Pepsi Arena
Albany, New York
January 9, 2006

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Intercontinental Championship
Ric Flair vs. Edge

As Flair was taking off his robe, he was attack behind by Edge as the bell rang and the match starts. Edge gained control for a bit but Flair came back with some thundering chops to the chest. Flair followed up with some stiff rights to the forehead of Edge. Edge takes control of the match back after Lita distracted Flair. Edge works on Flair in the corner and chokes him with the boot as the ref counts 5. Irish whip by Edge and Flair goes down with a clothesline. Edge is slowly dissecting the veteran Flair. Flair fights back with more chops to the chest of Edge. Outside the ring, Flair is standing ringside and as Edge goes for a running plancha off the apron, Edge stops him with a thundering chop. Flair then plants Edge groin first on the black ringside barricade. Back inside the ring now, Flair climbs the rope and Edge tries to fight him off but Flair gives him a poke in the eye. Lita tries to fight Flair off and she gets a poke. Flair lands a fist drop from the top rope. Lita gets on the apron and Flair approaches her. Edge comes running up from behind and Flair ducks, which sends Edge up and over the top rope. Flair flips Lita into the ring and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock. The crowd is going wild! Wait! Edge is in the ring with the brief case and he hits Flair!

The ref has called the match and Flair is the winner.

The winner: Ric Flair

After the match Edge slammed Flair again with that steel brief case and Flair is completely unconscious with a bloody, bloody face.

An interview with Kurt Angle backstage. He said he hopes the US loses the Iraq war, he likes France better, he is not fond of black people and that it didn't matter what he said because people will cheer for him anyway. The crowd at the arena then cheered for him...

A video recap of Mickie James and Trish Stratus is shown.

WWE Woman's Championship
Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James

Mickie is out first followed by Trish. The match begins and they lock up. Mickie is really touchie feely with Trish. Trish is getting pissed and gets really, really physical with Mickie. Trish drops Mickie on here head badly. Mickie is kind of taken back by that and launches Trish out the ring. Trish gets back in the ring as Mickie holds the rope open for her. Trish smiles back at her and then is back on the attack. Trish is dropped with a kick to the face, but Trish trips Mickie as she heads for the rope. Trish is whipped to the rope but she counters with a Lou Thesz press but Mickie battles out of. Trish is gaining control of the match now. Trish sends Mickie to the corner and lands the Stratusphere. 1..2..KICK! Mickie gets control of the match briefly, she lands the STRATUSFACTION! She is so shocked she got the move in she is kind of stunned, she goes for the count but Trish kicks out! Trish goes for the Stratusfaction but Mickie counters. Mickie goes for a roundhouse kick but misses. Trish comes back with a kick of her and lands it for the 3 count!

Winner: Trish Stratus

Jerry Lawler vs. Gregory Helms

King is out first followed by Helms. The match starts and the two lock up in the center of the ring. Helms is quite confident taking on the veteran Jerry Lawler. King goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. Helms whips King but King telegraphs with a couple of s tiff right hands. Helms comes back with a head full of steam but Lawler only laughs at him and launches Helms out the ring. Helms gets a 2 count as he works on the left arm of Jerry Lawler's. Helms gets another 2 count and continues to work on that arm. Helms lands a picture perfect suplex... make that a double...no...a triple! Helms lifts up the King for a back breaker. Helms then clotheslines King out of the ring and King lands right on the back of his neck. King is launched into the ring post head first! Helms gets to the RAW announce table and gets on the broadcast mic a bit. Back inside the ring Helms gets yet another 2 count. Helms cannot put the King away who began his career about 35 years ago. The veteran Lawler is holding his own tonight. Lawler lands some right hands and is beginning to fight back. He lands another right followed by his signature round house right. He gets a 2 count Helms. King goes for the Piledriver but Helms counters with a backbody drop. Helms goes to the top rope, but King slams him off! King lands a falling fist drop and gets the 3 count!

Winner: Jerry Lawler

The Big Show vs. Triple H

The Big Show is out first to a huge ovation. The Game Triple H (and soon to be father) makes his way out (man, imagine Triple H being your dad...) the crowd delivers for Hunter. The give him a huge, huge ovation. Hunter is a bit cautious about entering the ring as he eyeballs a huge cast on the injured right hand of the Big Show. The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway. Show bolts after Hunter but he dodges out of the way. Hunter locks with the Show but it is shoved out of the ring. Hunter gets back into the ring and is laid out by a headbutt from the Big Show. Hunter dragged into the corner where show chokes then lands that massive hand of his right off the chest of Triple H. Hunter is then bodyslamed and topped off with a 500lbs elbow from Show.... make it a double! Hunter wisely roles out of the ring. As Big Show exits the ring after Hunter, he tries to head back into the ring quickly. Hunter manages to get Show momentarily caught up on the ropes. Show gets in though and launches Hunter into the corner and he bounces up and over the ropes to the outside. Big Show heads out the ring and shoves Hunter back inside. Hunter takes advantage and lands a Harley Race like knee smash on Show as he tries to enter the ring. Outside, Show takes a swing and misses with that cast slamming hard into the steel ring post and Show is just in pain now favoring that right hand. Triple H continues to work on that injured right hand of the Big Show. Hunter snatches the busted cast off the hand and lands some hard knee drops on it. Hunter then whips Show to the ropes - on the other side of the ring Hunter pulls down the ropes - Big Show is launched out of the ring and lands on that injured hand. Show flips Hunter over. Hunter tries to comeback by launching himself at Show but that's countered by a huge right forearm from Show. Hunter is laid out by a sidewalk slam and Show now has Hunter in the corner and he rams Hunter a couple times in the corner before dropping with a clothesline. Show goes for the Chokeslam but Hunter counters. Show takes a wild swing and misses Hunter lays out the ref! Show is favoring that hand now and Hunter is headed out to ringside in search of his great equalizer! He finds the hammer and the ref is out and Show is screaming in pain! Hunter has the hammer but Show takes a swing and breaks the Hammer in half! WOW! Hunter bolts after the Show again but meets his boot instead. Show heads out the ring and is setting up the steps. Hunter comes from behind with a chair and smashes Show's hand against the steel steeps with the chair! Back inside, Show signals for the Chokeslam. But wait, Hunter is clutching the other half of that sledge hammer and the ref is still out! Show gets Hunter up and for the Chokeslam! Hunter swings with the hammer and lands it off the head of the Big Show! Hunter tries to gather as much energy as he can to pick Show up for the Pedigree. Hunter gets Show up. He has him all set up and lands the Pedigree...the ref is in position! 1....2....3!

Winner: Triple H

Hunter exits the ring limping and clutching his ribs and mouths to Big Show "I told you so."

Carlito and Chris Masters were backstage planning on ways to get new blood to hold the WWE strap tonight after tonight's show.

Benjamin and Momma head out to the ring and Momma Benjamin calls out Viscera. Earlier in the night, Viscera was hitting on Momma Benjamin and now he (or maybe Shelton) has to pay.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera
Benjamin tries to get an early start on Vis, but who can really do that? Vis drops Shelton with a sidewalk slam and taunts Momma. Shelton is launched out to ringside by big Vis and he seems down and out. Vis heads out continues to work on him but Shelton fights back with some right hands. Shelton shoves Vis back inside the ring. Vis lands a spinning sidewalk slam followed by a huge bellyflop slam and something I can only describe as a "rear ass hump". You have to check out the photos for this one. Shelton is whipped but he telegraphs and gains control over Vis. Vis is caught up on the ropes and Momma Benjamin lets off on him with the purse. Shelton lands a spinning heel kick for the 3 count!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Shawn Michaels is shown backstage and he is confront by Vince McMahon. Vince said he just wanted to wish Shawn luck because no one has never entered the chamber at number one and won. HBK said that's true, but no one had ever entered the Royal Rumble at number one and win, until he did. Vince said, if HBK won tonight, hell would indeed be frozen over. Vince wishes HBK luck again and leaves. HBK is left looking very, very worried about tonight's match.

Bra and Panties Gauntlet Match
Ashley vs. Maria vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Victoria vs. Candice Michelle (vs. Mae Young?)

Maria and Candice start out first and another diva will come out once one gets eliminated. Candice bodyslams Maria and does a little, nice twist. Maria loses her top. Then the Playboy Bunny Candice loses hers. So now both girls are down to bras. Which you have to just see in the photos below.

Torrie is out next and she goes right to work with a suplex on Maria. Looks like Maria almost lost her pants but she battled out. Maria bolts after Torrie and catches with a kick to the mid-section.

Torrie loses her top and bottoms and she is wearing some tight, matching read undies. Sad she lost, but great to see her loose. Victoria enters the match and quickly strips Maria of her pants. Next out is... OH NOOOO! Moolah and Mae Young! I don't think any explained the point of this match to Mae Young because she is willfully stripping! She's wearing--if you really want to know--some grandma long-john undies and a white top with nipple tassels. No nudity from Mae... there is a GOD! Victoria is half stripped after Mae Young and Moolah ripped off her top. Out next is Ashley. She gets in and Victoria is quickly to work. Ashley is a quick thinker and rips off Victoria's bottoms! Ashley has won the match. But, I don't think we will get to see her.... BUT WAIT! Now Ashley is taking her cloths off and she reveals... you just have to see this... short, read panties and a skimpy top!

Winner: Ashley
WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters vs. Carlito vs. Kane

Kane is out first followed by Chris Masters, Carlito, Kurt Angle (with Daivari), John Cena and Shawn Michaels. The biggest pop definitely went to HBK. Cena was mostly booed. Cena and HBK lock up in the center of the ring. The crowd is strongly against Cena, chanting "Cena sucks". HBK slaps the Cena but that just gets him rolled up. Cena goes off on HBK, but wisely HBK shoves him out the ring. Cena works HBK with some right hand soupbones (as Undertaker would say). The clock comes up and in 5...4...3...2..1...Carlito is out! He goes right after Cena and lays him out with a drop kick. Carlito goes for a summersault senton over the rope on HBK but he kind of misses HBK and hits all steel. Carlito gets a 2 count on Cena. Carlito lays out Cena with a running elbow smash. Carlito delivers a suplex on HBK. But Shawn pops up with a inside cradle pin for a 2 count! All three men are down at this point after Cena and HBK crash into each other going for a running attack. Cena is up first to cover Carlito but gets a 2 count. Now HBK and Cena are teaming up and get a double backdrop on Carlito. And in 5...4...3...2...1... Kurt Angle joins the match! Angle comes in and cleans house. Angle Suplexes everyone about 3 times ... EACH! Angle Suplexes HBK on the steel ring side. Angle launches HBK to the steel chain-cage and now HBK is busted open. Angle Suplexes Cena ringside onto the steel and the crowd is going NUTS for Angle! Angle again with a Suplex on Carlito and Cena. Angle then Suplexes HBK back in the ring. Angle is simply manhandling everyone in sight!. Carlito goes for a reverse neck choke but Angle reverses and locks in the Ankle Lock Submission. Carlito is almost tapping....5...4...3...2...1... Chris Masters comes in and lays out Angle and now Masters is clearing the ring! Power slam on HBK! Masters goes for the Masterlock on Angle but Angle reverses and locks on the Ankle Lock. Cena breaks the hold and sets up Angle for the FU! Angle counters and locks in the Ankle Lock onto Cena! Angle has the Ankle Lock on Cena but in a flash HBK pops up with the Sweet Chin Music on Angle!...1..2..3...a pin! Kurt Angle is the first eliminated! Carlito works on HBK and Masters works on Cena. The two young guns are hell-bent on making sure that the WWE strap leaves with a new champion tonight....5...4...3...2...1...Kane, the final contestant, enters the match! Kane is in and Masters goes to work on him briefly but he is laid out by Chokeslam! Now Cena and HBK fall to the Chokeslam! Carlito tries to fight, but he too falls victim to Kane! Carlito and Masters try and double team Kane. They manage to drop him and Masters picks up Carlito and drops him down on Kane. Both Carlito and Masters make the cover and get a 3 count! Kane is eliminated by Carlito and Masters! Kane rolls out and Cena appear unconscious. So now Carlito and Masters team up on HBK. They whip him to ropes and HBK counters with a double clothesline! HBK cleans house! Here comes Cena and HBK bodyslams him! HBK climbs the ropes now and lands a ELBOW right to the heart of John Cena but can he capitalize? But wait, HBK is slow gets back up and is tuning up the band for Cena. John Cena is almost up and WHAMMM! HBK lands the Sweet Chin Music! HBK couldn't make the cover because Carlito and Masters attack right away! Masters drops HBK with a huge Powerbomb! Carlito covers...1...2...3! HBK is gone. The last three wrestlers lefts are Carlito, Masters and Cena! Masters and Carlito continue the assault on Cena. Cena quickly lands a "not all there" FU on Masters but the pin is broken up by Carlito. Carlito and Masters catapult Cena out of the ring onto the steel. Cena is then propped up by both men on the top rope and laid out by a double suplex! Carlito tells Masters to lock in the Master Lock. Cena is now fully locked into the Master Lock! Carlito gets a low blow on Masters and gets a 3 count! Masters is gone. WAIT! Cena rolls up Carlito quickly and gets a 3 count! Cena has won!

Winner: John Cena


WWE Championship Match
Edge vs. John Cena

Vince McMahon comes out to the stage and announces that Edge is cashing in his money in the bank title shot! Out come Edge with Lita and a new WWE Championship match is now UNDERWAY... Here we go again! Edge goes for a pin quickly but gets a 2 count. Edge goes for another pin and only gets 2! Cena has to be running on fumes because he is semi-conscious and can hardly defend himself. Edge is trying to end this thing as quickly as possible and he signals for the spear! Cena is up and BOOM! Edge lands the spear!..1...2... WOW! Cena kicked out at 2! Edge signals for the spear yet again! AND BOOM TIMES TWO! Edge lands a nasty, nasty spear...1...2...3! Holy cow! We have a new WWE Champion and his name is Edge!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Edge


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