Wembly Stadium
London, England
August 31, 1992


Legion of Doom with Paul Ellering vs. Money, Inc with Jimmy Hart

LOD comes out on motorcycles. They get the win when Animal pinned DiBiase after a Powerslam.


Nailz vs. Virgil

Nailz gets the quick win with a Sleeperhold.


Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel
Stipulation: No Hitting in the Face; Sensational Sherri is at ringside

During the match Sherri faints from the two fighting. The two try to revive her, but they fight over her. They end up going back to the dressing room with a double disqualification.


The Natural Disasters (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. Beverly Brothers with the Genius

The Beverly Brothers use The Genius' scroll to attack Typhoon, but Earthquake does the Avalanche and gets the pin to retain the championships.


Crush vs. Repo Man

A Head Squeeze by Crush got the Repo Man to submit.


Randy Savage (WWF Champion) vs. The Ultimate Warrior

During the Match both Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair come out. Both men interfere for both of the wrestlers. Flair attacks The Warrior with a chair. Savage goes to pin the Warrior but goes after Flair. Savage gets counted out, but remains champion.


Kamala with Kim Chee and Harvey Wimpleman vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker won with a disqualification after Kim Chee interfered.


Tatanka vs. The Berzerker

Tatanka got the win.


Roddy Piper came out with a bagpipe and other bagpipers performing a song


Bret Hart (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. British Bulldog

Both men spend a lot of time with classic wrestling moves. Even though Hart is a good guy, he gets booed from the fans who root for the hometown Bulldog. Bret does a Sunset Flip, but the momentum allows Bret to end up under the Bulldog, who gets the pin, the championship and a very loud ovation from the UK crowd!

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