hits Trish with a belt many times and makes her exit.

Meanwhile both men are at the top of the cage where Rikishi hits Val's head against the steel to send him to the canvas. Huge splash from the top of the cage from Rikishi. Suddenly Tazz appears from nowhere to hit Rikishi with Video Camera leaving Val Venis to get the pin.


The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
Undertaker and Kurt Angle started out brawling on the outside and then into the crowd. Undertaker then tossed Angle back into the ring and dominated for several minutes but Angle would make sporadic comebacks by attacking the knee of the Undertaker. Kurt Angle after 5 to 8 minutes finally gained control by latching onto the leg of Undertaker and placing him into a submission hold. The Undertaker fought out and both began to trade punches and kicks. Angle got the best of him and fought out of a Chokeslam attempt. Kurt Angle took down Undertaker and placed him back into another knee submission hold. Undertaker fought out and chokeslammed Angle. Undertaker then powerbombed Angle for the pinfall victory.


Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
Last Man Standing Match
Chris Jericho takes the opening advantage with a series of lefts and rights followed by a dropkick to Triple H to the floor. They fight on the floor and Jericho tosses Triple H back in continuing the onslaught. Triple H and Jericho go back to the floor with Triple H getting control for the first time. He tossed Jericho back into the ring and ripped off the tape around Jericho's stomach. Triple H began to work over the mid-section of Jericho with a series of shoulders in the corner and then a knee to the mid-section. Triple H tossed Jericho back outside and into the aisle way with Stephanie taking cheap shots at Jericho. They began to brawl up the aisle with Triple H continuing the focus on Jericho's mid-section. Triple H tossed Jericho back into the ring as he began to make a comeback that Triple H ended with a abdominal stretch. Triple H held the abdominal stretch until he hip tossed Triple H which gave him time to recover. Jericho and Triple H traded control back and forth. Triple H placed on the sleeper hold on Jericho. The ref declared Jericho being out thus beginning the ten count. Jericho barely got up at 9. Triple H continued to hold the advantage as Jericho was barely able to stand up. Triple H gave Jericho the pedigree and the ref began to give the ten count. Jericho barely got up again and Triple H grabbed a chair and began to destroy Jericho with the chair. Triple H then placed the chair on the mat and was about to give him a pedigree onto the chair when the ref went to stop him. Triple H shoved him giving Jericho time to give Triple H a low blow. Jericho nailed Triple H with a chairshot to the head with Triple H bleeding heavy. Triple H was able to get from the 10 count as the pace picked up. Chris Jericho was in complete control with Triple H now barely answering the 10 count. They then began to fight on to fight on the floor. Triple H got the control and grabbed a monitor as did Jericho with them nailing each other at the same time. The ref began the 10 count on both of them. They both barely got up in time. In the ring Triple H tried to go for the pedigree but Jericho turned it into the Walls of Jericho. Triple H was crawling for the ropes and was able to grab them. Jericho pulled back Triple H into the middle of the ring. Stephanie then ran into the ring and broke up the hold and placed her into it. Triple H then went under the ring and grabbed a sledgehammer. He swung it at Jericho but missed and Jericho used it on Triple H. Jericho then placed Triple H on the table and went for a Lionsault but Triple H got up and backdropped him through the table. The ref began the 10 count on both with Triple H getting up at 9 as Jericho laid motionless to get the victory.


The Rock (WWF Heavyweight Champion) vs. Chris Benoit
The Rock goes straight to work on Benoit with a series of right hands. Benoit fights back with chops and kicks. During the whole match Shane McMahon is on hand getting in cheap shots on The Rock. After a few high impact moves the two competitors stand toe to toe when Shane enters the ring with a chair and blasts referee Earl Hebner in the back.

The Rock locks on the Crippler Crossface to Benoit and Benoit taps out. Earl Hebner signals for the bell. To everyone's surprise he awards the WWF Championship to Chris Benoit. Jim Ross comments that Hebner must of thought The Rock hit him in the back with a chair.

As Shane and Benoit make there way to the back with evil smiles of their faces out comes Mick Foley. Foley says that he made the match so that the WWF Championship could change hand on a disqualification. But he didn't see a disqualification, there was no disqualification and orders the match to continue.

The Rock gets to his feet and does his "just bring it" pose. Chris Benoit enters the ring and out of nowhere Rock Bottom... Still your WWF Champion The Rock.

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