Lawrence Joel Coliseum
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
September 13, 1998


War Games
nWo vs. Wolfpac vs. WCW
Hollywood Hogan, Stevie Ray, & Bret Hart vs. Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, & Sting vs. DDP, Roddy Piper, & The Warrior

You could win the match by pinfall or submission, which does not need to take place when all nine men where in the ring. DDP and Bret Hart were the first two in. After five minutes, Stevie Ray came in. Next was Sting, then Roddy Piper. After him was Lex Luger, then Kevin Nash, followed by Hogan. As Hogan went for a pin on Nash, the ring filled with smoke and The Warrior appeared. He attacked everyone and smoke filled the ring--all that was left was his jacket. Then he ran into the ring from the locker rooms. The Disciple came to pull Hogan out and The Warrior tore down a part of the cage. DDP did a Diamond Cutter on Stevie Ray to get the win and a title shot at Goldberg at Halloween Havoc.



Rick Steiner vs. Scott Steiner

The match ended in a no contest after Rick Steiner grabbed Buff Bagwell by the neck and threw him into the ring post. The match was stopped as officials took him away on a stretcher. As he was put into the ambulance, he and Scott Steiner attacked Rick. It was all a set-up.



Raven vs. Saturn
If Raven wins, Saturn will be subservient to Raven, and if Saturn wins, the Flock will disband

Kanyon was handcuffed to the ring so he couldn't interfere. The match became a Raven's Rules Match, with the entire flock interfering. The ref was knocked out and Kanyon Flatlinered Saturn. But Saturn managed to Death Valley Driver Raven for the win.



Silver King vs. Juventud Guerrera (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Juventud Guerrera retained his belt after a 450 Splash



Dean Malenko vs. Curt Hennig

Dean Malenko won by disqualification when Rick Rude interfered. Then nWo members came in to attack Malenko. Arn Anderson came in to try to save Malenko, but they just injured his left arm.



Chris Jericho (WCW TV Champion) vs. Bill Goldberg

Chris Jericho wrestled some little person who dressed up like Goldberg. Chris won in this match (if you call it a match)



British Bulldog & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart vs. Alex Wright & Disco Inferno

Alex Wright was pinned after The British Bulldog's Running Forearm



Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Norman Smiley

Ernest Miller won the match, then he said that he was the greatest

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