Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, Massachusetts
April 27, 2003


Team Angle (WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions) vs. Los Guerreros

Charlie Haas pinned Chavo after Shelton Benjamin put Charlie on top. Team Angle kept their titles, but the Guerreros ran off with the belts.


Sean O'Haire with Roddy Piper vs. Rikishi

Piper comes out with a basket of coconuts. Rikishi went for a Superkick as O'Haire went for a sidekick and knocked each other out. Piper was attacked with a coconut from Rikishi, but O'Haire did his finisher and pinned Rikishi with a little help from Piper.


Rob Van Dam & Kane (WWE RAW Tag Champs) vs. The Dudley Boyz
Referee: Chief Morley

Even a 3D by the Dudleys weren't enough to stop RVD & Kane. RVD hit his 5 Star Frog Splash on Buh Buh to get the pin and retain the championship.


Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Jazz with Teddy Long

Trish did the Stratusfaction, but got hit with a shoe by Long, so as not being able to pin Jazz. Jazz then was able to get the pin by using the ropes as leverage. Jazz is the new Women's Champion.


Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Rey did the 619 three times and then went for his finisher, but the Big Show was able to Chokeslam him and get the pin. Rey was taken away on a stretcher because of his injuries he received in the match.


Brock Lesnar (WWE Smackdown! Champion) vs. John Cena

Lesnar got his eye busted open by Cena. Cena tried a neckbreaker and a pin, but Lesnar came out of nowhere with the F5 and the pin to retain the championship.


Shawn Michaels, Booker T & Kevin Nash vs. Triple H, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho

Nash set up Triple H for a Jack-Knife through the announce table, but stopped to save Shawn in the middle of the ring. He hit the Jack Knife Powerbomb on Jericho and then Triple H ran in and nailed Diesel with the sledgehammer and pinned him in the middle of the ring to get the victory for his team.


The Rock vs. Goldberg

Goldberg hit the Rock with two Spears, followed by the Jackhammer for the victory. He is 1-0 in WWE!

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