Lawrence Joel Coliseum
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
September 12, 1999


Vampiro and The Insane Clown Posse vs. Eddy Guerrero Jr., Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Kidman

Kidman did a Shooting Star Press on Vampiro. He then pinned him to get the win.



Kaz Hayashi vs. Lenny (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) with Lodi

Kaz got a Front Face Slam by the champ after a few attacks from Lodi. Lenny pinned him to retain his title.



Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morris with Jimmy Hart vs. Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko
No Disqualification Match

Hugh Morris did the No Laughing Matter to get Dean Malenko pinned for the win for the First Family.



Perry Saturn vs. Rick Steiner (WCW TV Champion)

Saturn did a DVD on Steiner, but he didn't pin him. A Top Rope Bulldog by Steiner gave him the win to retain his title.



Berlyn with his bodyguard vs. Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell wasn't at the arena in time, so someone took his place. That someone was Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Berlyn did a Reverse Neckbreaker on the American to get the pin. Bagwell did show up; he came out to help Duggan to the locker room.



Harlem Heat vs. Kendall and Barry Windham (WCW Tag Team Champs) with Curt Hennig

Hennig used a cowbell on Stevie Ray, but that didn't stop the former champions. Booker T did a Drop Kick off the Top Rope to get the win. They are the 9 Time Tag Team Champions of WCW!



Sid Vicious vs. Chris Benoit (WCW US Champion)

Benoit missed his Flying Headbutt. Sid then Powerbombed him and got the win to become the new United States Champion.



Diamond Dallas Page vs. Goldberg

Before the match, the referee check for weapons and dozens of things fell from Page's tights. In the match DDP used an item on Goldberg, but that didn't stop him. Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon came out and hit Goldberg with an item, but he still managed to Spear and Jackhammer DDP for the win.



Hulk Hogan (WCW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Sting

Bret Hart came out before the match began to shake both the competitors hands. During the match Diamond Dallas Page came out and attacked the referee. He then Diamond Cuttered Hogan and puts Sting on top. He didn't get the pin, though. Page then Diamond Cuttered the referee. Sid comes out, but Hogan stops him. Lex Luger comes out and gives Sting a ball-bat, who then uses it on Hogan. Sting does the Scorpion Death Lock on Hogan and he wins! Sting is the new WCW Heavyweight Champion with Lex Luger's help.

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