HSBC Arena
Buffalo, New York
September 17, 2000


Kwee Wee with Paisley vs. Primetime Elix Skipper (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) with Major Gunns

During the match, the Natural Born Thrillers come out.  Mike Sanders hits Kwee Wee with a stickball bat in the back.  Elix applies the Overdrive and gets the win to retain the championship for Team Canada.

3 Count vs. Lt Loco, Corp Cajun, and Sgt A-Wall

During the match, The Wall grabs Shannon by the hair and hold lifts him off the mat!  The other two members of 3 count then knock him into a table.  Corp Cajun got the pin on Shane Helms with his finishing move.

The Harris Brothers  vs. Kronik
First Blood Chain Match

Originally, the match was a chain match, but Kronik makes it a First Blood match, too.  Heavy D and Brian Adams are chained together, as is Big Ron and Brian Clark.  The match goes to the crowd.  Later on, the referee gets knocked out.  On the outside of the ring, Ron gets busted open.  He then uses a bat wrapped in a chain on Clark.  Inside the ring Adams is busted open.  The referee wakes up and sees Adams bleeding, he rings the bell and gives the match to The Harris Brothers. Kronik then give the referee High Time.

Lance Storm (WCW US Champion) with Major Gunns vs. General Rection
Outside of the Ring Enforcer:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan

During the match Hacksaw hits General Rection with his 2 x 4!  Lance applies the Canadian Mapleleaf and gets Rection to tap out.  Hacksaw takes off his referee shirt to show a Canadian Mapleleaf shirt!  He then attacks the other members of the MIA with his 2 x 4.

Natural Born Thriller (Reno, Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak, Shawn O'Haire, Chuck Polumbo, and Johnny the Bull) vs. The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio, Jr, Juventud Guerrero, Disqo, Konnan, Big Vito, mystery man) with Tygress
Elimination Match

Chuck Polumbo does commentating during the match.  The mystery man turns out to be. . .Paul Orndorff.  Disqo does the Last Dance on Konnan by mistake, which lets O'Haire pin Konnan (6-5).  Reno Rolls the Dice on Disqo, eliminating him (6-4).  Johnny the Bull hits Vito with a bat, and Reno Rolls the Dice on Vito, eliminating him (6-3).  Juvy does a Juvy Driver on Reno and Rey does the Nuckcracker on him, eliminating Reno (5-3).  A Shawnton Bomb on Juvy from O'Haire gets Juvy eliminated (5-2).  Johnny the Bull hits Orndorff with a bat, and then Orndorff hits him with the bat.  Orndorff gives Johnny a Piledriver and pins him (4-2).  Orndorff then Piledrivers Mark Jindrak, but Orndorff ends up hurt.  Shawn O'Haire pins him (4-1).  Tygress ends up in the ring helping her team, as Orndorff lays hurt in the ring.  Tygress Juvy Drivers Mike Sanders.  The referee stops the match, due to Orndorff's injury.  This is a no contest.  Medical Professionals take Orndorff back.

Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson vs. Kidman and Madusa
Pittsburgh Plunge Scaffold Match

The match takes place on a narrow scaffolding twenty feet above the entranceway.  As Madusa tries to make her way down the ladder, she lowblows Shane.  She is then kicked off the ladder onto the entranceway!  Then, Shane throws Kidman off and he goes through the entranceway!  Torrie and Shane climb down and win.

An interview with Mike Tenay of David Flair from his home from yesterday was shown.  His house is a mess since his wedding never took place.  He is still worried over who is the father: he accuses his 11 year old brother of being the father.  When the mailman comes, David runs out and attacks him, giving him a Figure Four Leg lock.  David then runs away.

Vampiro with ICP vs. Great Muta vs.  Sting

 The match quickly went into the crowd.  All three grabbed weapons and ICP threw Vamprio a kendo stick and he whipped Sting with it. ICP then come in from the commentator table and attack Sting.  Then  Sting manages to get the Scorpion death drop on Vampiro for the win.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Mike Awesome
BunkHouse Brawl

The match started out with dueling chairs. Later on Jarrett manages to back body drop Awesome from the second rope through a table.  Jarrett was then whipped into a table covered with barb wire twice.  The few Buffalo Bills that were in attendance then came out to ringside!  Mike hit the Awesome bomb but only a two count.  Gary Coleman then comes out and low blows Jarrett but then feels the effects of a guitar.  Sting then comes in and with a Scorpion death drop repays Jarrett for earlier in the night gets Awesome the win.

Scott Steiner  vs.  Goldberg

Midajah comes out.  Steiner manages to make Goldberg bleed! Steiner feel the spear. But Russo makes his way out with baseball bat in hand. Goldberg is superplexed through a table.  when Steiner has Goldberg sitting in the ropes both Russo and Midajah hit Goldberg with their weapons. Russo is then chased by Goldberg and Steiner waits to hit Goldberg with the pipe.  Steiner then puts on the Steiner Recliner for the third time in the match but this time Goldberg is out.

Kevin Nash (WCW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Booker T
Caged Heat

Nash takes off the turnbuckle pad then gets pushed into it. Nash is bleeding! Booker T is able to reverse a Jackknife into a Book End and gets the three count.

Fall Brawl 1999
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