MGM Grand Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday, October 24, 1999



Disco Inferno (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Lash LeRoux

Disco won with the Last Dance to retain his title. Lash was angry, so he dropped Disco on his belt.



Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morris with Jimmy Hart vs. Harlem Heat vs. Konnan and Kidman
Tag Team Title Street Fight

It was announced earlier that Rey Mysterio, Jr. hurt his leg, so he and Konnan were stripped of their titles and the winners of this match were to become the champions. The First Family came out in Halloween costumes. Lots of items were used. Knobbs hit Morris with a trashcan by accident. Jimmy Hat comes in on the action. Hugh does a No Laughing Matter on Konnan on a table. Harlem Heat took Knobbs backstage and hit him with a plastic mummy. They then pinned him to win the match. As they were heading to ringside, a second referee said that Kidman won the match when he pinned Hugh Morris. After a little talk between the referees, they declared Harlem Heat the winners. They won the titles for a tenth time. Konnan was hurt and was helped back to the locker rooms.



Saturn vs. Eddy Guerrero

Eddy gets thrown into the stairs. Saturn misses his second Moonsault on Eddy. Eddy then misses a Frogsplash. Ric Flair comes out with a crowbar and attacks Eddy with it. (The Filthy Animals on Monday stripped Flair and robbed him) Tori comes out to check on Eddy, but Flair kisses her, but she liked it! Ric Flair took back his watch that Eddy had.



Brad Armstrong vs. Berlyn with Bodyguard

Out of nowhere, Brad gets the quick pin, but just a quick Berlyn and his bodyguard attack him.



Chris Benoit (WCW TV Champion) vs. Rick Steiner

Rick lowblows Chris. Both men German Suplex the other. Chris accidentally hits the referee. Rick brings in a chair, but Chris uses it on Rick. Rick then lets Chris do a Flying Headbutt on the chair! Dean Malenko comes out and uses the chair. . . on Chris Benoit! Rick then gets the pin and regains the Television Title.



The Total Package with Elizabeth vs. Bret Hart

The fight starts on the outside of the ring. As Bret goes to get the Package, Elizabeth pushes him. Bret later tried the Sharpshooter, but The Package hit him in the eyes. Both men are thrown outside and Bret's leg is hurting (On Monday, the Package hit Bret's leg with a bat). The Total Package does a single leg crab and Hart tapped out. The Total Package is the winner.



Madusa comes out in a bikini modeling the new WCW Nitro Cologne. She pours it on Bobby Heenan!



Hulk Hogan vs. Sting (WCW Heavyweight Champion)

Hogan doesn't come out for his music, so they introduce Sting, who comes out. Hogan's music comes on again, and he finally comes out--but dressed in black and wearing jeans. Hogan lays on the mat and Sting gets on top of him for the pin to remain champion. What is up with Hogan?



Sid Vicious (WCW US Champion) vs. Goldberg

As Goldberg is walking to the ring, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash attack him. Vicious's head starts to bleed badly (earlier, Goldberg was punching him in the head till he bled). The referee ringed the bell due to Vicious bleeding too much. Goldberg won and became the new WCW US Champion! Rick Steiner comes out to help Sid to the back.



Sting comes out and says that he didn't want a night off, so he challenges anyone to a match later on.



Diamond Dallas Page with Kimberly vs. Ric Flair
Strap Match

The match ends up in the crowd. Flair starts to bleed. DDP gets Flair on the table and hits him. Flair lowblows DDP and applies a Figure Four Leg Lock, but DDP lowblows Flair. He then Diamond Cuttered Flair. Diamond Dallas Pages gets the win. He then Diamond Cuttered the referee. David Flair comes out with the crowbar, but Kimberly knees him in the gut and takes it away. DDP uses the crowbar on both Flairs. He Diamond Cuttered David. Medical people come out to take Ric Flair away on a stretcher. As Ric Flair nears the ambulance, the Filthy Animals come and attack the man on the stretcher.



Sting (WCW Heavyweight Champion) vs. ???

The man to take Sting's challenge is . . . Goldberg! Sting Speared Goldberg, but he got up immediately! Goldberg misses a Spear and Sting Stinger Splashes him three times. Goldberg later Spears Sting and Jackhammers him. He gets the win and the WCW Heavyweight title! Goldberg now has two championships! Sting then hit the referee as he left.

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