MGM Grand Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunday, October 29, 2000

Boogie Knights vs. Filthy Animals vs. Jindrak & O'Haire (WCW Tag Team Champions)

A Sean-ton Bomb on Disqo by Sean O'Haire to remain tag Team Champions.  Alex Wright then hits Rey with a chair and all six men attack everyone. AWALL than comes out to save the Filthy Animals but is too late because Konan is already Injured.

Sgt. AWALL vs. Reno (WCW Hardcore Champion)

Awall goes through a table early in the match they then use many weapons and fight to the entrance way.  Reno Rolls the Dice on AWALL, but does not pin him.  Reno stacked two tables up but goes through them himself. The fight goes to the back where the two throw computers at each other. On the way back to the ring Awall attacks Fit Finlay.  At ringside Reno Rolls the Dice on a table and gets the pin.  Perfect Event then came out to attack AWALL;  MIA came to save him.

Perfect Event vs. MIA

Palumbo kicks Stasiak after a Corp Cajun does a split to avoid his foot.. Loco then gives Stasiak a Tornado DDT for the win

Shane Douglas & Torrie vs. Tygress & Konan

It starts out as a 2 on 1, but Konan comes out even though he is badly injured.  Tygress goes to give Torrie a  Face Full of Stuff,  but she pulls the referee in.   Torrie then Franchises Konan.  Then Tygress and Konan give Douglas a Double Stuff Buster and they get the win.

Buff Bagwell vs. David Flair
DNA Match

Flair gets hit in the head by a chair and is bleeding.  Buff then gets him with a Blockbuster and the referee then sees that he is bleeding, giving the win to Buff. Lex Luger comes out to hug him but Lex then attacks him.  David gets the blood sample that he needs.

Mike Sanders vs. The Cat
Kickboxing Match 3 Rounds

The Franchise hits the Cat with a chair in the 3rd round.  The time is up, but the fighting continues.  The Cat attacks Douglas outside and is counted out.  Mike Sanders wins to become the new Commissioner of WCW.

Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro
#1 Contenders Match

They fight into the crowd. Vampiro hits Awesome with the mic and a cane.  A fan gets into the action hitting Awesome.  They go into a battle of dueling chairs, then Vampiro Suplexes Awesome of the top rope on top a table in the middle of the ring.  He then does a Nail in the Coffin, but doesn't get a pin.   Mike then hits an Awesomebomb off the top rope for the win.

General Rection vs. Lance Storm (WCW US Champion) & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

During the match, the referee gets knocked out.  Jim does a Piledriver on Rection.  Elix Skipper comes out to help Team Canada, but Major Gunns attacks him!  Gunns later stops Lance from using the 2x4 in the match.  Rection applies the No Laughing Matter on Jim Duggan and gets the win to become the new WCW US Champion.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting

During the match, a bunch of different styles of Stings enter the match attacking the real Sting.  A Sting from 1989, from 1990, from the Wolfpac enter, but they all get a Scorpion Death Drop by the real Sting and leave.  Jeff uses a bat on the real Sting.  Sting applies a Scorpion Death Lock on Jarrett, but a Sting comes up through the ring and drags the real Sting down.  Both come back up, but the fake Sting is bleeding.  As Sting does a Stinger Splash on Jarrett, the lights go out and a Sting repels from the ceiling.  The fake Sting is attacked.  Jeff then uses his guitar on Sting and gets the win.

Booker T (WCW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Scott Steiner with Midajah

The match goes into the crowd.  Scott puts Booker through the announcer's table.  As Booker later goes for an Axe Kick, Steiner clotheslines him.  A Belly to Belly Suplex by Steiner.  Midajah trips Booker as he goes to the top rope, but he still manages to do a Missile Dropkick and then an Axe Kick.  Midajah gives Scott a lead pipe, which he uses to attack Booker and then the ref, and then a second ref.  After Scott does a Steiner Recliner on Booker,  a third referee comes out to disqualify Steiner.  He then attacks everyone with the pipe and hits Booker with a chair to his knee.

Goldberg vs. Kronik

Kronik say that they are the winners because Goldberg hasn't been cleared to wrestle [due to his injury on the previous Thunder].  Unbeknownst to them, the Nevada State Athletic Commission say he is alright, and can wrestle.  Kronik gets a table out, but Clark is Speared through it.  Goldberg then pins him.  He is 13-0.   Adams then does a Full Nelson Slam on Goldberg.  Goldberg gets up and Spears and Jackhammers him for the win.  Goldberg is 14-0!


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