TD Waterhouse Center
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

December 15, 2002


The Dudley Boyz vs. The Un-Americans vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. Chris Jericho & Christian (WWE Tag Team Champions)
Lance Storm and Buh Buh started the match and The Dudley Brother had the upper hand. He hit a huge splash on Storm in the corner and then Storm tagged out to Christian. Buh Buh pulled him in the ring and then tagged in D-Von. They hit a double-team maneuver, but Christian nailed D-Von in the eyes and took the upper hand and then tagged in Regal. Goldust then got the tag and Regal took him down with a Powerslam and then whipped off the ropes and got hit with a blind tag from Christian and then went for the pin on the Gold One, but there was no count since he was no longer the legal man. Christian came in and then tagged in Jericho, who got catapulted into the ropes by Goldust. Jericho fired back with a flying forearm and then threw blows at him on the mat. Christian then got the tag again from Jericho and Goldust sent him off the ropes and hit the Atomic Drop and then a stiff clothesline and went for the pinfall, but he kicked out. Buh Buh then got the tag and they each hit the Biotic elbow on Jericho and Christian and then on The Un-Americans. D-Von then got up top and hit the diving headbutt on Christian. All Hell then broke loose in the ring. D-Von and Christian were the legal men. They hit the 3D but Regal got a blind tag and the referee could not count the pin. Regal rolled up and pulled the tights to get the fall and eliminate the Dudleyz. Shortly after in a moment of chaos, The Un-Americans were also eliminated, leave it down to Booker T and Goldust facing the Tag Champions. Jericho and Booker were in the ring. Jericho whipped Booker into the turnbuckle and was met with a huge elbow to the face. Goldust was tagged in a double-team maneuver almost led to a victorious pin from Goldust on Jericho. Christian was tagged in and whipped Goldust off the ropes and he got momentum and missed a clothesline and rolled right out of the ring to the floor and was tossed back in by Jericho after a few cheap shots. Christian hit a backbreaker on Goldust and went for the pin, but Booker broke the count. Christian then got Goldust in the abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. Goldust fired back and was then leveled by Christian, who immediately tagged in his partner Chris Jericho. Goldust hit a desperation move to get some offense and could not capitalize and make the tag to Booker and the tag champs then got the double-team tactics on Goldust in their corner. Goldust went wild in the corner and took both of them out and then hit a sidewalk slam on Christian. They were both down and Goldust inched over to Booker to make the tag. Christian tried to stop him and he kicked him away and then each man got the tag to fresh partners. Booker hit a roll-up on Jericho and almost won them the titles, but he kicked out. He backed him into the corner and slapped the hell out of him, but Jericho mounted some offense and started to get Booker in the Walls of Jericho, but he rolled out of it. Booker missed the Scissors Kick and then Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho. Booker T worked his way to the ropes but Goldust hit the Bulldog on Jericho while he still had the hold locked in. Christian then got a title belt and went up top and Goldust made the save and knocked him down. Booker nearly got the pinfall, but Jericho kicked out. Booker then went to the top rope and hit the missile dropkick, but still did not get the pinfall. Booker ducked the Lionsault and hit a Flapjack and then nailed the Spin-A-Rooney in the middle of the ring. He nailed the scissors kick, but the ref was distracted by Goldust and Christian on the ring apron and did not make the count in time. Jericho nailed Booker with the title belt and he managed to kick out. Jericho went for another shot with the title and missed and walked right into the Bookend from Booker T and a 1-2-3 count to win the team the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Josh Matthews interviewed Brock Lesnar and asked him that since his suspension was wavered will he play a role in the corner of Kurt Angle tonight for the WWE Championship match. Brock responded by saying that he want to make an impact at Armageddon in some way.

Edge vs. The A-Train
Edge was out for revenge in this match, not only for Rey Mysterio, but also for himself after the slight injury sustained from A-Train. A-Train started the match and used his huge size advantage to slam Edge into the corner. He shoulder blocked him and then picked him up and tried to slam him into the corner, but he got free and tossed the big man out of the ring. A-Train fired back once they got in the ring with a huge Powerslam and Edge kicked out of the pin. Train then catapulted Edge right into the ropes and nearly decapitated him, A-Train then got Edge in the headlock in the middle of the ring, but Edge dropped down and hit the DDT-like maneuver to break free. Edge then got up and knocked the A-Train down with a spinning heel kick. Edge got A-Train in the corner and hit a facebuster from the middle rope and then went for the pin, but the 350+ pounder managed to kick out. Albert then fired back with a bicycle kick on the missile dropkick attempt from the top rope. Edge was setting up for the Edgecution but A-Train then hit a huge powerbomb, but Edge kicked out. Edge got up and nailed A-Train with the Spear, but he got up and nailed Edge with a chair in his injured knee. He went for another shot and Edge nailed the chair with a dropkick and then went berserk on him with the steel chair in the middle of the ring.

Paul Heyman was in the back trying to convince Big Show to stop what he was about to do. Show said he heard Brock Lesnar say he was going to make an impact and he said that this says nothing about what being the Champion is and getting respect. He said he knew Brock was going to get involved in his match and he was going to go in and approach Stephanie McMahon and take care of it. Heyman said for him to go back to his dressing room and relax and he would take care of it in a professional manner.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit
The two circled each other in the ring and Eddie shot for a low single-leg takedown but Benoit pushed him away. The two grappled on the mat and wrestled back and fourth for quite some time. Benoit whipped Eddie down and got him in a reverse chinlock. Eddie got free and kicked Benoit in the mid-section to crack him down to the mat. Guerrero had Benoit in an armlock on the mat and Benoit picked him up with brute strength and slammed him down to the mat. Eddie got Benoit down on the mat yet again and locked him in a head-scissors. Benoit spun Eddie around and got him in a hold, but he grabbed the ropes and he was forced to break it. Benoit was tossed to the outside and Eddie hit a plancha from the top rope on the outside and then got Benoit back in the ring and worked on his knee. Eddie locked Benoit in a leglock in the middle of the ring and put major league pressure on the left knee of the Rabid Wolverine. Eddie broke the hold when Benoit got to the ropes and then continued to work on the knee. He kicked Benoit in that left knee and then got him up in the turnbuckle and slammed him down to the mat. Eddie whipped him into the opposing corner and slammed him into him, but Benoit fired back and hit repeated German Suplexes all in a row until he hit five. The Crippler got up and signaled that the end was near and he went up to the top rope. Benoit was up top and saw Eddie moving around on the mat and jumped down and hit another pair of German Suplexes, but Eddie fired back with a few of his own afterward. Eddie then went up top and hit the Frog Splash and Benoit somehow managed to kick out. Eddie speared Benoit out of the ring and then kicked him in the side on the outside of the ring. Chavo then nailed Benoit on the outside with a Tag Belt on the outside while Eddie had the referee looking the other way in the ring. Benoit somehow kicked out of the pin in the ring and Eddie was furious with the referee and told him it was a slow count. Eddie hit the drop toehold and then went for the Lasso. Eddie was relentless and kept working on the left knee of Benoit. Benoit then nailed Guerrero with a Powerbomb and then went upstairs. The Wolverine hit the flying headbutt and did not make the pin very quickly thereafter and Eddie locked in the Lasso from Al Paso. Benoit broke free and went for the Crippler Crossface. He locked it in and Eddie nearly got the ropes, but he synched it back in and Guerrero was forced to tap out.

Paul Heyman was in Stephanie's locker room and she knew he was talking to her and trying to make something happen about Brock Lesnar. Heyman tried to tell Stephanie that her decisions have been frowned upon lately. She saw past it and said Brock’s suspension would still be lifted and there was nothing he could do about it. He told her that if Brock got involved tonight, Big Show was not going to show mercy and he was going to break someone’s neck.

Dawn Marie/Torrie Wilson Segment
Dawn Marie came down to the ring with Al Wilson. She got on the microphone and was talking about all the questions concerning the tape she was going to show. She said that Torrie was not even in the building tonight because she was embarrassed, but Dawn was not and she was going to show everyone what happened in room 357. The footage rolled on the Titantron. Torrie Wilson walks into the room and Dawn is waiting for her, champagne in hand. Dawn told her that if she did everything she wanted her to do, she would call off the wedding. Torrie began to leave, but Dawn put the guilt trip on her about how much she really loves her father, and she came back. Dawn offered her champagne to make her feel better and ease her nerves. Dawn then went over and grabbed some strawberries and tried to feed them to Torrie, but she wasn’t having any of it. Dawn then took off Torrie’s jacket and skirt to get her down to her bra and panties. Torrie looked very uncomfortable while this was going on. Dawn told her she smelled like strawberries and then undressed herself down to her lingerie. Dawn told Torrie that all men want her, but they can’t give her what she can, and only another woman can really give a woman what she needs. Dawn started kissing Torrie and in the ring, Dawn got back on the mic and asked them to freeze the footage. Al Wilson then grabbed the mic and said they have seen enough because that was his daughter and he couldn’t stand for it to go any further. She said it would go further because his daughter did just that. The tape continued to roll and Al Wilson kept telling her to stop the footage. He said he didn’t give a damn if the people wanted to see more and that he demanded that this was enough. The crowd booed Wilson and chanted that he was an “ASSHOLE.” Dawn said that she would stop the tape for her fiancÚ and the tape was stopped and the two said they were going back to their hotel room.

Kane vs. Batista w/ Ric Flair
Kane and Batista locked up in the middle of the ring and Batista took the Big red Machine down with a shoulder block. Batista picked up Kane and was set to slam him down, but Kane broke free, slammed the man making his PPV debut, and then drove the elbow into him. Batista fired back and slammed Kane into the corner and then whipped him into the opposite corner and got nailed with the big boot. Flair tried to get involved and Kane went after him and had him by the neck on the outside. Batista got Kane back in the ring. Kane slammed him into the turnbuckle and then nailed him with the big boot in the middle of the ring. Batista fired back and went for a powerbomb in the middle of the ring, but dropped him and Kane hit the low blow. Kane then went up top and hit the flying clothesline. Kane went for the cover, but Flair had the referee’s attention and no count was made. Batista hit the Sidewalk Slam on Kane and he kicked out and then the Big Red Machine hit a chokeslam on him and then brought in Flair and worked him over in the middle of the ring. This allowed Batista to hit a low blow on Kane and then hit his finisher to defeat Kane.

Kurt Angle was in the back and he asked Funaki where to find Brock Lesnar’s locker room.

John Cena and B2 walked out on the stage for some freestyle for the audience and then walked out.

Victoria (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline
Victoria ran down to the ring and quickly got tossed out of the ring. Trish then tossed Jackie out and Victoria nailed Trish in the ring. Victoria then went outside and went to work on Jackie. In the ring, Jackie turned the momentum around and hit a sweep kick on Victoria and went for the pin. Jackie and Victoria then hit a double-team suplex on Trish. Victoria hit a sidekick on Trish and went for the pin, but Jackie made the save. Victoria then got tossed out of the ring and Jackie nailed Trish and she went up top, but Trish pulled her down with a head-scissors. Trish came in and got leveled by Victoria, but then she went up top and Jackie tossed her out of the ring. Trish clotheslined Jackie in the corner and went for the pin and from the outside; Victoria hit Trish with the title and then got the pin on Jackie herself to win the match.

Kurt Angle was talking to Brock Lesnar and telling him to be in his corner when he faces The Big Show. He told him that he had a chance to be within 20 feet of the man that screwed him out of the title, Paul Heyman. Brock said he wasn’t sure how involved Angle was in getting his suspension removed, but he wouldn’t regret it. Angle then left but put on the tape of Heyman turning on Brock from Survivor Series.

The Big Show (WWE World Champion) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kurt Angle
Angle and Show locked up and The Olympic gold medalist was tossed across the ring. Angle got taken down but countered and got Big Show in a head-scissors lock on the mat. Angle got tossed over the ropes and took out Heyman, and Show was looking over the ropes at him. Angle snuck around and tossed Show out of the ring, Royal Rumble style. Show then got back in the ring and tossed Angle out with one hand. Angle battled back once he got in the ring and Show hit the sidewalk slam on him and then went for the pin. Angle got up and went back on the attack. He whipped off the ropes and got caught with the cross body block and got powerslammed to the mat. Show picked him up by the head, but then Angle bit Show and got free. Kurt Angle got Big Show in a Sleeper Hold and got him down to the mat, but then Show stood up and flipped Angle to the mat. Angle tried to mount offense and Show shoved him away. Angle fought back and kicked Show in the face and then he went up to the top rope. He hit the missile dropkick from the top and went for the pin, and Big Show kicked out right before the 3. Show and Angle battled in the middle of the ring and finally The Olympic Gold Medalist hit the Angle Slam on Big Show, but he managed to kick out of the pin. Show then got locked in the Ankle lock and he rolled through it and knocked out the referee. Heyman then got a chair and tossed it into the ring to Big Show. Show and Angle got up at the same time and Angle kicked Show when he went for the chair and grabbed it and nailed The Champion with it repeatedly. Angle got Big Show in the Ankle lock again and then The A-Train ran down and pummeled Angle and then nailed him with a backbreaker in the middle of the ring. Show got up and chokeslammed Angle and then Brock Lesnar ran down and hit the F5 on the 500-pounder and then chased Paul Heyman to the backstage area. Angle inched over and covered Big Show and got the 3-count to win the WWE Championship.

Shawn Michaels (WWE World Champion) vs. Triple H w/ Ric Flair
2 out of 3 falls
The first fall of the match was a street fight and the trashcan was a huge factor right from the beginning of the match. Shawn missed Triple H with the flying cross body block and hit the trashcan. They battled inside and out of the ring and Shawn finally went under the ring and pulled out a table and set it up near the entrance. HBK attempted to slam Triple H through the table, but he stopped him and slammed him down on the floor. HBK took the trashcan up top and leaped at Triple H, who was down on the mat, and he lifted the leg and the can nailed the Champion in the face. Triple H got up and went to the outside. Triple H set up another table on the outside parallel with the first one that HBK set up. He tried to suplex Shawn over the ropes and through the table, but HBK countered and suplexed him right back into the ring. Triple H went back to the outside and got a chair and brought it back into the ring. Triple H set the chair up in the middle of the ring and went for the sidewalk slam on the chair, but HBK broke free and slammed Hunter through the chair and broke it completely. Michaels went to the outside and slammed Triple H’s back into the ring apron repeatedly. He then got under the ring and got the lid from a trashcan and whaled Triple H in the back. HBK got back in the corner and geared up for the Sweet Chin Music and got caught and then Triple H twisted the knee of Michaels. Triple H then focused on the knee of the Champion and drove it down on a trashcan. Triple H then pulled HBK’s leg around the ring post and slammed the side of the knee into the side of it. Triple H then pulled HBK into the middle of the ring and got him in the Figure 4 leglock. Shawn fought toward the ropes with Triple H taunting him the entire time. Shawn finally reversed the move and Triple H broke free from it and smashed the trashcan lid over HBK’s head. They fought to the outside and Triple H slammed Shawn into the barrier in the aisle. Triple H dragged Shawn to the stage and slammed Shawn into the metal stage settings. Triple H went behind the stage and got a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. Shawn was down and he held up the board and then stopped himself. They thought he was going to show some mercy on his old friend, but he went back and lit the wood on fire with the flames on the stage. Michaels nailed Triple H right in the face with the flaming board. Triple H’s forehead was busted wide open and then Michaels slammed Triple H into the crowd barrier. He threw blows at his busted forehead and then led him back to the ring. Shawn got him back in the ring and brought a steel chair with him. He nailed Triple with the trashcan lid in the ring and then went back for his chair he brought in. He set up the chair and Triple H countered and hit the drop toehold on him and slammed Shawn’s face into the setup chair. Triple H picked up Shawn and went for the Pedigree and Michaels hit the legal low blow and then kipped right up to his feet, but Triple H was waiting with the chop block. Triple H hit the Pedigree and pinned Shawn to win the first fall.
First Fall: Triple H

The second fall is in a steel cage. The cage was lowered down on the ring and Shawn was still down and out in the middle of the ring. Triple H propped up a table in the corner and then picked Shawn up to his feet. Shawn beat the Game to the punch line and slammed his head into the table he himself had set up for Shawn. Triple H catapulted Shawn into the wall of the cage. Michaels was down and Triple H pummeled him on the mat and then grinded his head into the side of the cage. Triple H ran HBK back and slammed him into the cage. Shawn Michaels went for a comeback with a back body drop but Triple H kicked him in the face. Triple H then tried to climb out of the ring and Shawn and Flair set up another table on the two that were down below. He wanted Triple H to put Shawn through them. They fell back down in the ring and Flair stole the key to the cage door from the ref and got in the ring. Shawn leveled both him and Triple H with the chair. Shawn then slammed Flair into the side of cage. Shawn worked over Flair more and then Triple H grabbed him and tried to hit another Pedigree, but Shawn broke free and hit the Sweet Chin Music. Shawn did not get the pin, but went for a table. He set it up next to the Game and laid him down on top of it. Shawn climbed to the top of the cage and splashed Triple H right through the table.
Second Fall: Shawn Michaels

The third fall of the match was a ladder match. The cage was lifted back up and the title was tied up and lifted above the ring. Shawn grabbed a ladder and propped it up in the corner. Shawn backed Triple H into the corner and whipped him into that ladder. Shawn picked up the ladder and let it drop on Triple H’s back. He picked him up and suplexed him on the ladder. Shawn picked up the ladder and set it up near the corner. Shawn climbed to the top of the ladder and leaped down and missed Triple H and nailed the mat. Triple H picked him up and hit the Pedigree and then crawled toward the ladder. He dragged it to the middle of the ring and then climbed it to get the World Championship belt. Shawn jerked Triple H off the ladder and then hit the Super Kick and knocked Triple H completely out of the ring. Shawn then climbed the ladder slowly to get the title. Triple H then got back in the ring and pushed the ladder over and sent Shawn through the stacked tables on the outside. Triple H climbed the ladder and grabbed the World Championship Belt to win the match.
Winner: Triple H

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