Providence Civic Center
Providence, Rhode Island
April 25, 1999


Brood vs. Acolytes and Midian

Viscera comes out and does a Big Splash on Christian. Bradshaw then goes for the pin and gets the win.



Al Snow with Head vs. Bob Holly (Hardcore Champion)

Al Snow starts to bleed early in the match. They use water jugs, hockey sticks, tables, the kitchen sink, parking barricade, broom. They fight into the audio truck. They come back to the ring. Holly does a Superplex of Snow into a table. Al Snow hits Holly with Head and pins him to become the new WWF Hardcore Champion.



Goldust with the Blue Meanie vs. Godfather with women

Goldust was gonna throw powder in Godfather's face, but he hit it into Goldust's face. Blinded by the powder, Goldust attacks the Blue Meanie. Blue Meanie accidentally low blows Goldust. Godfather Death Valley Drivers Goldust and then pins him.



New Age Outlaws vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart with Debra
Winners to face champions Kane and X-Pac on Smackdown!

Billy Gunn pins Owen Hart after his Fame-Ass-Er. They will get a title shot this Thursday on UPN.



Mankind vs. The Big Show Paul Wight

Mankind threw Paul Wight through a glass pane and a table. Paul Wight's face was exposed to steam from a pipe. Bossman and Test attack Mankind as he just won the match. Paul Wight gets up and attacks Test and Bossman. Mankind gets Socko and gets Test.



X-Pac vs. Triple H with Chyna

The referee gets knocked out. X-Pac does the X-Factor on Triple H, but Chyna then knocks out X-Pac. As Triple H goes for the pin, the lights go out and Kane comes out. Triple H stops Kane Chokeslamming Chyna, but he gets Chokeslammed. Kane shoves both into a corner and X-Pac Bronco Busts both of them. The referee wakes up and Triple H manages a Pedigree and a win.



Undertaker with Paul Bearer vs. Ken Shamrock

During the match the Undertaker applies an Ankle Lock Submission hold on Ken and Bradshaw comes out and hits Ken with a baseball bat. He gets up and gives the Undertaker a Belly to Belly Suplex. Undertaker manages a Tombstone and a win. Then Bradshaw comes back and beats up Ken some more.



Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Champion) vs. The Rock
Special Referee: Shane McMahon; No Holds Barred

Before the match, Vince McMahon puts Stephanie into the limo for safekeeping. Shane gets the belt and tries to hit Austin, but misses and gets the Rock. Shane counts to two and then runs away, but Vince nails him with the belt. Earl Hebner comes out to referee. Austin applies a Stunner on the Rock. Stone Cold wins the match. Vince has the regular belt and gives Austin the rattlesnake belt. Outside, Stephanie is in the limo. The Undertaker has taken the limo hostage and drove away and Vince never saw that.

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