US Cellular Arena
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 26, 2000

Kwee Wee vs. Mike Sanders (WCW Cruiserweight Champion) with the Natural Born Thrillers

Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire attacked Kwee Wee while the referee was distracted.  Meng and Paisley come out and attack the Natural Born Thrillers.  Ric Flair and Security come out and take all the extra men away.  Sanders then gets the win with a 3.0 to retain his championship.

3 Count  vs. The Jung Dragons with Leia Meow vs. Jaime Knoble and Evan Karagias

For most of the match, all six men are in the ring fighting at the same time.  They then go to the outside and each man does a flying move off the top rope, including Leia Meow!  Jaime pulls out a ladder, but it is barely used.  Shane gets the pin on Yang after a Fireman's Carry into a Neckbreaker with the help of Shannon.

Mancow with his guys vs. Jimmy Hart

Hart comes out with a cast and crutches saying he is too hurt to wrestle.  Mancow doesn't care and starts to fight, taking off his cast.  Mancow's guys start to attack Hart, so 3 Count come out to help Hart.  Mancow hits Hart with the cast and gets the pin.

Big Vito vs. Reno vs. Crowbar (WCW Hardcore Champion)

The fight ends up at the back of the arena.  As Reno is going to attack Vito with a bat on a table, Marie, Vito's sister, tells Reno not to hit Vito.  Meanwhile, Crowbar hits Reno with a chair and gets the pin to retain the Hardcore Championship.

Rey Mysterio, Jr and Kidman  vs. Alex Wright and Kronik

It was supposed to be Mysterio, Kidman and Konnan vs. Boogie Knights, but Konnan wasn't there and Disqo was still too hurt to wrestle, so Boogie Knights paid to get Kronik, but they would only wrestle for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.  After that long in the match, Kronik leave, leaving Alex Wright alone against two men.  After a Bronco Buster and a Nutcracker Suite on Alex, Kidman pinned him for the win.

Shane Douglas  with Torrie Wilson vs. The Cat with Miss Jones

They fight at the commentator's table and the Cat chokes Mark Madden.  Later on in the match, the Cat does the Feliner.  Torrie and Miss Jones then get into a catfight.  Douglas his the Cat with a chain, but only gets a two count.  Miss Jones puts the Cats red shoes on him and he does another Feliner on Douglas and gets the win.  The two then dance for us.

Bam Bam Bigelow  vs. Mike Awesome

Earlier on the pay-per-view, Awesome is attacked by Bigelow and taken to a hospital.  Ric Flair comes out and says that Bigelow's opponent will be the Wall.  He comes out with a table.  He brings it in the ring during the match, but it is never used.  Bigelow manages to do the Greetings from Asbury Park and gets the win.  However, Bam Bam can't get up and the referee asks for paramedics to come and wheel him away.  He is hurt.

Lance Storm (WCW US Champion) with Major Gunns vs. General Rection

After Rection gets in the ring, Bam Bam gets up from the gurney and attacks Rection--his injury was a work!  The fight ends up on the outside.  Back in the ring, Rection does a Powerslam, but misses a Moonsault, thanks to Major Gunns.  He goes for another Moonsault and gets the win.  He is the new WCW US Champion.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Buff Bagwell

During the match, Buff uses a foam guitar from the crowd to attack Jarrett.  However, Jeff uses a chair on Buff.  In the ring, Buff does a Double Arm DDT, but he misses a Blockbuster.  Buff then did a Tornado DDT, but the referee got knocked out before he could count.  David Flair comes out to attack Jeff.  Jarrett gets a guitar from under the ring and hits Bagwell with it.  Jeff Jarrett gets the win.

Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash vs. Perfect Event (WCW Tag Team Champions)

As the Perfect Event comes out, so do the Natural Born Thrillers--as security, and Mike Sanders as a commentator.  As the Thrillers try to interfere in the match, DDP and Nash attack 'em all.  Flair and the real security send everyone to the back, except Sanders, who is now their manager.  During the match, Stasiaks's tights are pulled down.  As DDP applies a Diamond Cutter on Palumbo, Nash does a Jackknife Powerbomb on Stasiak, but get a two count.  DDP does a Diamond Cutter on Sanders and then Nash gets a three count to become new tag team champions!

Lex Luger vs. Goldberg

As Goldberg tries to Spear Luger, the referee is pulled in front so he, too, is speared.  Goldberg then Jackhammer's Luger and a second referee counts the three for Goldberg!   He is still undefeated.

Scott Steiner  with Midajah vs. Booker T (WCW Heavyweight Champion)
Caged Heat Straight Jacket Match

Booker goes for the Axe Kick early, but is clotheslined!  Steiner gets the jacket down, but Booker gets it from him.  He puts it on--backwards, then on correctly--and uses a chair on Steiner.  Steiner manages to rip the arms off the jacket!  He clotheslines the champion and does a Steiner Recliner, but doesn't win.  Booker does a Book End and an Axe Kick, but Steiner uses a chair.  He does a Full Nelson Slam and a Steiner Recliner.  Booker T must have passed out as the referee lifts Booker's arm three times.  Steiner is the winner and wins his first WCW Heavyweight Champion!

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